Four Powerful Words… CTFO!

Over the years, I’ve done lots of work in the realm of the “spiritual” or personal growth or expansion or whatever you might to call it. I’ve studied with some pretty cool teachers, both in person and from their books, audio, video, etc. All I was ever going for was peace. This all started because a little voice in me said there must be more out there than the norm that I saw. So I started looking around.

The next thing I knew, I was an energy healer, learning and practicing a modality called Pranic Healing. That was pretty cool. Then I was an Arhatic Yogi, doing intense energetic meditations and exercises. That was very cool. I still felt there was a different path for me, though, so I gave up the “energy world” and found myself in the “consciousness world,” as I came to call it. My new teachers were Eckhart Tolle, Gangaji, and Amber Terrell (a student of Gangaji’s with an amazing audiobook called Surprised By Grace). They talked about what was already perfect, eternal, changeless, and immortal. And they said that was who I am and who you are. And that there’s really only one of us despite what we see in this illusory world of separation. Whoa…

At some point around this time, I summed up all of this spiritual wisdom with a nice little acronym: CTFO. This stands for Chill The F Out. I apologize for the bad language, but that’s what popped into my head. CTFO. Maybe I was stressed in grad school or something and I needed a quick but powerful reminder to snap me out of it. CTFO popped in, and it has done wonders ever since for me and for some of my friends. And so I share it with you, in case it might help you laugh a bit and relax when you’re stressed.

Please note that this doesn’t mean you should become lazy or stop working or anything like that. It just means you have the option to have a more relaxed attitude while you’re doing whatever you do in your life. Take a breath. Loosen up. Get out of your head. Then continue what you were doing. CTFO. Enjoy!