The Flutter

A client has been working with me since her husband of many years passed, and a cool thing happened recently. She was walking in her backyard, and she was talking to him. Like me, she does not believe he is gone. Rather, he has changed form. He’s in a different body now, and it’s not physical. But it’s still a body and he’s still here. As readers of this blog know***, to me there’s a mountain of evidence for this, and it’s growing all the time. It won’t be too long before the belief in death is a relic, seen to be what it is, simply ridiculous. And yes, I cry at funerals! Totally. I get sad and I miss loved ones, and I’ve experienced great pain over that. My dad would be the biggest one. Which reminds me that I had a good cry over that with a recent client, and it’s been over fifteen years. I’ll be writing about that as well, because it’s a pretty cool story. So I don’t say this to minimize anyone’s experience; I’ve had the same experience. It’s just that facts are facts, and The Future will know very clearly – and thankfully! – that death is of the body… and we are not a body. So after we take our final breath in the physical body, we then take our next one in a different body. Call it a soul or a light body or whatever, but that’s what we do.

So my client was talking to her husband about helping her get through a date of all things! That’s a close relationship right there, by the way. And where he is, there isn’t this possessive or competitive thing that we have here. It’s just different. And of course he wants her to be happy, because she most likely has many years left. So she is doing the very brave thing of dating. She knows it’ll be tough, but it’ll speed things up. And she refuses to let this destroy her, leaving her all alone and sad for the rest of her life. I really do admire her spirit, as I tell her often.

So she was walking in her backyard asking him to help her survive a date she had that night, and she heard “a distinct fluttering of wings,” like a hummingbird or a dragonfly. It was right in her ear, like right there. She turned her head to look, and there was nothing in sight. Wow. So she kept walking and talking to him, and a little while later, she heard the same thing. RIGHT THERE. Not subtle. Real. Again, she turned her head to look, and again there was nothing there. What?? But of course she knew. This was him communicating with her. I am here. I can hear you. And I am with you.

How did she know? Well, she had a pretty obvious intuitive sense, for starters. It was just too much of a strong sound, a strong sensation. It was not subtle. There was a time that I first felt my dad’s love about a year after he passed. I don’t think I’ve shared that here, so I guess I’ll do that sometime. That night changed my life forever, literally jaw dropping. But when I tell people about it, I always say that – “it was not subtle.” And I’ll slap my arm or something as I say it. Slap! And I’ll say it was as subtle as that. Not subtle. Real.

The other thing is that she’s had two “visitation dreams.” I don’t recall the details, but they happened before she came to see me. And she described the most beautiful feeling. Usually in these visitation dreams, the message is, “I’m fine, all is well, and you have nothing to mourn or worry about. It’s all good, and I am here.” I thought I’d written about these before, but I just searched and didn’t find anything. Basically it’s a dream in which the one that has crossed over appears and visits you. But it doesn’t feel like a regular dream. It has a more realistic quality to it. Usually the person looks great and feels great, despite their condition at the time of passing. They might have a glow. And they’re giving you a message for those that are still here on earth: “I’m fine. Go on with your lives and live fully and love fully. I am here and it’s all good.” Back to the story…

Just for fun we looked up “hummingbird meaning” and “dragonfly meaning.” After all, you never know when you might read something that resonates, so why not take a look-see? Here’s what it said for the hummingbird: “Always actively seeking the sweetest nectar, they remind us to forever seek out the good in life and the beauty in each day. The prime message is the sweetest nectar is within!” And she’s trying to enjoy life again. She’s declaring that she didn’t ask for this; she didn’t ask for him to pass at this time. But she cannot and will not stop living. And of course our work is all about the fact that the sweetest nectar is within. Hummingbird meaning… check!

Here’s what it said for the dragonfly: “The dragonfly, in almost every part of the world, symbolizes change and change in the perspective of self-realization; and the kind of change that has its source in mental and emotional maturity and the understanding of the deeper meaning of life.” Wow… Change is pretty obvious. She has been undergoing some major change, and very rapidly at that. And self-realization, that’s what we do. Realizing we are the Self and not the self, you might say. Mental maturity? Check. We’ve been talking about listening to and dialoguing with the voice in the head, the part of us that’s loud in any moment. And tuning in to the quieter voice within, the one that’s so much nicer and smarter. Emotional maturity? Check. We’ve been kicking ass in this department, talking about emotions in a way that’s new for me, and that I haven’t shared yet here. Things have gotten a bit deeper than I intended this blog to be, so I’m not sure yet how I’ll portray it. It’d be a post meant for empaths and energetically sensitive beings, though – a different way of seeing things that drastically lightens our load. And the deeper meaning of life? We are bringing heaven to earth, so to speak, and that’s what this work is all about. Dragonfly meaning… check!

So there you go, good folks, the tale of The Flutter. I love having a front row seat for so much amazing stuff! And I could not feel more honored. And of course I love sharing it with you. I hope you are enjoying it, and as always, let me know if I can help.