My First Twelve Minute Session!

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I’ve been seeing clients for seven years now, and I’ve always done a longer first session. I just haven’t been able to meet for an hour the first time, because it feels unfinished. So we do up to an hour and a half. I want to literally change their life in that first session; it’s just how I’m wired. I’ve had to learn, of course, that it often doesn’t work that way, and that’s fine. But still, the longer first session feels natural. We’re just not usually at a stopping point after an hour. I’m really more of a teacher, anyway, and it takes time to teach, in addition to listening to and supporting the client in the way that they need. And I want them to have an experience of peace in my office, in that chair, in that first session. So that’s how we roll.

That’s why I was so surprised when I recently had a first session that lasted… twelve minutes! Yes, you read that correctly. Twelve minutes. We’re talking 720 seconds, and that included the paperwork. As you’ll see, I was very happy that he let me write about this. It shows how this self-love stuff is so different, and how it can help so much faster if it’s the right fit. In fact, I really can’t imagine how a more traditional counselor would’ve handled it. Maybe it would’ve been fantastic! But I know that our way was like a laser, and it was super awesome. And the bonus with our way is that it’ll handle the bulk of anything that he ever experiences for the rest of his life. So we have that going for us… Because we’re taking the most powerful stuff in the universe – love – and we’re using it as needed on a moment to moment basis to heal and clear. Pretty effective.

The client is actually someone I’ve known for several years, though not very well. He found me online and emailed me, saying he had a problem that he thought we’d only need one or two sessions to resolve. I had no idea what the problem was, but this sounded like a good plan to me. So when he told me what it was, I thought it was the coolest thing. And for him to come talk to a professional about this really touched me, because it shows he’s a very good person; otherwise he wouldn’t have cared. And please don’t think I’m minimizing his issue; it’s just that I instantly knew how innocent it was. That’s it – it was the innocence that touched me right away. I almost started laughing because it was so sweet! Laughing in a gentle, “awwww…” kind of way. Because again, it showed how good a person he is at the core (which I already knew) and that he was horrified at what was happening! And I knew right away that we’d be able to knock it out in no time. Here we go…

His mother is quite advanced in age, and it seems she’s coming to the end of her time here. She lives out of town, and his siblings are in the same city and are taking good care of her. He said she’s not extremely wealthy, but they’ll all receive an inheritance of some sort, and it’ll be an amount of money that anyone would be happy to have. So the issue is this – knowing that she might pass away at any time, and knowing that he’ll receive an inheritance from her, he instantly smiles and has a good feeling when he sees that he has a call or a text from one of his siblings. In a split second, there’s the thought that since it’s from them, it must be about mom. And any day it could be the news that she’s passed away. And that means some money will be on the way. And he has an excited feeling. Again, all of that happens instantaneously. And he’s absolutely horrified and wondering if there’s something wrong with him!

As I said above, I thought this was the sweetest thing that he was telling me this, because I know him. I don’t know him well, but it’s super clear that he’s a really good guy. He’s just a good person. And he was explaining that he loves his mom and doesn’t want her to just die so he can get some money. But this thought just pops in his head out of nowhere! So I was so happy to let him off the hook, explaining that yes, thoughts just pop in our heads. It’s not necessarily even your thought; it’s just a thought. So… what do you do with it? Because he doesn’t remember signing up for thoughts like this. So what can we do? Love the thinker. Bam! This “loving what arises” stuff is so universal and so powerful…

The thinker is the inner child, and it’s deserving of love. Wouldn’t a child smile and be happy at the thought of more toys? Yes, that’s called normal. If he really feels into what his soul wants, though, it’s that his mother is okay and feeling good and that she’s around for as long as she wants to be around. But this is a part of him that responds to his sibling’s name on the phone automatically, without consulting his whole being. In other words, he’s not a terrible person and it’s not a big deal. It’s a chance to love that part of himself, though, and that IS a big deal. Because that’s how we return to wholeness.

So I explained that most people would feel good at the thought of more money coming into their bank account out of nowhere. “Here you go, have this free gift.” Sign me up! Again, that’s normal. So the part of him that’s aware of the fact that he’s going to get this money, and pretty soon, is totally innocent. It’s the inner child, a little four-year-old that doesn’t know any better. Read that again and breathe it in, because that’s the most important part of this whole thing – it’s nothing more than a four-year-old acting exactly like you’d expect a four-year-old to act. When he sees one of his siblings on his phone, that part shows up right away and is excited, like it’s his birthday or something. So what we do now is love that little guy. Put your hand on your heart and breathe that breath of love into your heart, blanketing him. And then calmly and slowly explain to him that he loves mom and hopes she’s fine, and that the universe is in charge of the timing of her passing. And that it’s okay to want some money, but let’s relax and enjoy mom while she’s here. And the whole thing settles down. Yay.

Read that again about loving the little guy/gal and how to do it, that slow and gentle parent-child conversation, because it can change your life. Like, big time. So powerful! When you take the time to stop and do it, that is… But what we just did would take less than thirty seconds. And then contrast that with how most of the world, without this understanding of “loving what arises,” would respond. Sibling calls, you instantly feel giddy at the thought that maybe she died, and then you squash that down and feel horrible about yourself. And you’re stuffing these energies each time it happens, beating yourself up more and more and wondering what’s wrong with you. Maybe you even develop anxiety and/or depression, along with some marital strife and health problems for dessert. But what’s truly wrong with you? Nothing! When you love that innocent part of yourself as it arises, those energies can flow. Plus, you become grounded in your soul, the larger part of you that does not want mom to die one second before she’s ready.

Another cool thing is that many years ago, he learned about the great benefit of taking slow, deep breaths. He’s been doing that for years, like when work is stressful. So I explained that all we’re really doing is adding love to the mix. We’re turning that breath into a strong blast of love for the part of him that needs it in any moment, the part that could use an inner hug. So he got it right away. And we were basically done!

I pointed out that in addition to taking care of the problem at hand, he’s now prepared for whatever shows up in the future. He said that he’s at a stage of life where he really has no stress, and that he has a healthy, awesome family. So he’s really good. The only thing, though, might be the idea of death in general, since he’s getting older himself. So we addressed that before we parted ways, using what we had just learned and practiced. With hand on the heart and eyes closed, we loved the one that’s curious about death, the one that’s afraid of death, etc. Love all of them and then go on about your day.

