The Slow Way Is The Fast Way

I’ve found myself saying this a lot this year, “Just let 2018 be about [insert whatever we were talking about, usually loving what arises or understanding that the universe is always happening for our soul’s growth – and note that I definitely do not understand why super awful stuff happens].” So we relax and let 2018 be about this, no rush. As in learning it, practicing it, deepening it, getting used to it, shifting it, doing it, etc. We’re really slowing down and relaxing into the shifts that we want. Because you know what? The slow way is the fast way. And please know that I’m totally not wired this way! I came out of the womb quite the opposite, in fact, so I’m finally starting to get it myself. I want it now, but peace just doesn’t seem to work this way. I know because I’ve tried… a lot… It’s pretty funny to look back on, now that it’s finally shifting.

A big part of this shift involves going with the assumption that if the universe is so smart (and I think we can agree that it is), then if we were supposed to be different, or “further along,” then we would be. The other assumption, which I now well, is the opposite. And it feels terrible! It’s that moving finish line that we’ve talked about before, where we’re always not where we’re supposed to be, not quite there yet. We’re always behind, working on stuff. We should always be better or different in one way or another. And that feels awful. Why? Because the body is telling us that it’s not true.

One of the most advanced things you can do as a human is to simply be where you are. With all your perceived flaws, inadequacies, quirks, habits you don’t like, or whatever. Allow yourself to be as you are. Because how do you know you’re supposed to be different?? I mean, seriously! The universe can create galaxies and turn an acorn into a massive oak tree. An acorn. Some of the same math is found in the design of the largest things, like galaxies, and the smallest, like atoms. As well as everything in between, including all over your your body and in plants and animals. (Look up the golden mean or the golden ratio). What?! Amazing but true. And wow, that’s pretty smart! So don’t you think it can handle shifting you if it really wanted to? But here’s the thing, it actually is shifting you all the time, but usually in a pretty relaxed, loving, and gentle way. And when we allow ourselves to be where we are, how we are – when we fully own and accept that this is exactly how things are supposed to be – then we can settle into that nice flow. And we finally start to find some of that peace we’ve been wanting (or chasing). And then the shift we’ve been wanting can happen more naturally. Yay.

NOTE 1: As I’ve said a bunch, I’m still working on understanding the shifts that aren’t so gentle, like trauma and tragedy. Still, though, we can use loving what arises, which is the cornerstone of what we do here, to move ourselves through it. And that will make a huge difference.

NOTE 2: I was on the local news right after Christmas talking about goals, and my suggestion was to be nice to ourselves first. That’s Goal #1, and after that we can think about the gym, diet, or whatever else. When we’re nice and loving rather than mean, then those things will happen naturally over time. But I also said to be smart! If you’re doing something that’s dangerous or that’s killing your body, or if you’re in jeopardy of losing your job, finances, relationships, etc., then you might need to be more forceful. And get some help, too; there’s lots of help out there. So that kind of extreme stuff is not what this is about. That’s common sense, though. If the doctor tells the alcoholic that s/he could be dead within six months due to liver failure, then it might be time to stop drinking. Do what you have to do, and with the help you need, to stop. You get the idea. Back to the story…

So give this a shot. Slow down and own whatever you don’t like about yourself. Own it and relax about the whole thing. How do you know you’re supposed to be different? If that’s really just an assumption, and it feels bad in your body, then pick another assumption! How about this one: Maybe I’m supposed to be exactly as I am now, and I’m knocking it out of the park. I get an Oscar for my performance as me. Because the universe is so smart that it must want me to be this way. And it’s okay if I don’t understand everything now.

Also remember that earth ain’t easy. This is simply NOT an easy place to live, and you’ve actually been doing your best. And yes, my best has sucked before, too. So has everybody else’s, and that’s life. And the more we slow down and accept these things and see that maybe the past is how it was supposed to have gone down, we start to feel better and lighter. And we actually shift faster. And peace begins to become our reality, a very subtle reality that gets stronger and stronger over time. Wow, the slow way is the fast way. So… peace out! And as always, let me know if I can help.