The Stray Dog

I wrote a piece called Puzzle Pieces a few days ago, and it’s about how we are learning how to get out of the way, stay centered and relaxed in our body, and let things flow. Let a smarter intelligence take over. We end up feeling better AND things work out better. So cool… Well, it didn’t take long for yet another simple example of this to show up. In fact, I was with a relatively new client shortly after doing the writing, and she’s really been getting it. And she told the tale of finding a stray dog, and her experience was totally different than it would’ve been not even two months earlier, before we met and embarked on this journey of discovery about how things really work.

So she saw this dog wandering around, and she just couldn’t pass it by. She really loves animals, you see. It was late in the afternoon, and she wasn’t sure what to do. So she thought about it and decided to take it to a vet to see if it had one of those microchips in it. Now I love dogs, but I’ve never had one as an adult – wait, I’m an adult?? – because I’m on the go too much. I can’t be tied down by no animal!! So I’m out of the loop. But apparently they now have these chips embedded into their bodies that can be scanned to find out who the owner is. Seriously? Pretty wild. Back to the story…

So she took it to the vet and they scanned it and it did have a chip. But there was an issue, like it wasn’t registered or something like that. So they didn’t know who the owner was. There wasn’t a full resolution at this point, but at least the dog was in a good place. So my client went home, had a nice evening with her husband, and got a good night’s sleep. She got up the next morning and had a nice morning, not even thinking about the dog. In fact, she didn’t even remember it. Then the thought gently popped in her head late that morning, so she called the vet to check in. By that time, they had found the owner and arrangements had been made to not only pick the dog up but also to get some “routine maintenance” done like clipping the nails and that kind of thing.

This sounds pretty ho-hum, right? Well, it’s not. In fact, it’s absolutely amazing and life changing! Because not even two months ago, the story would not have gone like this. And this is an example of just one very simple thing, but they build and build, and we feel more and more stressed out. When we don’t understand the rules of the game, that is. My client said, “I usually don’t let go of things. I stew on them and I freak out, and I feel terrible the whole time.” She used to have anxiety, you see, several weeks ago. She never did have an anxiety disorder, though (which most health care professional don’t know yet, unfortunately – I along with many others are working on changing that). She only had a lack of education that freaking out is optional. Freaking out is one radio station, and the other is our built-in wisdom or common sense. So she used that station instead, only because she now knew that it’s an option. Not even two months ago. Wow!

She’s also learned that our bodies constantly “feel our thinking,” so as she relaxed her body and thought calmly about the situation, feeling out what to do, she naturally felt better. It’s the law. So she did what she could, taking it to the vet, and then she let go of it. She detached. And she forgot about it! She also said, “My husband got home from work and he never even knew what had happened.” And why is this important? Because for decades, she would’ve started venting and freaking out to him about it the second he walked in the door. Does that sound like a fun relationship? Umm, no, that sounds absolutely miserable. And I know that tons of people live like this! But that’s because they haven’t been taught how things work. So my client was able to have a nice evening with her husband, a peaceful night’s sleep, and a pleasant morning. And none of those things would have happened just a short time ago. And this kind of everyday stuff, over and over, day after day, year after year, decade after decade, makes us feel terrible! Can you spell anxiety and depression? So maybe you’re starting to see why I think a tale like this is SO major, even just this one situation with a “random” stray dog. When my clients tell me about these shifts, often thinking they’re no big deal, I get up and high five them. I get super pumped. And sometimes I even tear up. Because this is big! This is literally another way to live, a better way to live. And it just takes gentle practice.

Now here’s where it gets cool and relates to the Puzzle Pieces. She stayed relaxed and centered in her body the whole time, meaning that she relaxed her body and opened it anytime it felt contracted and closed, stressed and anxious. And she used her wisdom, taking the dog to the vet. Then when she left, she let it go. And she forgot about it altogether, which she never would’ve done before, until the next morning when it just popped in her head (your wisdom knows exactly when to pop things in your head, but there needs to be some space). So she called the vet and it was all taken care of. And not only was the dog going to be reunited with its owner, but it was going to get the care it needed as well. All this stuff just happened, working out perfectly, while my client was enjoying her life and not even thinking about it. Things seem to work out better the more we relax and let it unfold. And now my client has another experience of living differently, another experience of getting results, another experience of a win-win (because she felt better and it worked out beautifully). And this builds confidence and solidifies the new habits we’re creating to replace the old habits of freaking out and then feeling bad. Isn’t this super cool, people? I sure think so. And you know who else does? My client. She said she might be truly happy now. And her husband is happy as well. Because he’s getting a much better version of his partner now, and their lives will not be the same. Much more relaxed and enjoyable. And yours will be, too! And mine, too. When we simply learn the rules of the game and gently practice. So happy learning and practicing, and as always, let me know if I can help 🙂