So that’s the tale of the twelve-minute session, one of my favorite sessions of all time. I know, there are too many favorites to count after all these years. What a gift, participating in these massive and loving shifts. There’s also a really interesting additional component to this session, and it involves me and what was going on in my life that day. It also involves my friend Charlie, and he has no idea. I don’t know if he even knows what I do, so maybe I’ll share this with him. I think he’ll be cool with it, though, since I’m only saying how he’s super nice and awesome! So look out for that post, and I’ll link to it when it’s done. It’s about the intelligent, connected universe and surrender. We don’t always know why things happen the way they do, and we definitely don’t always like it, but there’s always a reason. And it’s always for the best in the long run. I love this stuff… Peace out! And as always, I’m here to help if I can.

Client Totally Kicks Ass With Suffocating Wave Of Doom!

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Yes, you read the title correctly, and it’s not an exaggeration. This is so cool, and I’m SO proud of my client! Remember how we’ve been talking about how the energetic vacuum cleaner plays such a huge role in the healing journey of a human. And one of the main things to understand is that the mind has nothing to do. You love the one in pain and pretty much go on about your day, whether that means doing stuff or staying in and resting. I mean, this is huge. It’s crucial to understand, because if you don’t, then the mind will go into freak-out mode and panic as it instinctively tries to fix the pain that’s arisen. But the pain has arisen so it can leave. So the pain IS the fix. Space is literally being cleared out to make room for more light. Yay.

So check this out, my client has really been kicking ass. I think I’ve written about her before, but it’s hard to keep track of now. And always with permission, of course! I have to say that from time to time to make sure you know that. There’s never any pressure, and they always say that if their story might help another, then please share it. And I’m very grateful for that. But if someone had even a hint of not wanting their story to be shared, then of course that’d be the end of it. No pressure, ever. Back to the story…

So she woke up one day not too long ago feeling great. Awesome. Amazing. She went to the gym and worked out, feeling good, woohoo yay life! Then she went to a coffee shop to do some homework (and she’s doing great in school, by the way). What a great day so far! So she was sitting there getting her work done, when all of a sudden… a solid wave of impending doom hit her out of nowhere. Impending what?? Let those words sink in, “impending doom.” That’s not subtle! I mean, nobody is going to describe a wimpy feeling using those particular words. In fact, I don’t know that I’ve ever even uttered those words in my entire life. Yikes. And in addition to that, she felt a strong feeling of being absolutely hideous, like everyone in the coffee shop was thinking really bad things about her. Like she was totally worthless and not good enough, not even good enough to be there. She felt so incredibly awful that she had to leave immediately, so she did.

She went home and these feelings continued for hours, along with a full-on existential crisis – thoughts of life and death, and even some suicidal thoughts. For some background, she has a history of suicidality, which we’ve dealt with a lot. She was also put on psych meds at a young age, and she decided to get off all of those almost a year ago. She’s working in a demanding field and going to school at the same time, and getting excellent grades. Her mom is amazed at how she’s doing, in fact, even saying recently she can’t believe she hasn’t called her once crying and freaking out! Like during exam week or something. Hey, it happens… But not anymore! Or it sure would take way more than it ever did in the past. Of course her mom will always love her and be there for her, but she’s very happy about this newly found inner strength.

So that’s the history, but the more recent history is this. She’s learning how to love herself. For the first time. And it’s amazing. It’s taken her a while to get on the same team with her heart, her mind, her inner child. Finally, the voice in her head isn’t being so mean. I think it’s that parent-child conversation we’ve been talking about (which I really need to write a separate post about), in which we slowly and calmly talk to the voice in the head that’s being mean. The parent comes in and talks to the inner child that’s mad and needs love. And after a while, it calms down because it’s gotten the loving attention that it’s really been needing the whole time. And yes, it can take a while! Sometimes the little chick or little dude up there is mad, scared, confused, or distrustful. But let it know that that’s okay and you’re not going anywhere; you’re there to love it now. Anyway, she’s turned a corner with this, and it’s really making a difference; her whole life will continue to change with time, from the inside out. Real, lasting change for the better. And of course the slow way is the fast way. Amazing.

NOTE: An example of that internal parent-child conversation is in the recent “I’m Sorry” post. Also see paragraph seven of My First Twelve Minute Session! Read those and you’ll get the idea. And again, I’ll probably write an entire post about this at some point, because it’s becoming a huge part of what we’re doing. Back to the story…

Speaking of real, lasting change, you know she’s shifting because this craziness happened in the first place! It wouldn’t have happened so hardcore like that had she not been ready. So here’s the rest of the story. This SUPER strong wave of the most awful gunk, plus suicidal thoughts and total unworthiness, slams into her. She can’t even stay at the coffee shop, so she leaves. And it lasted for hours. So what did she do? Nothing. Because she’s learned how to love the one in pain as best she can, and she’s learned about the EVC. So she took her medicine (the “medicine” being the act of feeling the pain). She’s not a huge drinker, but she even had the thought that maybe she’d have a beer to feel better. And she said nope, I’m going to face this head on and let it run its course. Take me. Have no mercy on me. Wow! Then she watched a movie, I think, and went to bed. Isn’t this amazing??

So she woke up the next day and she was fine. Goodbye, massive wave of old energetic emotional debris and suicidality! It sure is nice not carrying that around anymore. She really nailed this one, a true A+. What on earth can she be afraid of now?? Oh, and she was also super triggered around the same time when she learned of Anthony Bourdain’s suicide. She said this really messed her up for three days, because she thought he was great. She followed him on Instagram and really enjoyed his posts. And she, like so many others, thought, “Him? Really?” So this flushed up more old stuff related to suicide for her, plus those same old thoughts. And she loved herself through it and stayed the course, and it lasted three long days. Which seems so far away now. And she didn’t even reach out to me, and she’s been off of all psychs meds for 9-10 months. After years of being on them. And that ain’t easy! Especially after being put on them so young. Amazing, y’all!

As you might be able to guess, I was totally freaking out. Because these shifts are real. What she did was the same as what my guy Matt Kahn did when he had a huge layer of old stuff come up sometime last year. This video, in which he talks about it for the first time, is super intense. Not for the faint of heart. And my client handled it the same way! Again, from suicidal and on lots of heavy meds to this, and in not that long a period of time. So of course there are some more waves for the EVC to suck out, but by now she’s really learning how to master it. Like a champ! And it’s all preparing her for a life that’s beyond what she can imagine. Because the version of herself that’ll be living that life is beyond what she can imagine. And I get to sit here and watch the whole thing. And the core of it all is loving what arises, plus understanding the raw energetic/emotional purging aspect to it, in which we just take our medicine. And the intelligent universe guides the whole journey. I am in awe… So peace out to you, and as always, let me know I can help.

