I’m a therapist teaching a less stressful way to live. This is Jedi stuff that most people can do. I’ve been so blown away by the results that I want to spread the word. I work in private practice in beautiful Pensacola – the “upside” of Florida. I absolutely love my job. I also work with clients from all over the country via webcam and phone.

The Yogic Path

My journey began here. I was a Pranic Healer and Arhatic Yogi. After a pretty intense year and a half, I had greatly expanded, but I realized that there were some serious questions that were not going to be answered there.

the honeymoon

These answers soon came in the form of some audio recordings by two particular spiritual teachers, Eckhart Tolle and Gangaji. Now I was in the consciousness world. This was a much simpler path, as well as much more powerful and mature in my limited experience. I was ecstatic and free. 

the why?

The honeymoon ended after maybe a year or less, though, because another question surfaced that was not being adequately answered. That question was, “Why?” This world is a pretty cruel place when you really think about it, after all. Even vegan Buddhists have to kill things to live.


Once again, my question was answered right away. I was in the bookstore one day, and Disappearance of the Universe by Gary Renard practically fell off the shelf at me. I had long grown weary of anything that sounded New Agey, but something about this book was different. It led me to the spiritual document entitled A Course In Miracles, which has finally answered my questions. So far, anyway.

That was in late 2006. I’ve been putting the teachings into practice since then, getting better and better all the time. The result is a much more peaceful life. I’m still quite the student and make no claims otherwise. I have a lot to say, though, for those who are ready. That’s why I became a therapist/counselor.


It is a joy and an honor to be able to help people with sessions, writings and now more and more talks. The talks are super fun. This message is sorely needed in this wild and crazy world. I hope to gift a sense of nobility, self-respect and accomplishment.


This is the type of education that changes your life! It’s what would be taught in middle school in a more evolved society. Sure, I hold a safe space for people, I listen, and I don’t judge them. But there’s lots of education.


Education about what? About the fact (yes, fact) that there’s a good feeling already inside of you and an intelligence behind all things, pushing everything. I help people learn to get out of the way of something smarter that can not only handle life’s stressors but can also thrive.


We practice relaxing into the universal power that’s in charge. This is how healing happens. I’m a planner and fixer and problem-solver, and my head innocently wants to know the whole thing, and it just doesn’t work that way! So we practice.