Corona 5: Can I Really Affect The Outer World With How I View Things?

So yesterday we talked about the radical idea of having – and feelinglegitimate gratitude for coronavirus. And how that’s like shining a super bring light on it, speeding up its journey back to the light from which it came. I know this may sound radical, if not crazy, to many people. And they might wonder if we can really affect the outer world with such a practice. So I wanted to talk briefly about that today.

Let’s get right to it… Science from around 100 years ago says that you can’t NOT affect the outer world. That’s because it’s all connected. Simply by being aware of something, you affect it. What? Simply by looking at something or thinking about something, you change it. Because you are part of it. I’m no quantum physicist, but these are the implications of their discoveries in the early 1900’s.

A classic book that’s written by a non-scientist (so it’s actually very readable) is The Dancing Wu-Li Masters by Gary Zukav. You can also search the web, because there’s lots more recent stuff out there. But the idea is that since everything in the universe is literally connected at the deepest level, your awareness of something affects it. The only question is how much. Now, it may be a very small effect. But to ask how large the effect is versus IS there an effect at all? Those are two very different questions. And I’d rather be asking how large the effect is. So I wanted to really ground us in the fact that we can’t NOT affect something that we’re aware of; it’s just not possible. If we’re putting any of our attention onto something, then it is changed in some way. Isn’t that interesting? I sure think so!

So this post is mainly just a brief reminder of this very old science. It gets you thinking differently, and with more power. Also remember that spending any amount of time feeling grateful for certain aspects of this coronavirus situation sure is a vacation from worrying about it. And I’m not pretending this isn’t happening! I’m handling things as they arise, and in the best manner possible at the time. I’m being as smart about this as I can. And of course when worry arises in me, I love. But I’m trying to spend the rest of my time in this better feeling state. And it’s been feeling pretty food so far.

We have the inner and the outer. The outer is taking care of business, TCB. Getting your stuff done. Helping others. You get the idea. Just be appropriate in the world, be normal. But the inner is more how you see things, along with feeling gratitude for what you see. My work mostly involves the inner (using self-love first), but please know that it’s never at the expense of the outer. And the more we do this inner work, the more we tend to show up brighter and shinier in the outer world. It’s a win-win.

So keep this in mind, just be open to it. It really is fascinating. If you have some time on your hands, you might look into this “deep stuff” some more. Search “popular quantum physics” or “popular quantum mechanics” and see what comes up. Just do it for fun. I’ve always wondered why we’re still viewing things as being so separate, though, over a century after the discovery of oneness. That doesn’t make much sense. And the ancient spiritual folks have talked about how we’re all one for millenia. So this might be something good that comes from the coronavirus, a deeper understanding of reality. Who knows? It’s time we update how we see things, though, that’s for sure. And now many of us have more time on our hands to use to do this.

Speaking of which, I’ll be sharing how I’ve been spending more of my time pretty soon. It’s my “triple threat,” and it feels amazing. And powerful. I do this when I wake up in the morning, before I get out of bed, as well as any other time the thought crosses my mind. I definitely do it before and after I go shopping, and in the store as well. I don’t know if it’s helping, but so far, so good. And it makes me feel good, anyway, so I can’t argue with that. One part of it is our radical gratitude from the last post. So stayed tuned, hang in there, and we’ll get through this together. Keep up with focusing on your transformation (how this can actually help you), and give that radical gratitude a try as well. And as always, I’m here to help if I can. Using Zoom for web sessions, of course…