The Energetic Vacuum Cleaner

There’s a phrase I’ve been using in my sessions that I’d like to introduce you to, and it’s the Energetic Vacuum Cleaner. And since I often like to shorten things up, we can also call it the EVC. And I can never remember how to spell “vacuum,” by the way – such a weird spelling. I always start with two c’s, but then I remember how weird the word is spelled, so clearly there has to be two u’s, because that’s super weird. So it ends up being “vaccuum,” but then it looks like something’s just not quite right. I’ll bet I’ll remember it now, though, since I’m writing all of this ridiculous stuff about how a random word is spelled. So go with your ridiculousness, people! Don’t hold back. Unless you’re at work… don’t get fired or anything, and if you do then please don’t blame me. Back to the story…

So we’re all carrying around old “stuff.” Which means old feelings. Which means old frequencies, or energies. A phrase I love is “emotional debris.” And what do we use to clean up “stuff?” A vacuum cleaner. So it sure would be nice to have an energetic vacuum cleaner. Well, it turns out that we do have one! What is it called? Life. The universe. More specifically, it’s when crappy things happen to you… Yay.

Remember the post not too long ago called Another Spilled Smoothie? That’s the EVC in action. When you’re triggered and you’re doing your best to just let it burn, remind yourself that the EVC is literally sucking old stuff out of your energy field, stuff you no longer need or want. You’re being cleaned out in that moment, so just surrender and let the process happen. Thinking this way might even make it so it’s okay and you’re less annoyed. And after a while, you might even like it! That’s some crazy stuff right there… But it can totally happen, because now you’re reminding yourself right away that it’s the ego unraveling and burning away, and emotional debris is being sucked from the cells of your body. Those are both very, very good things right there.

Also – and this is HUGE! – know that sludge is only leaving when more light or soul is ready to inhabit your body. You see, when more of the good stuff (your soul) is ready to enter and make a home, it needs some space. Yep, some ego needs to go. So the soul has the universe trigger you to kick in the EVC. The EVC sucks out some sludge, burning up some ego and carving out space for the light to enter. And as this happens throughout your life, you feel better and better. And life gets more and more magical. Isn’t that freaking cool???

So there we go, good folks, the Energetic Vacuum Cleaner, or the EVC. And you know what? I spelled it right the first time! And this is a short blog post. I could get used to this. Probably not, though… Anyway, much love to you and whatever is going on in your life. And as always, I’m here to help if I can.