Let’s talk for a bit about something that not a lot of people talk about. And that’s honesty, but in a different way. You see, lots of people learn spiritual teachings (aka personal growth, self-help, etc.) that seem awesome and seem to help at first, but then they stop working. Why? In many cases, it’s because they’re actually being dishonest with their heart. So after a while, they don’t feel good anymore and the teachings aren’t really helping. Like affirmations. The idea is great, but it’s important that we believe what we’re affirming to be true. And yes, this is contradictory to many of the Law of Attraction (LOA) teachings. I’m going to write a post called The New Law of Attraction at some point, because most of us are in a different place now with a different set of rules. I’m pretty sure the whole karma thing isn’t for us, either, and that’ll probably be a future post. Just like the rules change as you grow from elementary school to middle school, high school, college, and beyond, they also change as you grow as a soul.

Once I gave a series of talks to a group of women, and we always took questions to clarify everything. One night, one of them said that her counselor had given her some affirmations to say everyday. That might sound great, but then she said that they always made her feel worse! I smiled, because I had noticed the same exact thing with myself a long time ago while doing – or attempting to do – a similar mantra practice. I told her she felt bad because she didn’t believe the mantras. So deep down a voice was calling BS each time she said one. The dialogue might go something like this, and it’s really pretty hilarious:

Her: “I am powerful.”

Inner Child: “Bullsh*t.”

Her: “I am strong.”

Inner Child: “Bullsh*t.”

Her: “I am the Light.”

Inner Child: “Bullsh*t.”

Her: “I am abundant.”

Inner Child: “Bullsh*t.”

In calling BS, the inner child is simply saying, “I don’t believe that. You can’t fool me, so why do you keep trying? And when you say that stuff, it’s like you’re ignoring me and how I truly feel. Do I even matter to you?” Ouch. Because I’m finally learning that it’s all about our heart, all about the inner child. If the inner child ain’t happy, you’re never going to be happy; not for long, anyway. Because the inner child runs the show, trust me on that. I know, pretty crazy! But the inner child will win in the end.

So how do we make the inner child happy? By being super loving and attentive towards it, of course, as we’ve been talking about for a while now. It’s called loving what arises, and it encompasses your feelings and your thoughts. Pretty cool… But we also make it happy by being honest. Honesty with our heart is very, very important in the new paradigm that we’re in. If “I am abundant” just doesn’t feel true, then say “I want more abundance,” “I wish I had more abundance,” “May I be blessed with abundance,” or even “May all beings have abundance.” Those feel good. Why? Because they’re honest. And your heart values honesty over trying to fake it ’til you make it. Plus, it’s still bringing the vibration of abundance into your subconscious mind. In fact, my understanding is that saying those statements anchors the vibration of abundance into your subconscious mind equal to saying something like “I AM grateful for my abundance.” So just go with whichever is most true and know that it’s doing some powerful work for you.

So let’s always start where we’re at, so to speak, by being honest with our heart. Honest with how we feel. Honest with what we want. Honest, honest, honest. That’s very important, and it’ll start to feel really good. Trying to BS ourselves or BS the universe had its time, but that’s part of the old paradigm that we’re no longer in. So I wanted to address it here. Hopefully I’ll write about more examples as they come up so this can be more clear. But maybe you get the idea for now. You can say things like, “I want to be nicer to myself. I want to love myself. I want to treat people more lovingly.” That’s all honest, and it’s starting to anchor the things that you want into the subconscious mind. And that’s probably our next frontier, by the way, anchoring what we want in the subconscious mind. I’m not fully there yet, myself, so that’s still in the laboratory, so to speak. In due time, in due time. I’d say we’re at a pretty blazing pace anyway, though, so all good.

So there you go, take a look at how honest you’re being with how you feel. If you’re not being honest, it probably comes from an innocent place – like you wish things were different. But when you’re honest with your heart about that, you might start to feel better before things change. And that’s pretty powerful. So happy practicing, and again, I’ll write more examples as they come up. In fact, I think I have one that just popped in. Until then, peace out!