Loving what Arises

The purge of old emotional debris will happen, as the cells of your body are literally being scrubbed clean. Clear out the old sludge you’ve been innocently carrying around.

Slow is the New Fast

Slow down and own whatever you don’t like about yourself, and relax about the whole thing. The more we slow down and accept these things and see that maybe the past is how it was supposed to have gone down, we start to feel better and lighter. And we actually shift faster. 

The Quiet Voice

Loving the thinker and talking to it as a parent would lovingly talk to a child in need of love, speeds everything up. Listening to that quieter voice deep inside rather than the incessant louder voice. That’s your wisdom talking.


When you water the grass, if you keep watering for too long, the water will puddle up; it needs to sink in before it’s time for more water. Give yourself time to let things set in, to rest.

Make Room for Light

Make room for more light to move into your body and take up residence. What you are clearing is also old energies and patterning from your entire family lineage.


Stay as relaxed as possible, and benefit from taking slow, deep breaths. It’s all about the mind and switching the radio station.

The Lenses

We view the world through lenses, and some lenses are thicker for a given person than others. Some are more cracked and distorted and dusty than others. Some are more clear than others. When we become aware of this, we can start to ponder how life would look with different lenses or glasses. And then we can start to ponder how life would look without them.


Go with your ridiculousness, people! Don’t hold back! This foreign feeling of goodness is simply energy, and it’s waiting for your loving attention. When it gets that, it can open up and move!


Close your eyes and breathe in love for yourself as best you can for this. You are simply stopping and giving yourself credit. Breathe it in and feel it. Breathe it down to your toes and let it swirl around the entire body. And don’t worry if this is difficult to do. If it is, well of course it is! It’s new. It can shift SO fast, though.

The Burn

The “burn” is surrendering to the fire when you’re triggered and letting it have its way with you. Think of this as your ego unraveling, fundamental to your journey, something that you no longer need, and the universe triggered it so it’ll burn away. And when the stuff we no longer need is gone, there’s more space for the soul to inhabit the body.


These concepts are very, very simple, but they take practice – it’s all about doing it in the moment. It is nothing new, and not original to me. It’s gentle and internal. Versatile and extremely powerful.

The Feeling

Understanding how feelings work in the body is important. They flow in, they stay for a bit, and then they flow out. Take control of what you’re telling yourself and what you’re believing. It’s about how you see things as opposed to the things themselves.


Stop over-analyzing everything! Small stuff is really the place to start, so that you can master this and be less rocked when the big stuff goes down.

Go Non-Verbal

Step away from being so verbal all the time. Words are really a layer or two removed from the feeling, so we first use them to help “get us there,” and then we rely on them less and less.

A Clean Mind

People react all the time. A Clean Mind acts and reflects your body’s reaction to whatever you’re thinking about or experiencing.


Peace comes when we give loving attention to the part of us from the past that didn’t get treated how it wanted to get treated. And when it gets the love that it needed back then, it’s healed. And in this manner we love ourselves to wholeness, retrieving all the fragmented parts of ourselves and melting them back into our hearts.

The Shift

The shift happens when we feel first, get centered, and then think about an issue. Slowly. And factually. You just let your body chill first. It’s like your IQ goes up when you do this, so you actually end up dealing with things much better.


There’s a Flow that we are all in, all the time; it’s just whether or not we are aware of it. It is quite literally the art and science of getting out of the way. And we always go to relaxing the body first, because the body is the barometer that lets us know when we are getting in the way, when we are not in the flow. So we relax, slow down, and let things unfold. And life ends up being WAY better.

Anchor Concepts

Let’s always start where we’re at, to anchor the things that you want into the subconscious mind – our next frontier, learning it, practicing it, deepening it, getting used to it, shifting it, doing it, burning up some ego and carving out space for the light to enter.