When Feeling Good For The First Time Feels Strange

It’s always nice for me to see people start feeling better. Some of them, though, are feeling good for the first time in their lives! Or for the first time in many years, or even decades. And it feels strange to them. So what does their mind do? It does what it often does best, it freaks out. It makes this into a problem. This sure is a good problem to have, though… Because we can absolutely handle this.

When feeling good feels strange, weird, or even uncomfortable, what’s really going on is that it feels foreign. Isn’t that interesting? Nothing bad is happening, and there isn’t any problem; this feeling just feels foreign. And the good news, as we know very well by now, is that this foreign feeling is simply energy, and it’s waiting for our loving attention. When it gets that, it can open up and move, just like in our recent post about The Edge. So instead of freaking out about it or making it a problem, or even blaming yourself for something, you can just love the one that feels that way. Wow, what a different alternative! You notice there’s a part of you in that moment that doesn’t feel comfortable, so you basically give that part a big inner hug. And yes, I know that sounds funny… But it’s very powerful when you really get it. You let that part of yourself know, “I’m here with you.” It’s the inner child. And then you put your breath wherever your body feels the uncomfortable feeling and you simply relax. And after a while, this feeling becomes familiar. And it feels good, really good.

I have one client that’s experiencing this right now, and he has it to an ever greater degree. This is because he’s been dealing with some issues over the years that have caused him to be labeled as a “f*ck up.” Now, though, he’s starting to do well, and he’s even gotten some praise from people that didn’t know him before. They have no frame of reference for him, and they think he’s a great person. And when he hears them say this, it feels very strange! He’s not used to making a good impression on people, and when he’s gotten some really positive feedback, it’s felt super weird and uncomfortable. But that’s okay, because now he knows that it’s only uncomfortable because it’s foreign. And he knows that the uncomfortable feeling is energy, and that it wants to move. And he knows that he only has to breathe in and receive into the cells of his body any positive recognition or compliments. Just breathe it in, let it sink in. He’s a thinker (like me), and the mind has nothing to do. And each time he practices this, simply receiving and breathing it in, the feeling shifts more and more from foreign to familiar. And then it feels better and better. And… normal, natural. Isn’t that cool??

So there you go, a brief little post about when feeling good feels strange or even uncomfortable. And how this is no big deal! If you have the right information, that is. That’s a big part of what we do here, in fact – provide information. And then we talk about how to practice living it. And over time, we feel better and better. The mind can make anything a big deal, though. But now we’re onto it. And that feels good, even if for the first time.