Seriously, Folks, The Emotional/Energetic Piece Is Huge!

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You know by now that our one-two punch is loving what arises and understanding that the intelligent universe is orchestrating everything on purpose to constantly move us into our best version of divinity in form. Over time, this process chips away at our rough edges, smooths them out, and polishes us up to be brighter than we thought was even possible. So when we’re triggered, it’s generally an intentional set-up to heal and clear the past. And knowing this is a freaking game changer! We heal and clear the past by asking right away (when we’re triggered), “How is this here to help me?” And of course we give love to any past version of ourself that needs it. Because that’s exactly who is showing up now. And when it finally gets the loving attention it’s been needing for all these years, it melts back into our heart, all healed. And in this way we become more whole and complete than ever.

That leaves the feeling that’s still lingering in your body, so that’s what we’re going to talk about today. Because the raw emotional/energetic component of the healing journey is huge! And it’s crucial to understand this, because your mind has no role to play; it gets to rest. As someone that’s naturally super mental, I’m getting this more and more. Just love the one in pain and let the Energetic Vacuum Cleaner (EVC) do its job. Done. By loving what arises, we heal. And by letting the EVC do its thing as we just go on about our day, our energy field gets cleared. And again, your mind has nothing to do, nothing to fix! The feeling of pain or anger or sadness or whatever IS the fix, because it’s leaving. It just takes time. So cool. When we don’t get this, though, the mind constantly goes into overdrive to figure out how to make the pain go away. But it IS going away! Just love your heart, CTFO, and let the EVC do its job. And you’ll start feel better and better. In fact, you can even say, “Yay me!” because you’re getting cleared out. And you’re clearing some emotional debris off the planet as well, because it’s always about “we” and not just “me.” So it’s a big deal. Yay.

So let’s talk about a really amazing example of this. I recently caught up with a friend that I’ve worked with a bunch to help clear out her past. We did great work together, doing EMDR in her case, and it was effective week after week. When she’d come in, it would be like, “What’s next?” And whatever it was, we’d “go there” and clear it. And next? And next after that? And next after that? Wash, rinse, repeat. It was really cool to be a part of, going through her whole life, one thing at a time that she felt she was ready to face and release.

When we came to the end of our work, she was feeling stronger, better, and more clear than ever. Anxiety and depression seemed to be relics from the past, and it was a joy for me to witness this transformation. Then a some time later, she felt it was time to move back to her hometown. This was also when I stopped taking her Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance (because those insane bastards drastically and recklessly slashed our rates in this age of constant suicide and school shootings), so the timing was perfect. I just love a good synchronicity… So she moved back, and this is the tale of what happened in the next four months after that. Because it’s pretty cool, and very educational. And in only four months! It probably seemed like forever to her, but that’s not long at all when you really think about it. And now that she’s on the other side and sees the big picture, feeling better than ever, she can have gratitude for everything that happened.

Again, let’s mention again the emotional, energetic component of the human adventure. Because it’s so important to understand. We all have old emotional debris in our energy fields that we’re carrying around, and the intelligent universe triggers us intentionally so we can release that stuff. It’s the EVC. So to really hammer it home, when we’re triggered, it’s generally not about the present at all. The present trigger is actually a gift! It’s literally a setup of the universe to help clear that old sludge from your field, making room for more light. So the one triggering you is assisting you on your healing journey. Read that again… And this is exactly what happened to my friend, with three major things getting triggered and thus cleared in fairly rapid succession. Major, major life things! Amazing.

Shortly after moving home, her uncle died. She was able to be there and reconnect with him, and this was very important. The reason is that he was her dad’s brother, and this experience helped her to emotionally resolve some stuff she was still carrying related to her dad’s passing years ago. As I’ve said before regarding triggers, it often goes like this: Something happens in the present and you’re having an extra big emotional reaction, maybe more than you’d expect. That’s because those emotions are literally from the past, and they’re coming to the surface to be released (in addition to whatever emotion is coming from the present situation – the double whammy!). So just breathe, love the one in pain, and let the emotional/energetic purge happen. Really powerful. Nothing to analyze or fix. In fact, this IS the fix! To clear space for more soul/light to inhabit your body. Yay.

Another thing that happened was that a good friend of hers died around the same time. This friend was older than her and was like a mother figure. I knew the friend just a little bit, and I could tell how beloved she was by those that knew her. When she died, my friend was literally there with her. She wasn’t able to be present with her own mother’s passing from years ago, so this served to help heal that. Remember, it’s the EVC in action.

The third huge thing involved a nightmare, psycho roommate. Now, I really do say this with respect. I don’t know this person’s story, but I do know that she has work to do. Because she ended up trying to manipulate my trusting friend into some shady stuff that would’ve made my friend take on debt that she had nothing to do with. I don’t think they even knew each other before they lived together, in fact. Not okay! Someone else had to point out to my friend that she was seriously being taken advantage of. So it got resolved and my friend got out of there. But what it triggered was her divorce and moving from her house under ugly, painful circumstances. Cue up the EVC, part three!

So in four short months, the emotional debris she was carrying in the cells of her body from three major life events – her dad’s death, her mom’s death, and her divorce – was all cleared out. In four months. Isn’t that cool, y’all?? Isn’t it useful to see through the soul’s eyes and understand what’s happening, in real time or at least shortly thereafter? To ask in the midst of things, “How is this here to help me?” Rather than thinking the universe hates you and you can’t handle life. Huge difference, people!! And that’s what this “work” is all about. I say “work” with the quotes because the more you’re rooted in the rules of the game, the more exciting and less sucky it gets. Because you know you’re healing and becoming your best self ever, and this process never ends. Thankfully, it gets less painful the more you’re cleared out. And sometime in the process, the pain isn’t even as much of a big deal (nothing like it used to be, anyway). Really cool.

So I’m thankful that my friend was more than happy to let me tell this tale, because she’s all about helping people with her story, like I am. And as I was listening, I was seeing from a zoomed out perspective and thinking, “This is amazing!” And I asked how long it took for these three huge things to be cleared out. And when she said four months, I was just floored. Thank you, universe, thank you very much. We did the work we had to do, and then the universe set things up perfectly to clear out the rest. But no “work” had to be done – just let the remaining energies be vacuumed out. And if there’s more then bring it on. No mercy on me. Trigger me all you want, universe, because I want to be the most clear and polished version of myself that I can be, which is an expression of divinity in form. So it’s kind of a big deal… And that’s true for you as well, and for anyone else that’s in a human body. And this whole “heaven to earth” thing that we’re doing, raising the vibration of a planet, ain’t easy. So we have great respect for the mission at hand. Anyway, great talk today, learning to love ourselves through the emotional purges that Life leads us on. And the mind just gets to rest. So happy resting, and as always, let me know if I can help!

