That Last “Dry” Post Is About Everything, Not Just Alcohol – READ IT!!

If you read the last post about “going dry,” great! If not, then this is a message for you. Because you’ll probably get a lot out of it. Why? Because the post is not just about drinking, not even close. It’s about the general process of subtraction, which means lessening or removing from our lives the things that are taking up too much space. Generally, it’s the things that no longer serve us.

When we subtract these things from our lives, more space is created. When there’s more space, our old emotional/energetic sludge naturally rises up. But it does this to leave. So we often go through a period, or waves, of unpleasant emotions. But it’s leaving, thankfully (I don’t like carrying around an outdated 400 lb. backpack of useless stuff, to be honest). When the old emotional debris leaves, more light and soul steps right in to take its place. And you feel more and more amazing, more of the time. The is the inner shift.

As we get settled into this new up-leveled version of ourselves, our outer world will begin to rearrange itself to match our new vibration. There can often be a lag time, though, so don’t try to be in charge of the timing. We might also be put through a deeper process of surrender, which can seem like the universe is being downright cruel. We’ll be talking plenty more about surrender, I’m sure, since that’s what I’ve been going through lately! Along with several clients and friends (it’s so interesting how sometimes we’ll be tracking with each other). Know that as you go deeper and deeper on this journey, though, your life will eventually get more exciting and amazing. It will exceed your highest expectations. This is the outer shift.

Note that the universe often withholds the outer shifts that we want, using them as carrots to get us to first make the necessary inner shifts. Why would it do this? Because as you make your positive and healing inner shifts, you shine a brighter light. When you shine a brighter light, the whole planet benefits. And when the whole planet benefits, the universe is happy 🙂

So there you go, just a little note for anyone that didn’t read the last post, not knowing that it’s about a lot more than not drinking. A lot more. It’s actually a blueprint of transformation. And this is real. And it’s happening right now, all over the planet. It’s happening wherever you are and wherever I am. I send you love on your journey, you got this, it is already written. I hope all of this information is helpful for you, and know that I’m always here to help if I can.