Matt Kahn’s Coming To Sarasota In April!

This is a shout-out to those interested in making the road trip to see Matt Kahn in Sarasota, FL on April 17-18. It’s part of a six-city tour over the course of the year, so if you’re not in Pensacola where I am, then by all means check the schedule for other parts of the country. These live events are pretty amazing. And since I’m naturally a “connector” sort of person, I’d love to have a huge group from my hometown representing! Pensacola people sort of have an attitude, too, even though we might wear jorts and tank tops sometimes. Okay, jorts aren’t really a thing, but I kind of do wear take tops. Umm, a lot. I mean, at the beach when it’s warm, okay? No need to judge. Anyway, it’s time to anchor some REAL light in the Sunshine State. And I’m all about it.

I’ll actually be there with lots of my family members (ten total!), so I’m pretty excited about that. It might even be a super random record of some sort. And I have at least two friends that are going from here, plus a couple from Gainesville (home of Tom Petty, great trivia in case you didn’t know). And hopefully more from Pensacola, too – I know that several are thinking about it. If you’re interested, just message me or email me and I’ll add you to a Facebook group I created to connect the locals.

I wrote a long and detailed post on that Facebook group with lots of background information, based on my experiences at these gigs. So I’ll just share that below. And a huge woohoo alert! But hey, I have to reveal my true colors more and more here eventually. Here we go… Enjoy!

Hi Folks ~ This is for anyone interested in or even curious about making the road trip to see Matt Kahn in Sarasota April 17-18. So hop in the group, hop out, post, ask questions, whatever serves you! These are pretty amazing, and they’re definitely at the cutting edge of the new spirituality that’s emerging as earth transitions into straight 5D Oneness. YAY!!! And yes it’s totally crazy now, in case you haven’t noticed… 

These gatherings are like a cosmic debriefings for lightworkers and angels in training (YOU). Plus it’s rehab for the totally innocent yet sticky”spiritual ego,” which is sorely needed in the spiritual world today. Most of the spiritual paths that have been around for a while have served a wonderful purpose, but it’s time for the next level. And as they linger, they can really be breeding grounds for the spiritual ego (which innocently masquerades as the soul). It’s all SO innocent! But it’s time to start to see it more clearly. Because we are ready.

So I thought I’d write something to let you know a bit more about these events. Matt is what’s called an intuitive empathic healer, and also an “open channel” (of the universe). So he doesn’t get out of the way and let some other being step in to talk. He’s totally normal, and it’s just him – but what comes through is all an intuitively-guided transmission that’s for that group at that time. He’ll channel the cities and the event titles way in advance of the tour, without knowing exactly what the teachings will be – only the titles. Then the universe will start dropping in the actual teachings as the event draws near. Often it’s the day before the event or the morning of, or even in the middle of the night. Hey, when it drops in, it drops in (the universe operates on its own time frame, or outside of time, really). And often it’ll all change when the event begins. “Oh, I thought it was going to be this teaching, but apparently it’s going to be this one!” And it always comes full circle at the end, with a nice bow. It’s also pretty incredible how so many people say things like, “Wow, it was like that was just for me at exactly this time in my life.” I’ve been to lots of these events, and you can tell there’s clearly a vast intelligence at work.

It’s also an energetic transmission, so you can really feel it. The stillness and peace are just so strong and palpable sometimes – pretty crazy. It’s like taking an energetic bath. And just by being there, you’re steeping in that 5D consciousness. So stuff is happening that has nothing to do with your mind or understanding; it’s way beyond that. In fact, he often starts out kind of all over the place, and I’ve noticed that people can get confused. But this is done intentionally to move the small (and innocent!) mind out of the way, clearing space for the deeper dive that’s to come. That might be how Friday night begins, clearing space for a deep evening session, and then for an even more ridiculous Saturday. 

There’s usually a Q&A on Saturday after lunch, and that is just a spectacle to witness. You see the intuitive gifts at work, and often his access to the Akashic Records comes into play with relevant past life information. It’s all what the universe wants for that person at that time, and he’s just as astonished at what unfolds as we are, like a little kid. It’s so cool to see and to participate in. And the answers are always for everyone, not just the questioner. Again, it’s that vast intelligence at work.

Then at the end, he’ll have a book signing, and people line up to do that or to just say hi. If you do, hop in line and beat the rush! I’ve seen him stay for two hours, though that’s a bit long. We joked that he needs a basketball shot clock or some Oscars music, but he really does love serving everyone. Bless his heart, many of them are trying to get him to fix their entire lives at a book signing. That’s a bit much if you ask me. But bless their hearts, too, because we all just want to be happy and okay. So I get it. And if you do say hi, definitely say you’re from Pensacola! He’ll love to get some love from the Western Gate to the Sunshine State (credit the legendary Vince Whibbs, Sr. for that).

Holler if you have any questions at all! This is the new spiritual paradigm for you to experience (if it works out for you to do so, of course). It’s much less masculine and “work-y” than the old way, as the wise and POWERFUL feminine rises up. This shifting is happening all over the world in many areas, as we’ve all witnessed. It’s actually a bit slow to take hold in the spiritual community, though, which is so interesting. This is the end of us being a problem to fix or a puzzle to solve. It’s the end of endless digging and digging. It’s the end of subtly or unconsciously judging yourself. Amen. 

Finally, the livestream is available as well. For like $20, I think? And it’s $85 for all six cities this year and available for replay through the end of the year (highly recommended). So that’s always cool to check out as well, and so affordable – but still not quite like being there in person, if that’s an option for you. I’m just passing this on, in case it lands. I’ve spent a lot of time and energy and money running through the spiritual world, all part of the plan to be able to help others as best I could. So I’ve been able to see that this is something that’s really different, a line in the sand, a new paradigm. 5D unity/oneness is here. Separation, thank you, next.

Oh – one more thing, the energies of the East, and especially the Southeast, are much different than those in the West and the Pacific Northwest (PNW), where he lives and does most of his teaching. You could say that they’re not quite as refined… yet! This is true even in a “southeastern spiritual mecca” like Asheville, NC, which still has a tremendous amount of spiritual ego. So there’s lots of maturing and refining to be done, and of course it’ll all happen, right on time. So we’ll see what happens in Sarasota, hopefully it’s not too remedial! But we’re also part of anchoring this new consciousness down here in south Florida, literally opposite the US from the PNW. And that feels really good to me, and important, something to be proud of as a 5D lightworker (which you certainly are as well, if you’re reading this far! – it has nothing to do with your occupation). So there’s that aspect as well, giving right along with receiving. And as I said above, I’m all in. Okay, that’s long enough… Much love to you! And reach out as needed, I am always here to help if I can.