The Slow Way Is The Fast Way

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I’ve found myself saying this a lot this year, “Just let 2018 be about [insert whatever we were talking about, usually loving what arises or understanding that the universe is always happening for our soul’s growth – and note that I definitely do not understand why super awful stuff happens].” So we relax and let 2018 be about this, no rush. As in learning it, practicing it, deepening it, getting used to it, shifting it, doing it, etc. We’re really slowing down and relaxing into the shifts that we want. Because you know what? The slow way is the fast way. And please know that I’m totally not wired this way! I came out of the womb quite the opposite, in fact, so I’m finally starting to get it myself. I want it now, but peace just doesn’t seem to work this way. I know because I’ve tried… a lot… It’s pretty funny to look back on, now that it’s finally shifting.

A big part of this shift involves going with the assumption that if the universe is so smart (and I think we can agree that it is), then if we were supposed to be different, or “further along,” then we would be. The other assumption, which I now well, is the opposite. And it feels terrible! It’s that moving finish line that we’ve talked about before, where we’re always not where we’re supposed to be, not quite there yet. We’re always behind, working on stuff. We should always be better or different in one way or another. And that feels awful. Why? Because the body is telling us that it’s not true.

One of the most advanced things you can do as a human is to simply be where you are. With all your perceived flaws, inadequacies, quirks, habits you don’t like, or whatever. Allow yourself to be as you are. Because how do you know you’re supposed to be different?? I mean, seriously! The universe can create galaxies and turn an acorn into a massive oak tree. An acorn. Some of the same math is found in the design of the largest things, like galaxies, and the smallest, like atoms. As well as everything in between, including all over your your body and in plants and animals. (Look up the golden mean or the golden ratio). What?! Amazing but true. And wow, that’s pretty smart! So don’t you think it can handle shifting you if it really wanted to? But here’s the thing, it actually is shifting you all the time, but usually in a pretty relaxed, loving, and gentle way. And when we allow ourselves to be where we are, how we are – when we fully own and accept that this is exactly how things are supposed to be – then we can settle into that nice flow. And we finally start to find some of that peace we’ve been wanting (or chasing). And then the shift we’ve been wanting can happen more naturally. Yay.

NOTE 1: As I’ve said a bunch, I’m still working on understanding the shifts that aren’t so gentle, like trauma and tragedy. Still, though, we can use loving what arises, which is the cornerstone of what we do here, to move ourselves through it. And that will make a huge difference.

NOTE 2: I was on the local news right after Christmas talking about goals, and my suggestion was to be nice to ourselves first. That’s Goal #1, and after that we can think about the gym, diet, or whatever else. When we’re nice and loving rather than mean, then those things will happen naturally over time. But I also said to be smart! If you’re doing something that’s dangerous or that’s killing your body, or if you’re in jeopardy of losing your job, finances, relationships, etc., then you might need to be more forceful. And get some help, too; there’s lots of help out there. So that kind of extreme stuff is not what this is about. That’s common sense, though. If the doctor tells the alcoholic that s/he could be dead within six months due to liver failure, then it might be time to stop drinking. Do what you have to do, and with the help you need, to stop. You get the idea. Back to the story…

So give this a shot. Slow down and own whatever you don’t like about yourself. Own it and relax about the whole thing. How do you know you’re supposed to be different? If that’s really just an assumption, and it feels bad in your body, then pick another assumption! How about this one: Maybe I’m supposed to be exactly as I am now, and I’m knocking it out of the park. I get an Oscar for my performance as me. Because the universe is so smart that it must want me to be this way. And it’s okay if I don’t understand everything now.

Also remember that earth ain’t easy. This is simply NOT an easy place to live, and you’ve actually been doing your best. And yes, my best has sucked before, too. So has everybody else’s, and that’s life. And the more we slow down and accept these things and see that maybe the past is how it was supposed to have gone down, we start to feel better and lighter. And we actually shift faster. And peace begins to become our reality, a very subtle reality that gets stronger and stronger over time. Wow, the slow way is the fast way. So… peace out! And as always, let me know if I can help.

Another Spilled Smoothie

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You might remember the tale of when I spilled my breakfast smoothie as I was rushing out the door to work (How To Spill A Smoothie). And despite some old, outdated thinking trying to creep in, it did not turn out to be “one of those days.” Unless “one of those days” means paddleboarding on your lunch break and having one of your closest dolphin encounters yet, including legit eye contact with one of them. Yes, prolonged eye contact, with a freaking dolphin. It was amazing.

So a client and friend came to see me, and she said she’d had her own spilled smoothie experience. She was still waiting for the dolphin eye contact, though, so I said that’ll come later… Anyway, it was a super cool experience, and she said it was okay to share it here if it might help others. I thought that it definitely could, because it illustrates how our energy and emotional fields can just be super full when we’ve had lots of stuff going on. And sometimes it’s like a big balloon that needs to be popped. Here we go…

So she was hustling to get in the car and off to work. Her “get to work” scene is much more involved than mine, though, because it involves… kids. Or kid? (I don’t remember the quantity). Either way, it’s more than the plant I have, which I water once a week. And it thrives. So I have the utmost respect for parents, in case you’ve ever wondered… So not only is she getting her kids ready, and herself, and the clock is ticking, and she has her favorite breakfast smoothie, but she was also super happy with how she looked that day. She was wearing one of her favorite outfits, and her hair looked especially great. She was glowing. And she set the smoothie on top of the car and forgot about it in the buzz of getting the kids settled in. And it spilled. All over her hair. And all over her favorite outfit. Have a great day!!

Amidst an eruption of tears, she got cleaned up, changed clothes, and got off. She got the kids to school and got herself to work, worried about a long day with no food. As she sat in her car in the parking lot at work, she started to feel funny. What on earth was happening? She realized she must be having a panic attack.

