The Slingshot: No Failures Or Mistakes… Life Is A Process!

Today, let’s update the concepts of failing and making mistakes. Because it is time. And the cool thing is that what we’re about to talk about actually is true, it’s actually REALITY. But it’s how the universe sees things, not how the masses do. And bless their (our) hearts… But keep in mind that the masses, including lots of really smart people, thought the earth was flat not that long ago (in the big picture). So we usually don’t put too much stock in what the world thinks. It’s time for us to go way beyond that and take a deeper look. Also this is relevant to those that did (or attempted to do ) Dry January, or dry anything else, since January is coming to an end (more on that soon). Here we go…

Let’s start with an example that anyone can relate to (because this was all of us back in the day). When a child learns to walk, does it usually fall? Yes, of course it does. And I’m saying “it” not because I’m allergic to young children (which I kind of totally am), but because I don’t want to keep saying “he or she” or “she or he” or “s/he.” It’s just easier to say “it.” The point is, kids fall their asses off when they’re learning to walk. It’s literally WRITTEN INTO THE PROCESS of learning to walk that you will fall. Usually a lot. So here’s the million dollar question… are you ready for it… When a child falls… while learning to walk… did it fail… or make a mistake? Really let that sink in for a few moments, because it’s big…

The way I see it, and I believe this is exactly the way the universe sees it as well (which is what we’re really all about here) is that each time the child falls, it’s like a slingshot is being pulled back a little bit more. And each time, it’s building momentum for when the child will be catapulted into the world of the walkers. So to be clear, zero mistakes were made, because it was all part of a PROCESS. Doesn’t this make so much sense? Absolutely! In the case of the child learning to walk, anyway… But what about with you, your life, and your past, and especially with anything that seems like it was a “mistake” or a “failure?”

Consider that maybe, just maybe, we’re all going through a process. And what process might the be? The process of becoming better and brighter people. The process of becoming more amazing, and shinier than we’ve ever been before. Here’s a great exercise – picture yourself a year ago, two years ago, five, ten, twenty, etc. If you’re honest and objective (as much as possible, just do your best), and you don’t nitpick yourself in a way that you would never do to someone else, can you see how much you’ve grown? Can you see how much you’ve learned? Can you see some things you did back then that you couldn’t even imagine doing now??

That’s what I’m talking about, folks! It’s all a process, it’s always been process, and it will always be a process. And it’s working. It really is working. Just look back in time to Past You whenever you need a reminder – and really breathe and let it sink in. It’s very important to do this from time to time, it sure is for me. I always forget to zoom out and do this, and whenever I remember, it just blows me away. Every. Time. Even looking back a just a “couple few” months ago. So amazing.

By the way, I love to say “a couple few.” To me, it means “two or three,” very chill. My friend, however, thinks there’s multiplication in there. So to him it means six, because two times three equals six. But I think that’s whack. Even though I can see what he means. I just love to talk about random, unimportant stuff like this, so funny. Back to the story…

Let’s go back to those times in the past where you were pretty sure you had failed. In those moments, your body was probably reeling with emotion. And your mind was probably freaking out, trying to fix the situation or even just yelling at you a bunch. But how does it feel to think about it now? There might still be emotion, even big emotion or a burn or a cringe, but odds are it’s less than it was back then. Odds actually are that it’s much less than it was back then. And for many of you, there is no more feeling, no more visceral reaction – it’s just not there anymore. It’s a memory without all the feeling wrapped around it. That’s because over time, it’s been healed and cleared. And if not, there’s still work to be done. But rest assured, you have all the information you need right here on this blog! So you got this. Just take your time and do it right, and it’ll all be healed and cleared in due time. And it doesn’t have to take forever, either.

Now let’s get back to this slingshot, momentum-building, growth process, “no failure” thing. In those past moments from above, you probably thought you had failed. Scratch that, you probably KNEW you had failed. Obviously… But what about now? Ponder it a bit, very gently and with curiosity, and you might see that that was what happened in order for you to learn something big. You might see that the next time the same situation presented itself, you handled it differently, and in a way that you felt much better about. And if the same train wreck happened many times, maybe it was just that the slingshot had to be pulled back that much, a little more each time, until it was finally able to catapult you into that “new you” – and a “you” that could finally nail the same situation. It’s a process. And by the way, you don’t have to always like the process (I certainly don’t… working on that). But it IS a process nonetheless, and I’m simply a person in your life that’s pointing this out so that we can all speed up our paths to peace, to nailing life, and to feeling really good about it all. Yay.

Note that as with everything I talk about, I’m simply inviting you to be open and curious about this. Just breathe with it and gently ponder, no pressure. You don’t have to decide what you believe or don’t believe right now; just be open and curious, and let all of that happen naturally. And it will. In fact, your body will give you a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ on its own time frame. This is especially true if some of those train wrecks are still happening! Just consider that momentum is building for a shift to finally happen. It’s a process – that word is so important to understand. Because a process takes time; it takes time to unfold. And when you’re feeling upset, confused, or impatient about the process – and rightfully so! – that’s when you love. Love the part of yourself that feels that way, all day long. And another layer will be healed. Again, yay.

Now, do I feel like there can be lots of layers? Abso-freaking-lutely!! Good lord… But I’ve been living this way for a while now and sharing it with so many others (what an honor and joy!!), and it does work. The data is definitely in. And I’m as impatient as anyone, trust me on that. So stick with the plan and consider that maybe, just maybe, the universe doesn’t know failure or mistake, it only knows process. Literally. Just be open to that, because this understanding can change your life. And even in the moment of a cringe, you can actually see what’s happening through the universe’s eyes, in real-time, so that you can still be loving with yourself. Even while the body is going nuts and the mind is saying, “Noooo, I can’t believe I just did that!” That’s a really important step on the path, and it’s yours for the taking. I’m serious, it really is, right here and right now. I’m working on it myself, in fact, and I love how it’s going. Because it’s my process. So happy slingshot-ing! This is really big stuff. And as always, I’m here to help if I can 🙂