Meditators Kick Ass With EMDR

Today I’d like to write about something that I’ve noticed, and it’s that meditators seem to do really well with EMDR. I’ve had several of them so far, and stuff just pops up for them. It’s like their brains are really clear and open (which, of course, they are). One had so many insights in mere minutes that I wrote about her, calling her The Insight Queen. Another had these crystal clear memories like she was watching a movie. From over 65 years ago. And then that same client had past life memories come up as well, five of them in total. And she was able to access a deep, deep pain of loneliness as a younger girl that we never would’ve touched from talking. We’d already had many sessions long before I was trained in EMDR, so that’s how I know. And this pain that had been carried for so many decades was finally able to be released from her field.

Another client has had all kinds of old memories and insights, targeting a different major thing each week for many weeks in a row. She’d want an answer, and sure enough by the end of the session she’d have it. Major stuff, too. “Why do I hate – hate – my ex-husband so much?” And by the end of the session, “Oh, that’s why.” That’s specifically why. And now she doesn’t hate him; it’s more like she feels sorry for him. She sees why he is the way he is. She has compassion, and he’s totally de-powered. He can’t trigger her anymore; nothing like he used to, anyway. It might not be fun dealing with him, but it’s a different ballgame now. She has her power back, which means she’s way more at peace.

Another meditator had the coolest experience, culminating with her first vision at the end. She said, “It was like a psychic reading, but I was the psychic.” And all these deep revelations about her life happened leading up to that, as well as interesting things with the body and different sensations leading up to each revelation. It was thoroughly enjoyable for me to witness!

So this is just a super quick post (yay, a quick post!) to share what I’ve noticed about meditators and EMDR. They seem to be more clear, and what needs to come up can come right up, unimpeded. Lots of this has been written about in the EMDR category in this blog. So there you go, my shortest blog post ever.