Note that panic attacks come in all flavors, shapes, and sizes. She was wise to see that’s what was happening, because many people think they’re having a heart attack or a stroke, so they go to the emergency room. And this is one of those times when I wish I’d written this up right after the session, because I checked my notes and I didn’t write down the details. But I do remember that her symptoms were pretty wild! Some panic attacks feel more like heart attacks, but this one sounded more like a stroke. Like maybe her vision got distorted, and there was tingling on one side of her body? Something that would make almost anyone freak out. I was proud of her, though, because she did her best to breathe and relax into it, enough so that she was able to get out of the car and walk into work. She saw a good friend that works with her and asked her to come to the break room. The friend saw that she was distraught and asked, “What happened, what’s going on?” “I spilled my smoothie!” she said, in between sobs. The friend was able to console her to some degree, and she was able to calm down and get to work. And the day turned out okay, although it was emotional. And maybe there will even be some dolphin eye contact another day. But do you know what? Even without the dolphins, I think this is a super cool story, and a rich one at that. Why?

The question is, why did the universe want that smoothie to spill? Because to give you a preview of where we’re going, we’re learning how to shift from what am I (or someone else) doing wrong to what is life doing right? We’re shifting from blaming ourselves or others for our predicament to asking how life is getting it right. Because it’s actually all happening for our highest growth, for our highest evolution. So what was the purpose of the spilled smoothie, and in spectacular fashion at that?

NOTE: I’ll be totally honest, I’m not sure how this applies to super awful, traumatic stuff. That seems unnecessary to me. You know that I do my best here to share exactly where I am with my understanding of how things work. After all, we’re all on this strange journey together. So I imagine that I’ll understand how the big traumatic stuff fits in when it’s time for me to understand that. Actually, I’m going to another Matt Kahn retreat in Portland in April, so maybe I’ll have the chance to ask him. Because that sure is a reasonable question. For now, though, it definitely makes sense with the more manageable stuff. Back to the story…

The purpose of the spilled smoothie was to release all that pent up emotion from the previous months. It was to trigger the living hell out of her, upsetting her with lots and lots of tears. It was a HUGE emotional release. Do you know what that weird stuff was in her body, the vision and tingling in one side? It was a massive amount of energy moving. And leaving! Because she’d been dealing with several major situations over the course of many months or more. These situations were finally unfolding and being resolved, but there was still a ton of feeling, a ton of raw energy, a ton of emotional debris, that she was carrying around related to these stressful situations. And this energy was ready to be released. When the energy is ready to move, it’s going to move; it’s not our choice. What we’re all about here at A Clean Mind is learning about the laws of nature and then flowing with them. And the spilled smoothie, while very unpleasant and inconvenient, was part of the laws of nature. It did a very good job, in fact, of allowing that energy to move and leave. Because that level of anxiety, with all of those symptoms, is A LOT of energy! And it moved through her system and left. And as we know here, when the sludge leaves, it leaves more space for light, soul, and all that is good. Bye bye!

As we talked, she said she was still carrying some of it in her field. I said don’t worry, it’s on the way out and you’ll be feeling lighter and lighter as time rolls on. Some of the situations are still playing out, and there are some upcoming external changes that will help speed things up. And then she’ll really start feeling lighter. And we can thank the spilled smoothie. Plus it makes for quite a story! I mean, mine was not dripping down from my hair onto my clothes; mine didn’t even touch me at all. And no kids in the car. So wow, major respect for her and her smoothie experience.

To close, I’ll share what I asked her after our talk was done. “So… what’s your smoothie recipe?” Breakfast smoothie people unite! My body has been telling me recently that mine is too sweet, so the intelligent universe hooked me up as well. Peace out, and be careful when you set the smoothie on top of the car. And if something goes down, maybe there will be peaceful, playful dolphins in your future. Oh, one more thing. I forgot to tell her that I got a big smoothie sippy cup after mine spilled, a very wise purchase. I mean, not to throw salt in a wound or anything. But I’d consider it… Peace out!

When Feeling Good For The First Time Feels Strange

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It’s always nice for me to see people start feeling better. Some of them, though, are feeling good for the first time in their lives! Or for the first time in many years, or even decades. And it feels strange to them. So what does their mind do? It does what it often does best, it freaks out. It makes this into a problem. This sure is a good problem to have, though… Because we can absolutely handle this.

When feeling good feels strange, weird, or even uncomfortable, what’s really going on is that it feels foreign. Isn’t that interesting? Nothing bad is happening, and there isn’t any problem; this feeling just feels foreign. And the good news, as we know very well by now, is that this foreign feeling is simply energy, and it’s waiting for our loving attention. When it gets that, it can open up and move, just like in our recent post about The Edge. So instead of freaking out about it or making it a problem, or even blaming yourself for something, you can just love the one that feels that way. Wow, what a different alternative! You notice there’s a part of you in that moment that doesn’t feel comfortable, so you basically give that part a big inner hug. And yes, I know that sounds funny… But it’s very powerful when you really get it. You let that part of yourself know, “I’m here with you.” It’s the inner child. And then you put your breath wherever your body feels the uncomfortable feeling and you simply relax. And after a while, this feeling becomes familiar. And it feels good, really good.

I have one client that’s experiencing this right now, and he has it to an ever greater degree. This is because he’s been dealing with some issues over the years that have caused him to be labeled as a “f*ck up.” Now, though, he’s starting to do well, and he’s even gotten some praise from people that didn’t know him before. They have no frame of reference for him, and they think he’s a great person. And when he hears them say this, it feels very strange! He’s not used to making a good impression on people, and when he’s gotten some really positive feedback, it’s felt super weird and uncomfortable. But that’s okay, because now he knows that it’s only uncomfortable because it’s foreign. And he knows that the uncomfortable feeling is energy, and that it wants to move. And he knows that he only has to breathe in and receive into the cells of his body any positive recognition or compliments. Just breathe it in, let it sink in. He’s a thinker (like me), and the mind has nothing to do. And each time he practices this, simply receiving and breathing it in, the feeling shifts more and more from foreign to familiar. And then it feels better and better. And… normal, natural. Isn’t that cool??

So there you go, a brief little post about when feeling good feels strange or even uncomfortable. And how this is no big deal! If you have the right information, that is. That’s a big part of what we do here, in fact – provide information. And then we talk about how to practice living it. And over time, we feel better and better. The mind can make anything a big deal, though. But now we’re onto it. And that feels good, even if for the first time.

