Corona 3: Focus On Your Transformation

So we wrote about handling this unprecedented situation emotionally, moment-to-moment, in our first post. And of course we use our simple method of self-love that opens the heart, spreads loving energy throughout the body, and allows old energies to clear. Then we talked about the big shift of human consciousness that coronavirus is here to initiate. That’s the big picture reason, to the best that I know now, for why the universe has orchestrated this. Because everything is a gift, everything is an ally. At any time in our lives, whether there’s a coronavirus or not, we meet painful experiences with the question, “Universe, what growth is in this for me?” This is called seeing through the universe’s eyes. And it speeds everything up. Which is what we want.

I said that the next post would be about using a very gangster form of gratitude as a super powerful tool to help speed up this shift and return the coronavirus back to the light from which is came. Job complete. I realized that another post has to come before that, though. And it’s one that was already on the list. Because it’s so central to what we do. And that’s focusing on your own transformation, as I said above. I’ve talked about it plenty, but I haven’t phrased it quite like this before. So let’s talk about this some now.

When faced with challenges in life, always focusing on your transformation and growth opportunity is the way to speed things up, to get through the difficult experience and to the other side of it. It’s the way to learn your lessons and grow, and in a way in which life gets more and more exciting rather than scary. We stop asking, “When is the next bad thing going to happen?” Because we know that if it does, it can only be here to make me better! Fact. Isn’t that wild?? This is called trust in the universe. This is called surrender. And that’s what we’re here to learn.

Now, there’s that part of ourselves called the ego that I talk about, and I talk about it like it’s an inner child. Cute and innocent, but not who we want running your life. And that child isn’t exactly interested in growth, because there tends to be growing pains. It likes to be in charge, and it often likes for things to remain the same. But the universe knows about the shiniest YOU waiting up ahead in the future, the most amazing version of yourself that you can be. And what are the best circumstances to get you there the fastest? Your life, your circumstances, exactly as they all are right now. And this is always true. Why? Because the universe is so smart. And yes, this includes the coronavirus.

Where humanity currently is, in terms of the evolution of its consciousness, is a place where growth is often coupled with pain. Said another way, it often takes painful experiences and situations to force us to grow. I believe that we’re evolving out of that, but I wouldn’t say it will happen anytime soon. And if so, great! I’m all for it. This means that often we don’t like what’s happening, and often we don’t understand it. “Did I really have to get a flat tire today?” Apparently so… You get the idea. And when this happens, what do we do? As always, we love first.

There’s a very good reason why I’m always talking about “loving what arises.” When tough things happen that trigger us and we love that part of ourselves like a child in need, it literally heals that part of us. And the old energies of the emotional trigger get cleared out. This is what it feels like when the child inside grows up, into the mature adult of the soul. And the more you do this, the more you have that 20/20 hindsight that knows there’s always a good reason for what is happening. Because it’s just happened so many times – looking back and saying, “Oh yeah, I totally grew from that. It sucked but I’m so much better off now.” So you start to know it in real time rather than in hindsight later, “This is my ally; it’s here to make me better. Thank you.” And after a while of practicing this, surrender becomes more natural and you get triggered less. You simply have too many life experiences, too much data, that shows that everything REALLY IS here to help you. And the triggers become less of a big deal. “Oh, I guess there was more in me ready to be healed and cleared. Yay.”

Now let me be very clear that this coronavirus is a very, very big one! Good lord. So I’m not saying this is easy. But I am saying that if you look at it as an ally – and just give this a shot – and you ask how you can shift for the better, then you will have a better experience than you otherwise would have had. What’s more, it might even speed up how it negatively impacts your life. I’ve seen some really freaky (in a good way) stuff happen when people learn and practice this. It’s like it’s melting obstacles, because we’re getting out in front of our lessons and just going for the growth without being forced so much. Over and over again. I always say that I get to see this not only in my own life of living this way, but also in the lives of all the clients with whom I share and have shared this understanding. It’s truly amazing.

