How To Heal & Clear The Past

“Heal and clear the past…” That has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it? Doesn’t that just sound and feel amazing? I sure think so! Well, that’s exactly what we’ve been doing here, and I thought we could really spell it out using those two words. I just love how they sound, really showing us the big picture of what we’ve been doing for a while now. So this is how I see it…

We know that “loving what arises” is the cornerstone of everything. And we know that the intelligent universe puts us in the exact situations we need to be in (i.e. “triggers” us) to cue up whatever inside of us needs love. When we love that part of ourselves, we’re literally healing it, melting it, welcoming it home. One at a time. And yes, I know the line can seem endless, but thankfully it’s not. So this is what “healing the past” means. You give loving attention to the part of you that needs it in any moment. Because you can think of the part of you that’s showing up as a “you” from the past that didn’t get treated how it wanted to get treated. And when it gets the love that it needed back then, it’s healed. And in this manner we love ourselves to wholeness, retrieving all the fragmented parts of ourselves and melting them back into our heart. And we don’t have to dig, because the universe will do it for us. Just let the river of life take you. So cool. Also note that this works with big or small stuff. The big stuff will take more time and more loving attention, for sure, but this is still the answer.

As far as “clearing” the past, that’s nothing more than the energetic vacuum cleaner (EVC) in action. A purge of old emotional debris is happening, as the cells of your body are literally being scrubbed clean. So you love the one in pain and go on about your day, thinking “yay me!” Because a deep cleaning is taking place in your energy field, and that rocks. And the mind that wants to fix it has absolutely nothing to do. Remember there’s an entire post about exactly this. As I’ve written and said before, that crappy feeling IS the fix, because it’s clearing out old sludge you’ve been innocently carrying around to make room for more light to move into your body and take up residence. What’s more, it’s my understanding that what you’re clearing is also old energies and patterning from your entire family lineage. That’s right, from your entire family lineage. Why you? Because you can, because you’re evolved enough to take on that responsibility. Hang in there and love yourself through it, and just let it happen. You’re clearing the past, and that’s awesome. Yay, you!

So maybe this way of phrasing things, “healing and clearing the past,” sheds a little more light. Maybe it lets you know what a big job you’ve been doing. Maybe it helps you see that you’ve actually been kicking ass. Maybe it gives you a sense of accomplishment. And maybe the part about doing it not just for you but for so many others that couldn’t do this work – maybe that gives you a sense of nobility and self-respect. And it’s okay to wish it were over and done with! Just love the part of yourself that feels that way, and go on about your day. And as always, let me now if I can help.