The Flutter

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A client has been working with me since her husband of many years passed, and a cool thing happened recently. She was walking in her backyard, and she was talking to him. Like me, she does not believe he is gone. Rather, he has changed form. He’s in a different body now, and it’s not physical. But it’s still a body and he’s still here. As readers of this blog know***, to me there’s a mountain of evidence for this, and it’s growing all the time. It won’t be too long before the belief in death is a relic, seen to be what it is, simply ridiculous. And yes, I cry at funerals! Totally. I get sad and I miss loved ones, and I’ve experienced great pain over that. My dad would be the biggest one. Which reminds me that I had a good cry over that with a recent client, and it’s been over fifteen years. I’ll be writing about that as well, because it’s a pretty cool story. So I don’t say this to minimize anyone’s experience; I’ve had the same experience. It’s just that facts are facts, and The Future will know very clearly – and thankfully! – that death is of the body… and we are not a body. So after we take our final breath in the physical body, we then take our next one in a different body. Call it a soul or a light body or whatever, but that’s what we do.

So my client was talking to her husband about helping her get through a date of all things! That’s a close relationship right there, by the way. And where he is, there isn’t this possessive or competitive thing that we have here. It’s just different. And of course he wants her to be happy, because she most likely has many years left. So she is doing the very brave thing of dating. She knows it’ll be tough, but it’ll speed things up. And she refuses to let this destroy her, leaving her all alone and sad for the rest of her life. I really do admire her spirit, as I tell her often.

So she was walking in her backyard asking him to help her survive a date she had that night, and she heard “a distinct fluttering of wings,” like a hummingbird or a dragonfly. It was right in her ear, like right there. She turned her head to look, and there was nothing in sight. Wow. So she kept walking and talking to him, and a little while later, she heard the same thing. RIGHT THERE. Not subtle. Real. Again, she turned her head to look, and again there was nothing there. What?? But of course she knew. This was him communicating with her. I am here. I can hear you. And I am with you.

How did she know? Well, she had a pretty obvious intuitive sense, for starters. It was just too much of a strong sound, a strong sensation. It was not subtle. There was a time that I first felt my dad’s love about a year after he passed. I don’t think I’ve shared that here, so I guess I’ll do that sometime. That night changed my life forever, literally jaw dropping. But when I tell people about it, I always say that – “it was not subtle.” And I’ll slap my arm or something as I say it. Slap! And I’ll say it was as subtle as that. Not subtle. Real.

The other thing is that she’s had two “visitation dreams.” I don’t recall the details, but they happened before she came to see me. And she described the most beautiful feeling. Usually in these visitation dreams, the message is, “I’m fine, all is well, and you have nothing to mourn or worry about. It’s all good, and I am here.” I thought I’d written about these before, but I just searched and didn’t find anything. Basically it’s a dream in which the one that has crossed over appears and visits you. But it doesn’t feel like a regular dream. It has a more realistic quality to it. Usually the person looks great and feels great, despite their condition at the time of passing. They might have a glow. And they’re giving you a message for those that are still here on earth: “I’m fine. Go on with your lives and live fully and love fully. I am here and it’s all good.” Back to the story…

Just for fun we looked up “hummingbird meaning” and “dragonfly meaning.” After all, you never know when you might read something that resonates, so why not take a look-see? Here’s what it said for the hummingbird: “Always actively seeking the sweetest nectar, they remind us to forever seek out the good in life and the beauty in each day. The prime message is the sweetest nectar is within!” And she’s trying to enjoy life again. She’s declaring that she didn’t ask for this; she didn’t ask for him to pass at this time. But she cannot and will not stop living. And of course our work is all about the fact that the sweetest nectar is within. Hummingbird meaning… check!

Here’s what it said for the dragonfly: “The dragonfly, in almost every part of the world, symbolizes change and change in the perspective of self-realization; and the kind of change that has its source in mental and emotional maturity and the understanding of the deeper meaning of life.” Wow… Change is pretty obvious. She has been undergoing some major change, and very rapidly at that. And self-realization, that’s what we do. Realizing we are the Self and not the self, you might say. Mental maturity? Check. We’ve been talking about listening to and dialoguing with the voice in the head, the part of us that’s loud in any moment. And tuning in to the quieter voice within, the one that’s so much nicer and smarter. Emotional maturity? Check. We’ve been kicking ass in this department, talking about emotions in a way that’s new for me, and that I haven’t shared yet here. Things have gotten a bit deeper than I intended this blog to be, so I’m not sure yet how I’ll portray it. It’d be a post meant for empaths and energetically sensitive beings, though – a different way of seeing things that drastically lightens our load. And the deeper meaning of life? We are bringing heaven to earth, so to speak, and that’s what this work is all about. Dragonfly meaning… check!

So there you go, good folks, the tale of The Flutter. I love having a front row seat for so much amazing stuff! And I could not feel more honored. And of course I love sharing it with you. I hope you are enjoying it, and as always, let me know if I can help.

Awesome Women With Narcissistic Dudes

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Howdy, folks! It’s been a little while, and we’re back. I’ve been working like a dog, with more and more amazing shifts that have blown me away. I even took a week off recently and went back up to the NC hills that I often visit. The leaves hadn’t changed colors yet, so we had a major “first world problems” situation. It was nice to take a full week break, though. With all of these sessions, my life has had no balance at all. It’s felt like a nice rite of passage or phase, though, and balance will come. In fact, the main insurer here, Blue Cross Blue Shield, decided to slash our rate to a ridiculously low level, so I had to get out of their network. So that might slow things down. It feels like the universe shifting things for me, though, and I’m just sitting back and watching the movie, letting it unfold. It feels right. Anyway, it’s good to be back because there’s so much to talk about. So let’s start with everybody’s favorite topic, awesome women that are with narcissistic dudes!

NOTE: It’s the dynamic that is the point, so it could be any gender, transgender, straight, gay, whatever. It’s most common in this configuration, though, and that’s what I’m seeing in my office, so that’s what I’m writing about. But the gender is not important; it’s the dynamic.

It’s truly wild how often I’ve been seeing this lately. What makes it especially wild is that the dude that’s my main teacher now, Matt Kahn – and there’s that major man crush I have on him, too – he talks about this all the time. And it’s like they’ve just been parading into my office, one after the other. And I get to be the one that validates what they’ve been thinking and feeling for a while, asking, “So are you done yet? Have you had enough? Do you really think he’s going to change?” It’s awesome. And I know it’s not fun for them, but as they move through the process and step into their power, well, it’s just such a cool thing for me to witness. That’s why I can talk about it so lightly and matter-of-factly… because I’ve already seen the other side. I know what they look like on the other side, and it’s so much better. And they feel so much better! The universe really supports them, too.

