The Great Wall of Pensacola

It happened again. This one client and I are just having a blast with these past life memories. It first happened here in Part 1, and then we followed it up the next week with Part 2. So this time, she came in feeling totally awesome and with literally nothing to discuss. No problems, no concerns, and feeling amazing. And excited! Why was she excited? Because she wanted to put the headphones on, grab the pulsers, turn the machine on, and drop in. Drop in to another past life memory, if one wanted to arise. Or to anything that wanted to come up and be released! Because we are truly opening up and getting out of the way. And this leads to more and more of our natural state, which is peace.

We did a brief meditation to open up the body up, quiet the mind, and relax, and to get to a super deep state really fast. When you practice this, like we do in the office all the time, you can “drop in” faster and faster to a deeper place. It took maybe two minutes, and then I turned the machine on. Left, right, left, right. She sat there with eyes closed and dropped in. It took another two minutes, maybe three, and there she was. In China. She thinks it was the 1500’s or 1600’s, and the terrain was barren and hilly. She was a man in his 50’s or 60’s, and he was very stooped over and his skin was yellowish. He was wearing leather shoes and very “yucky” clothes. He was building something with thousands of others. Wait, maybe there more than thousands! There were so many people, as far as the eye could see. There were also soldiers and prisoners. And they were building… a wall. And it had tunnels.

He had a wife there, and she was with her dad not far away. They chose to not have kids, because if they’d had a boy then he would’ve been sentenced to a lonely, dreary life working on the wall. The man feels very lonely because he works all the time. He’s carrying a very heavy stone, and he trips and falls. He gets back up, but he’s having chest pain and he’s short of breath. He falls again, and then he rises up out of his body. He had a heart attack…

Now the soul is looking down sat the body, and nobody even notices. Nobody seems to care, and the body is like an obstacle. Then he feels a warm, gentle hand on his shoulder, and they rise up to a place with lots of souls. It’s not the shelf from the other times, though, in Part 1 and Part 2 referenced above; it’s a different place, a better place. She said, “There are lots of souls here, and it’s all good. Wow, I see a very joyous being, and I’m starting to move toward it. And you’re just accepted; you don’t have to belong. It’s soft and white and it glows and it’s so pure. You feel so loved when you look at it! And now it’s started to go away. And I feel so good.” And with that, she opened her eyes with the most amazing feeling. Bam.

Of course we were both thinking the same thing, that this must’ve been the construction of the Great Wall of China. So we looked it up, and the majority of it was built between 1368-1644. Check. Who knows, but it’s pretty interesting. But here’s where it gets even cooler. Maybe a couple of months ago, she got up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom, half asleep, and she looked down at her feet and saw these ancient, funny looking leather shoes. But she was barefoot, and she doesn’t own any ancient, funny looking leather shoes. But she swore that this is what she saw, plain as day. So it seemed like some sort of vision. That was my first thought, actually – that it was a vision from a past life. She had already experienced a past life memory in the form of a dream, which is a really cool story that I wrote up here. And she’s been meditating with products from The Monroe Institute, which I’ve mentioned before, and they speed things up as far as meditation goes. A lot. Over time, they just open us up faster. So I was not surprised to hear about this vision of the shoes, right there where her bare feet were. But then, after she had opened her eyes with that awesome feeling, after we had looked up the Great Wall of China, and after we had chatted some… she remembered. Those shoes! The leather shoes! They were the same EXACT shoes from the vision a couple of months ago. So cool… And the key to this is that if you met this person, you’d instantly see that she’s as honest and legit as they come. Not a liar. So cool!

So there you go, folks. And as always, please remember that I’m just the messenger. I hope you enjoy these tales, and if not just skip them! There’s stuff on this blog that can help the most skeptical of skeptics, because we all experience more peace the more we understand thoughts and feelings, and the more we understand that feelings are energies that want to leave. And that’s all over the place in these posts. But if you like this deeper stuff, then I’m happy to share. And I’m just delighted that this has started to happen in my office. Because I love it! It’s interesting, it’s lots of fun, and of course it’s very healing – and that’s the whole point. So here’s to your peace and your journey, and as always, let me know if I can help. And pass this on if anyone else might find it interesting! Because we’re all in it together, and we really are opening up, faster and faster. Peace out 🙂