Father Visits In A Dream & Gives The Answer!

Today I’d like to tell a tale that you just might not believe. I might not had I not heard it myself, straight from the source. And I knew the source personally as a very honest person, the last kind of person that would make up a random story out of thin air, look me in the eye, and tell me. This kind of far out stuff is happening more and more often these days with signs only of accelerating, as we finally start to learn what reality truly is. We’re living in a very woo woo universe, folks, just saying… This will become more and more evident year after year. I might write a book about it, too. Some book ideas have been floating around for me in the last year, and you know what I’ve learned? That books don’t write themselves… All good, though, because as I look back, I haven’t been ready. But I’m getting close! And it’ll be very fun.

So this really nice, awesome woman was ready to deal with her alcohol issue, so she went to a rehab. She chose Gulf Breeze Recovery, an innovative place where I used to work a bunch and still give a monthly talk. She learned a lot there about exactly what we talk about here at A Clean Mind, and we were chatting as she was getting close to returning home. And she told me about a dream she had just had. It was actually what I would call a “visitation,” in which her deceased father visited her. People that experience these visitations always say how ridiculously realistic they are, totally unlike a normal dream. A very different quality. And they tend to remember them crystal clear, too, for years and years. Again, totally unlike a normal dream.

NOTE: If this sounds impossible to you, just read on and decide for yourself. But I’m telling you, this stuff is coming out more and more. So it might be good to stay open and admit that you have absolutely no idea what is possible and what is not. Because let’s face it… you don’t! And I sure don’t, either. And life is WAY better when we start to ditch thinking that we know everything. And yes, even stuff like this! I’m telling you… Because when you get out of the way and take a close, honest look, you’ll see that you don’t truly know. Not believe, but know. And the more you get used to that, you’ll find that it becomes a MUCH more comfortable place to live. Back to the story…

So her father had passed away some years before, and a trust had been set up for his children, including her. In the dream, he said something like, “Look at chapter two, paragraph five.” I don’t remember the rest of it, but that was the important part. He didn’t say where to look, though. She awoke right after and wrote down what he had said, knowing it was important. But what to do with this information, she wondered? She had read lots of books while at GBR, and they were scattered around her room, so the first thing she did was to look in each one. She didn’t notice anything significant in this place he had mentioned, though. With no other ideas, she let it go for the time being and peacefully went back to bed.

When she awoke the next morning, she had the idea that maybe he was referring to his will. So she called her daughter, told her where the will was located, and asked her to see if there was a chapter two, paragraph five. And you know what? There was. And you know what it said? Get ready, because this is the cool part. It explained that there was a separate account that was totally off limits, except under certain very specific circumstances. The woman had actually known about this account, but she had never known exactly what it was for; she only knew that it was untouchable. Until now, that is. Because you know what? One of the things it could be used for was rehab! So her dad just saved her over $30,000. In a freaking dream. Bam! I love this stuff…

The first thing I’d like to point out is that as I said earlier, this woman is the opposite of someone that would just make something like this up. She reminds me of my mom, in fact, and my mom would never just make up a ridiculous story of a dream and then go and tell someone, especially someone that had helped her a lot with her life and finding peace. Remember when I wrote about my friend’s premonition dream, another type of interesting “dream,” in which he saw the shark? And I said this is not the type of person that lies! Or even exaggerates that much. As humans go, we’re talking about an extremely real, honest dude. Like, 99 percentile. Well, this woman is the same way. So maybe she just made up this ridiculous story and told me, but I seriously, seriously doubt it. Not many people would do that. Not to one of their helpers, especially. And she certainly wouldn’t.

Another thing I’d like to mention is the quality with which she had the thought to check his will. This thought just “popped in her head.” And that’s really how our wisdom/insight works. New, fresh thought is always available to us if we only relax and listen. And this is in stark contrast to the old conditioned thinking that we’ve listened to for so long. She also knew how timing works, so she didn’t get frustrated when she didn’t find anything in the books. This is because she was starting to learn how things truly work. So she relaxed and went back to bed, and what happened? The answer just popped in her head the next morning. This is not unlike my recent client and the stray dog. It’s the relaxed quality that we’re after. So we feel better AND things work out better. A win-win.

So there we go, folks. I’ve been wanting to tell this story for a while now, and it just popped in my head. And I sure hope I haven’t told it here already, because that would be embarrassing. They say that memory is the first to go… Let’s stay open, because we truly have no freaking idea how things really work and what is possible. And for the Christians out there, if you take away the supernatural stuff from the Bible, you’d have a much smaller book. And have the laws of the universe changed? Nope! And that’s good news. We’re starting to learn the rules of the game more and more, and the possibilities really do seem endless the more we look around. And we’ll be talking about that more and more here. Or in that book. That doesn’t write itself. Peace out 🙂