These women tend to be energetically sensitive, so they fit with the narcissist like puzzle pieces. They’re the opposite of these guys in many ways, these guys that often don’t seem to have feelings. Of course they do, because we all do, but they’re afraid of their feelings so they take their pain out on other people. Sometimes they even get mad at the women when they cry or show emotion in any way. WHAT?? Emotions are part of being human. Here’s the deal, though – we don’t have to judge these guys, because that’s just where they are. We don’t scream at a seed for not being a flower yet, do we? It’s a timing thing, and they just aren’t there yet. We can leave the relationship, though, and let them go through their process somewhere else, while we continue on our own journey. Being stuck with them for another year or two – or another decade or two – is NOT mandatory. It’s optional, but sometimes it takes a while for a person to really get that. It’s usually not easy to leave someone. And these women are energetically sensitive, so they don’t want to hurt anyone. This is called vibrational codependence – wanting everyone to feel good all the time. But pain is part of a person’s journey, so denying them that is denying them their growth and evolution. What’s more, these women end up staying in crappy, abusive situations and so they’re the ones that end up living in the pain (while the guys get to still be jerks that mistreat them). It just doesn’t make sense. But after a while, enough is enough. They come in and we talk about it and we’re able to see it more clearly. And then the idea of staying gets to be more painful than the fear of leaving and “starting over.” It’s like when that see-saw tips to 51-49 in the other direction. Awesome!

I mentioned above that the universe supports these women when they leave. I was talking about socially, financially, employment-wise, and the like. It also supports them with tests, though, tests that say, “Have you had enough?” So I always ask them what they’re going to do the second their next partner shows some of those familiar signs. Run! Or even say something, calmly and powerfully, like, “Hey, that doesn’t work for me. So if that’s how you are then you’re going to have to do it over there. Not with me; I don’t play that game anymore. You’re going to have to up your game if you want to be with me.” One woman was married to a jerk for twenty years before she finally left. But she saw me two years into a relationship with another one. Hopefully that one won’t make it to twenty years, unless the guy has a major spiritual awakening. Which doesn’t often happen with a narcissist… Two years is a long time, but at least she’s headed in the right direction. And when she moves on from him, maybe the next guy that shows those traits will get kicked to the curb immediately. And what happens after that? She’ll probably attract someone that treats her with the respect that we all deserve.

So let’s talk a bit more about respect. Lots of times, energetically sensitive beings allow themselves to be treated like doormats. There’s no respect there. And my readers know that our number one thing is self-love. So we start there. And as we practice that – as that becomes more comfortable and natural and constant – then the willingness to be treated disrespectfully starts to shrink. Our courage to stand up for ourselves grows. And that’s when we ask what the hell someone’s thinking the first time they act inappropriately! Because we finally KNOW that being alone is way better than being with a jerk. And the more we love and respect ourselves, the more we attract those that love and respect us. That’s just how it works. And if you’ve been with some real jerks, look at the progression. Are they getting less jerky? Even if you aren’t where you want to be, maybe you’re actually headed in the right direction. And by diving into this radical self-love stuff, well, that’s the fastest way I know to get where you want to go.

Finally, let’s look at the timing of this, with what’s going on in the world right now. It’s a theme that the mistreatment and disrespect of women is coming out into the open and being seen. And when something has been seen, it can be healed. Look at Hollywood, with Harvey Weinstein and James Toback. There are journalists and political commentators like Bill O’Reilly, Eric Bolling, and Mark Halperin. I saw an article about how sexual harassment and abuse is rampant in Washington, DC. It’s often been the same with women’s athletics, too, like the US Gymnastics program. And even the celebrity chef John Besh, apparently! I hated seeing that. He has a beach house on our amazing and soulful Pensacola Beach, and I’ve heard his company is a great one to work for. Oh, well. Something is shifting on the planet, and it’s important. And it’s time. And we’re all a part of it. So there you go, just a little tale of what I’m seeing in my own office, taking part in the healing and clearing of this outdated stuff for the whole planet. And to the old way, good riddance. And as always, you rock, and let me know if I can help!

Meditators Kick Ass With EMDR

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Today I’d like to write about something that I’ve noticed, and it’s that meditators seem to do really well with EMDR. I’ve had several of them so far, and stuff just pops up for them. It’s like their brains are really clear and open (which, of course, they are). One had so many insights in mere minutes that I wrote about her, calling her The Insight Queen. Another had these crystal clear memories like she was watching a movie. From over 65 years ago. And then that same client had past life memories come up as well, five of them in total. And she was able to access a deep, deep pain of loneliness as a younger girl that we never would’ve touched from talking. We’d already had many sessions long before I was trained in EMDR, so that’s how I know. And this pain that had been carried for so many decades was finally able to be released from her field.

Another client has had all kinds of old memories and insights, targeting a different major thing each week for many weeks in a row. She’d want an answer, and sure enough by the end of the session she’d have it. Major stuff, too. “Why do I hate – hate – my ex-husband so much?” And by the end of the session, “Oh, that’s why.” That’s specifically why. And now she doesn’t hate him; it’s more like she feels sorry for him. She sees why he is the way he is. She has compassion, and he’s totally de-powered. He can’t trigger her anymore; nothing like he used to, anyway. It might not be fun dealing with him, but it’s a different ballgame now. She has her power back, which means she’s way more at peace.

Another meditator had the coolest experience, culminating with her first vision at the end. She said, “It was like a psychic reading, but I was the psychic.” And all these deep revelations about her life happened leading up to that, as well as interesting things with the body and different sensations leading up to each revelation. It was thoroughly enjoyable for me to witness!

So this is just a super quick post (yay, a quick post!) to share what I’ve noticed about meditators and EMDR. They seem to be more clear, and what needs to come up can come right up, unimpeded. Lots of this has been written about in the EMDR category in this blog. So there you go, my shortest blog post ever.

The Insight Queen

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I’ve been meaning to post this for a couple of months now and am finally getting around to it. Work has been rocking, and just so busy. It’s going well, especially with this new love stuff that we’ve been doing. So I’m working at a totally unsustainable rate, but it feels okay for now. After a while maybe I’ll raise rates and focus more on spirituality. It feels good to keep spreading this stuff as much as I can for now, though. Anyway, here it is, the story of The Insight Queen. It shows how fast connections can be made using EMDR as opposed to just talking. Enjoy!

