Happy Easter 2018, Part 2

Am I the only one that loves smashing avocados with a fork? I’m at one of my many regular coffee shops, because I’m fairly extroverted and often like being around people, at least to start the day. I like the vibrancy of these places (plus the coffee). So I’m here having breakfast and writing this. Anyway, there’s something about smashing the avocado, so smooth and satisfying. Unless it’s not quite ripe and is a bit hard, and they’re selling it to you anyway (a delicious egg scramble in this case with jack cheese, tomato, and avocado – yum).

So why would we start an Easter post by talking about the pleasure and enjoyment of smashing avocados with a fork? To keep things light and smooth. When we’re relaxed, we can absorb things better. We can discern better. We can think more clearly. We can feel things out more. And it’s important to feel out whether or not things resonate, because the body knows. Sometimes we have beliefs that we think are true, because we’ve been taught to believe them. But if we’re more relaxed, we might detect that that might not actually be the case, and that something else might actually ring truer. And that’s all okay.

I’m writing this to clarify and simply my original Easter post from a week ago and to make something really clear. So this is a zoom out, simplify, big picture sort of thing. In pointing out that you’re an amazing, infinite, eternal, and innocent soul that’s temporarily making its home in a body on a planet – and not just some imperfect thing that’s going to die someday – all we’re really doing is owning the biblical phrase, “made in God’s image.” For real. Here and now. No more playing small. Bam!

You see, “made in God’s image” is either true or it’s false. True. Or. False. The vast and extensive near death research says it’s clearly true. The Bible says it’s true. I’m sure the other religious texts say it’s true. Those that have had direct spiritual awakenings say it’s true. Those that have had out of body experiences say it’s true. And science says that the entire universe is this vast, connected see of energy with no walls or borders. So you are literally the entire universe (what???), which kind of feels like the same thing… So it sounds like any reasonable person would take it to be true, at least by a 51-49 margin. So let’s go with that and then own it! And see how life turns out. Try it for a month and see, and I’ll even give you a money-back guarantee. I mean, what do you have to lose?

So if this is true, and it should be for Christians since it’s in the Bible, then why on earth does so much of Chritianity have this lowly sinner stuff?? That’s insane! So all I’m doing with this work, and a post like the Easter post, is pointing this out. If “made in God’s image” is true, then you are amazing. And your primary issue has been identity confusion. And the stuff we learn and practice here at A Clean Mind is the best way I know to steer us back to what we already are (and could never not be). And as this work shifts, which it has a ton since last summer – and since January! – it gets more direct, more powerful. And actually more simple. The sign of the super intelligent Divine? It sure feels like it…

The other thing that carries the same message, and that we’re finally owning, is “greater works than these you shall do.” Jesus said that. Big words, coming from such a spiritual badass (which is true regardless of your orientation). Did he really say that? Have you really thought about that and let it sink in?? Greater works than these YOU shall do!” Me?? Wow. I mean, wow. Folks, that just does not resonate with lowly, guilty sinner. There are no damn sinners. The Pope even recently said there’s no Hell, so some of these beliefs are shifting. Thank God for this guy. I just hope he stays alive long enough to continue to shift some more of this outdated smallness stuff, seriously. So far, so good. Thank you, brother, thank you.

“Greater works than these you shall do.” As with “made in God’s image,” this is either true or it’s false. True. Or. False. Let’s say you believe it’s true. Then why on earth is it taking so long? Two thousand years tells me that something is way, way off. And feel free to laugh! Because it’s true. Maybe it’s because we’re stuck in this small identity confusion stuff. Maybe it’s because we’re not owning what we are. If you’re destined to do greater works, then that means you are a Christ, period. Remember from the first Easter post that Christ means “anointed one.” And an amazing creator doesn’t create crappy stuff; it’s all anointed. It has to be. So that’s you. Here. Now. Yay.

So there we go, folks, I just wanted to bring in this point to simplify the message: that all we’re really doing is owning “made in God’s image.” And the stuff that I share here is the best way I know to get you there. It’s the gentlest, too. I’ve done some harsher methods, and they didn’t resonate with me. They do for some, though, so if that’s you then do it. What we’re doing here isĀ loving what arises and then understanding that the universe puts us in the situations we need to grow; that’s our one-two punch. And over time, life gets less scary and confusing, and more miraculous.

It’s not always fun, and please know that I have absolutely no idea why super awful stuff happens. I’ll let you know when I know. But you CAN heal from it, that’s my promise, and that’s a fact. Because what you are is the soul, the breath, the Christ, the anointed one, the chosen one; all of us are. So as you’ve healed from that stuff that you didn’t deserve and clear it out of your field, you’re really ready to take off with this one-two punch. And as we learn to just burn when we’re not feeling good and we begin to understand that space is actually getting carved out to make room for more light and soul to enter, we see it all differently. And it rocks us way less, because of course we’re loving the one inside that’s not happy. We’re letting our heart know that we’re right here with it, so it’s not alone, it’s never alone. And this is the journey that we’re on. And I’m on it, too, right here with you. Gently practice this for the rest of this year and you’ll be amazed when 2019 starts. Amazed. And you’ll see the you that’s reading this now as someone you used to know. Someone that was doing the best s/he could do at the time. And you’ll be very, very pleased with where you’ve headed and where you’re heading. Very pleased. Wow.

So happy Easter, and I honor the Christ in you that is rising, and that cannot be stopped. And it doesn’t have to take 2000 more years! Things are quickening, so just find your breath and stay with it. And as always, I’m here to help if I can. Now go eat your Cadbury cream egg or huge chocolate Easter bunny or whatever it is that you like. Enjoy!