Seriously, Folks, The Emotional/Energetic Piece Is Huge!

You know by now that our one-two punch is loving what arises and understanding that the intelligent universe is orchestrating everything on purpose to constantly move us into our best version of divinity in form. Over time, this process chips away at our rough edges, smooths them out, and polishes us up to be brighter than we thought was even possible. So when we’re triggered, it’s generally an intentional set-up to heal and clear the past. And knowing this is a freaking game changer! We heal and clear the past by asking right away (when we’re triggered), “How is this here to help me?” And of course we give love to any past version of ourself that needs it. Because that’s exactly who is showing up now. And when it finally gets the loving attention it’s been needing for all these years, it melts back into our heart, all healed. And in this way we become more whole and complete than ever.

That leaves the feeling that’s still lingering in your body, so that’s what we’re going to talk about today. Because the raw emotional/energetic component of the healing journey is huge! And it’s crucial to understand this, because your mind has no role to play; it gets to rest. As someone that’s naturally super mental, I’m getting this more and more. Just love the one in pain and let the Energetic Vacuum Cleaner (EVC) do its job. Done. By loving what arises, we heal. And by letting the EVC do its thing as we just go on about our day, our energy field gets cleared. And again, your mind has nothing to do, nothing to fix! The feeling of pain or anger or sadness or whatever IS the fix, because it’s leaving. It just takes time. So cool. When we don’t get this, though, the mind constantly goes into overdrive to figure out how to make the pain go away. But it IS going away! Just love your heart, CTFO, and let the EVC do its job. And you’ll start feel better and better. In fact, you can even say, “Yay me!” because you’re getting cleared out. And you’re clearing some emotional debris off the planet as well, because it’s always about “we” and not just “me.” So it’s a big deal. Yay.

So let’s talk about a really amazing example of this. I recently caught up with a friend that I’ve worked with a bunch to help clear out her past. We did great work together, doing EMDR in her case, and it was effective week after week. When she’d come in, it would be like, “What’s next?” And whatever it was, we’d “go there” and clear it. And next? And next after that? And next after that? Wash, rinse, repeat. It was really cool to be a part of, going through her whole life, one thing at a time that she felt she was ready to face and release.

When we came to the end of our work, she was feeling stronger, better, and more clear than ever. Anxiety and depression seemed to be relics from the past, and it was a joy for me to witness this transformation. Then a some time later, she felt it was time to move back to her hometown. This was also when I stopped taking her Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance (because those insane bastards drastically and recklessly slashed our rates in this age of constant suicide and school shootings), so the timing was perfect. I just love a good synchronicity… So she moved back, and this is the tale of what happened in the next four months after that. Because it’s pretty cool, and very educational. And in only four months! It probably seemed like forever to her, but that’s not long at all when you really think about it. And now that she’s on the other side and sees the big picture, feeling better than ever, she can have gratitude for everything that happened.

Again, let’s mention again the emotional, energetic component of the human adventure. Because it’s so important to understand. We all have old emotional debris in our energy fields that we’re carrying around, and the intelligent universe triggers us intentionally so we can release that stuff. It’s the EVC. So to really hammer it home, when we’re triggered, it’s generally not about the present at all. The present trigger is actually a gift! It’s literally a setup of the universe to help clear that old sludge from your field, making room for more light. So the one triggering you is assisting you on your healing journey. Read that again… And this is exactly what happened to my friend, with three major things getting triggered and thus cleared in fairly rapid succession. Major, major life things! Amazing.

Shortly after moving home, her uncle died. She was able to be there and reconnect with him, and this was very important. The reason is that he was her dad’s brother, and this experience helped her to emotionally resolve some stuff she was still carrying related to her dad’s passing years ago. As I’ve said before regarding triggers, it often goes like this: Something happens in the present and you’re having an extra big emotional reaction, maybe more than you’d expect. That’s because those emotions are literally from the past, and they’re coming to the surface to be released (in addition to whatever emotion is coming from the present situation – the double whammy!). So just breathe, love the one in pain, and let the emotional/energetic purge happen. Really powerful. Nothing to analyze or fix. In fact, this IS the fix! To clear space for more soul/light to inhabit your body. Yay.

Another thing that happened was that a good friend of hers died around the same time. This friend was older than her and was like a mother figure. I knew the friend just a little bit, and I could tell how beloved she was by those that knew her. When she died, my friend was literally there with her. She wasn’t able to be present with her own mother’s passing from years ago, so this served to help heal that. Remember, it’s the EVC in action.

The third huge thing involved a nightmare, psycho roommate. Now, I really do say this with respect. I don’t know this person’s story, but I do know that she has work to do. Because she ended up trying to manipulate my trusting friend into some shady stuff that would’ve made my friend take on debt that she had nothing to do with. I don’t think they even knew each other before they lived together, in fact. Not okay! Someone else had to point out to my friend that she was seriously being taken advantage of. So it got resolved and my friend got out of there. But what it triggered was her divorce and moving from her house under ugly, painful circumstances. Cue up the EVC, part three!

So in four short months, the emotional debris she was carrying in the cells of her body from three major life events – her dad’s death, her mom’s death, and her divorce – was all cleared out. In four months. Isn’t that cool, y’all?? Isn’t it useful to see through the soul’s eyes and understand what’s happening, in real time or at least shortly thereafter? To ask in the midst of things, “How is this here to help me?” Rather than thinking the universe hates you and you can’t handle life. Huge difference, people!! And that’s what this “work” is all about. I say “work” with the quotes because the more you’re rooted in the rules of the game, the more exciting and less sucky it gets. Because you know you’re healing and becoming your best self ever, and this process never ends. Thankfully, it gets less painful the more you’re cleared out. And sometime in the process, the pain isn’t even as much of a big deal (nothing like it used to be, anyway). Really cool.

So I’m thankful that my friend was more than happy to let me tell this tale, because she’s all about helping people with her story, like I am. And as I was listening, I was seeing from a zoomed out perspective and thinking, “This is amazing!” And I asked how long it took for these three huge things to be cleared out. And when she said four months, I was just floored. Thank you, universe, thank you very much. We did the work we had to do, and then the universe set things up perfectly to clear out the rest. But no “work” had to be done – just let the remaining energies be vacuumed out. And if there’s more then bring it on. No mercy on me. Trigger me all you want, universe, because I want to be the most clear and polished version of myself that I can be, which is an expression of divinity in form. So it’s kind of a big deal… And that’s true for you as well, and for anyone else that’s in a human body. And this whole “heaven to earth” thing that we’re doing, raising the vibration of a planet, ain’t easy. So we have great respect for the mission at hand. Anyway, great talk today, learning to love ourselves through the emotional purges that Life leads us on. And the mind just gets to rest. So happy resting, and as always, let me know if I can help!