So I have a client that I’ve called the “Insight Queen” because of the ridiculous insights she’s had the two very brief times we’ve done EMDR. They’ve come so fast that it’s just ludicrous. It’s like we’re thinking maybe we’re done for the day, maybe not. And I’ll say, “Why don’t we just turn the machine on one more time to see if anything else comes up?” And then a minute or two later, some huge insight about her life pops in. So I wanted to share some of them with you so you can get an idea of what can happen when we “drop in” and get out of the way, allowing the mind to open up. My experience from doing EMDR for a few months now is that this is a way different animal than just talking about stuff. Way different.

I wrote about her first EMDR session here, when she realized that her life was very difficult for a young kid, so she had to put a wall up and be tough. And she’s seeing now that she made it, she survived, and that it’s time to lower the wall. “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!” A little 80’s nostalgia for some of you… The wall absolutely served a purpose, but she’s outgrown the need for it. And it might even be keeping good things away. Remember from the previous post that she had a vision in meditation about everything she wanted being held at bay by a bubble emanating from her. That’s the wall. And from our subsequent session, now she knows exactly when she put it up and why. And now she is allowing it to come down. We’ll see what happens as her life goes forward, allowing the wall to come down. Because that was a really cool vision that she had!

She also realized she was a “bad kid” because as a very young girl, she learned to associate bad things happening with getting her mom’s attention. It was a very old memory that popped in (written about in the linked post above), and this insight was clear as day. Wow. She also realized that everyone else in the household was trying to get the same thing – attention and love from her mom. So it explained how they all acted, including her dad! And this realization, along with remembering that he had been abused as a child, explained his heavy drinking. She also saw that wow, one person (her mom) can totally dominate an entire family. And she saw that her mom had lots of junk from her own childhood that she hadn’t dealt with and that she kept just passing on. So she thought, “Deal with your stuff; don’t poison everyone else! That’s not okay!” But she has the insight now to see exactly why all of this happened. It’s no longer a mystery, and that helps us come to acceptance and peace much faster. And trust me, she’s in the process of coming to acceptance and peace. And it’s happening fast.

Now here’s the deal, and this is why I’m writing this post about The Insight Queen. ALL OF THAT HAPPENED IN TEN OR FIFTEEN MINUTES. Let that sink in. All of that happened in ten or fifteen minutes. It’s like dog years, it really is. That amount of insight would most likely take a long time doing talk therapy, if it even happened at all. Not fifteen minutes, anyway, no way. Not even close! And she simply put some headphones on, held some vibrating pulsers in her hands, closed her eyes, and dropped in. Wow. And seriously, we’d think we were done and I’d say let’s go for another minute or two just to check. And then bam, another life changing revelation would pop in. And we were seriously laughing, because it was so ridiculous. And then why don’t we drop in just one more time? And then bam, something else. I couldn’t help but laugh, and neither could she. That jaw-dropping, mind blown kind of laughter. Feels so good!

In our second EMDR session, we targeted something but nothing was coming up. So we shifted to another target, something else in her life that was bothering her. And bam, an old memory floated right up. And this led to the insight that she’s always played small because then her mom couldn’t chop her down. Her mom was very insecure, you see. Okay, she seems like a very evil witch, to be honest. And I’m helping to get rid of this very strong conditioning that my client is so tired of. And she is so amazing! If you only knew, you’d be astonished. She is a truly amazing person, in so many ways. But this conditioning started early, and it’s strong. But we’re breaking that sh*t down! And it’s such an honor and a joy to be part of it. Because it is time.

So this amazing person has been playing small her whole life, not thinking it was okay to truly let her soul shine. And that’s because her totally insecure mom would bash her anytime she did something good. That’s messed up! Again, deal with your stuff and don’t pass it on! This sounds like a big realization for five minutes, right? Five minutes?!? So I suggested we drop in again, because why not? Let’s just see.

So she closed her eyes and dropped in, and what came up? An old memory where she learned that feeling her feelings is not okay. For instance, crying is not okay. When she was in pain in the hospital as a young girl after a surgical procedure, her mom told her in a cold voice, “You’re embarrassing me.” Are you kidding me? This was a young girl in pain in a hospital. And she learned in that moment that feeling was not okay. Until now. Thank heavens! So you can see that was a powerful two minutes, dropping in again. Two minutes?!? This little EMDR machine is amazing!

So we could’ve been done, but again, I said why not try once more? So she closed her eyes again, and a memory floated up of being left at a gas station as a child. On a family trip. With a family that’s not very big. Left at a gas station! She came out of the gas station, maybe with a candy bar and a soda, and she could see the family vehicle driving away, getting back on the highway. No cell phones, no clue what to do. They left me??? So she realized she was always trying to be seen, especially by her mom. She’s always wanted to be seen for who she is, loved for who she is, and allowed to be who she is. And that never happened. Until now. 

We are getting rid of the gunk from all of this – that’s the ‘D’ in EMDR, Desensitization. We’re clearing this gunk, this old energy, out of her system once and for all. And underneath the gunk is our natural wisdom, fresh insight. Clarity. Strength. And often compassion, too. And a good, spacious feeling. By reading this post, can you get a sense of how powerful this way of doing therapy – or growth – can be? It’s about NOT thinking through things in a really verbal, intellectual way, but rather getting out of the way. Letting the mind chill out and relax so we can see what wants to float up naturally. And again, each of these major realizations only took a few minutes!

Now, I don’t write about this for anyone else to compare themselves to her. I just want you to know what’s possible. Many other clients, though, have had experiences similar to this, in the short time that I’ve been doing this EMDR stuff. They’re just making connections so fast that would not be made by talking. Not nearly that quickly, anyway. Not even close! I’m so blown away, and so are they. But I had to tell the tale of The Insight Queen, because it’s just on a different level of ridiculousness. Things happened comically fast. Every few minutes something earth-shattering would pop up, and it would further explain her life. As my EMDR teacher says, “Now my life makes sense.

So there you go, folks! I hope you’re enjoying these tales, because I sure am enjoying sharing them with you. And I send you love and peace and all that, and I’ll receive it myself as well. As always, let me know if I can help. But I can say for the first time now that I’m so busy that the scheduling is getting tough! And we’re now well into year six of this gig. It took a LOT longer than I thought to get this busy, so I’m thankful for it now. And hopefully it’ll motivate me to finally get to putting all of this into concise book form and/or online program. I’m just letting it unfold now, but I know this EMDR stuff is a big part of the process. I have such a deep desire to bring stuff together into sort of a “unified theory” of peace for any human. And I have to chill out on that some, too, so I’ll work on that. Chilling out, me, good luck with that… Peace out!