My First EMDR Past Life Regression! Part 2

So we recently told the tale of my client that experienced two past life deaths while doing EMDR. This is Part 2, because the coolest thing happened after that session. As I explained in Part 1, she experienced two gruesome deaths from the past. But get this, she feels absolutely amazing now, since all of this super old gunk has been released from her system. Let that sink in for a moment… She feels amazing now. Because the old gunk has been released. Wow. 

So she left that day not feeling so great, but she was safe. I don’t want you to think that I’d be reckless in any way, because trust me, I know that this is major, major stuff. I’ve worked with this client for a while, though, and we have an excellent track record of growth and healing. She’s gotten very adept at holding a feeling when triggered and allowing it to move and be released, while staying in her wisdom and out of her head. So I was not worried about her, or else I would’ve stayed in close contact. She’s often left a session, in fact, with a certain issue in mind and then come back the next week with great insight, after having “pondered” it at home for a while. And sure enough, clarity eventually arises. She has no time frame on getting the answer, and yet this slower way of “pondering” always ends up being the faster way. And it feels so much better than the voice in the head trying to “figure it out” at warp speed. Awesome.

So after this session, she was determined to revisit these memories to get more information and more understanding. And to release any more pain. So on the Sunday in between our weekly sessions, she laid down on her couch and basically meditated for six hours, off and on. She used some products from The Monroe Institute, which are designed to speed up meditation, taking you to a deeper state much faster. And what happened? It worked. 

She was able to revisit each of the memories, getting even more information. In the first one, it was several hundred years ago, and she thinks it was in England. There was a definitive class system, and women had no rights. She lived with her parents and worked with crops and animals. One day, she was accused of being a witch and sentenced to death. She felt like she was not a witch, but a man could accuse a woman of this and there was no way to question it. So she was put on display in the town square, or whatever they had in that town, in front of the public. And the wooden vice was placed around her head. And somebody turned it tighter and tighter. At some point before there was too much pain, though, her soul drifted up out of the body, completely painless, and watched. And yes, her head exploded. And she felt great. Again, that’s because she was not “in the body” at this point. It would be like taking your jacket off and then watching it be destroyed. In fact, from the many descriptions that are out there, it sounds like that would be more painful! Because maybe it was your favorite jacket. They say that when the soul is out of the body, though, it has literally no attachment to it. Wow!

In the other memory, she was a teenage boy deep in the forest, maybe in South America. He had brown skin, curly brown hair, and he was wearing a loin cloth. He was barefoot, yet he could walk on the forest floor with no problem whatsoever. As he sensed the tiger stalking him, he ran. And it got closer and closer, and then the paw reached around to his mouth as its mouth lunged into the back of his neck. His head slammed down, and he could taste blood in his mouth. My client could taste this, in Pensacola, FL, in 2017. And again, the soul drifted up out of the body, totally pain free and feeling great, and watched.

Each time she rose out of the body, she felt a gentle and loving hand on her shoulder, and it gently guided her to a “shelf,” where lots of other souls were resting. And all was fine. She was able to watch these events with no pain, and now it seems that she’s let them go forever. So when she came in that next week, she said she felt just about the best she’s ever felt in her whole entire life. In fact, she said, “I feel like I’m twenty years old and invincible!” And she’s much older than twenty… She said, “I have a light heart and I’m happy, happy, happy.” So cool!

So there we go, folks, just another day in the office. And please remember that I’m just the messenger, passing this stuff along to you. You can believe it or not, all good to me. But let me say that if you met this person, you’d be astonished. Because this is not some woohoo hippy with a T-shirt that has a wizard and unicorn on it. Rather, this is someone that looks and acts – and is – as normal and trustworthy and intelligent and honest as they come. And this is her experience. And it matches what has been reported thousands of times since past life regression therapy has been around. As far as I know, the modern version started with the work of Brian Weiss. That’s why I mentioned his book Many Lives, Many Masters – because her experiences pretty much match what’s in that book. So cool. So enjoy, and happy pondering!

P.S. Woohoo hippies wearing T-shirts with wizards and unicorns on them rock! So please don’t be offended. I was making a joke to get a point across for those that would go to that stereotype. The truth is already true, of how things work. And it’s coming out more and more, and getting more and more mainstream. Just take a look around; pay attention. The world is opening up and shifting, and there are some truly amazing things going on. Whether you’re super into wizards and unicorns or not.