So let’s get right down to it. What shifts can you make? Just ask the question and breathe with it, and see what pops in your head. And if this question triggers you in any way, you love first! All good. Hand on heart and breathe and open. Then ask again, breathe, and listen. Maybe slowing down. Maybe simplifying. Maybe eating a healthier diet. Maybe cooking more. Maybe less alcohol or weed or pills or whatever. Maybe less caffeine. Maybe more exercise. Maybe keeping your house more well-stocked with toilet paper. Anything, big or small.

Maybe more meditation or walks to relax your body and mind. Maybe staying in closer touch with your friends and family. Maybe getting in closer touch with who you are as a soul (see: meditation or walks). Maybe better financial responsibility and more savings. Maybe being more civic-minded. Maybe being a better neighbor. Maybe a shift in your job, like if I use this as an opportunity to do more online group teaching rather than mostly 1:1 sessions in person. It can be anything! Focus on that, and you’ll be getting out in front of this thing. I’m telling you, this is how the universe works. This is why it does the things it does. I’ve just seen it and experienced it too much now. And I don’t always like it! I say that all the time. But I AM hell bent on understanding it. The universe must’ve put me in a package that’s not into pain for a reason, and that’s to figure all of this out and share it with you. We got this, and it’s always my honor and joy to be in a position to help.

So focus on your transformation first, focus on what this is nudging you (or shoving you) to shift. After that, you might focus on those around you. Like if you are a parent or a spouse. Can those relationships improve? Can the family unit improve? We’re talking about becoming healthier people, healthier couples, healthier families, healthier friends, healthier communities, healthier everything – and in every way. If we all do this, and very lovingly and gently (not rushing or beating ourselves up), let’s see what happens with this novel coronavirus. When the mission is accomplished, there’s no more need for the change agent. And why not try this as a science experiment for a month or two? Because even if what I’ve said about the bigger picture turns out to not be true, you’ll be a happier and healthier person than you were before anyway. With better relationships. So your experience will certainly be better than it would otherwise have been had you not shifted. So it’s a win-win! And I love win-wins.

So there we go, folks, we’re focusing on our own transformation – all the time. Again, I was already going to write this, because it’s so central to how we are learning to live. If something painful happens, first love yourself as needed and let the emotion clear to some degree. Then ask how it can make you better and shinier. See through the eyes of the universe; get out in front of it. Why did the universe orchestrate this? To make me better, always. When you don’t like it or don’t understand it, you love. And then you ask again. And we always ask and then listen. Something might float up or it might not. Something might float up three days later, when you’re in the car or in the shower. There’s usually more than one thing, too; that’s just how it works.

As you do this more and more, your life might just become more amazing than you could have ever imagined. This is real, folks, and I’m blessed with having a front row seat in the lives of so many people as they learn and practice this. We do have some healing and clearing to do first, though; there’s just no getting around that. Trust me, I’ve tried. And tried some more. The universe will win. But at some point you’ll begin to shift more into surrender, better at it than you were before, and when you notice this is feels good. “Bring it on, universe, because it will all only make me better. And I’m armed with a very simple yet powerful practice of self-love, so I’m covered.” So amazing.

Note: Matt Kahn’s second book is actually called Everything is Here To Help You. I got to write a preview of it here, before it came out. That was really cool. He even liked what I had written so much that he posted it to his Facebook page. I didn’t know he even knew about my article, and then a guy in India reached out to me. I asked how he found me, and he said on Matt’s Facebook page. What?? Awesome! I can be pretty persuasive if I believe in something, so I thought it was a fantastic post. Because I believe that book is worth the fifteen bucks or whatever a book costs. I mean, come on… So check that out if you want, and it’ll go into lots more detail than I have here. And you’ll get out in front of the universe more and more. And you’ll start to grow with less difficult experiences. Hang in there, and lots more to come. We’re in this together, and we’re going to get through it together. Change is happening, though; we’re being forced into it. But this is our destiny, as we move toward A New Earth. And as always, I’m here to help if I can. I have a very clean office and we can Zoom sessions, too. And so much love to and for you 🙂