Happy 2018!

Here we go, folks, another year is in the books and another begins… Happy New Year! I’m pretty psyched, if you can’t tell. Last year at this time I was dying, just about to come out of a pretty brutal heartbreak situation. Just about to… So I was totally still in it, a debilitating and prolonged hell of massive pain in the heart. But you know what the real problem was? I didn’t know how to love myself through it. I didn’t know how to love the innocent little kid inside that was hurting and that needed love. He thought he needed love from someone else, and that wasn’t happening in the way that he wanted it to. And the whole thing was totally irrational, too. And I knew that! But it didn’t stop the pain. Back to that little inner child, what I didn’t know was that what he really needed was my love. I finally “got it” this past summer. And I started writing about it right away, as well as bringing it to this work as the new cornerstone, the new foundation. And the results could be seen immediately. I called it A Clean Mind 3.0. (By the way, I already know what A Clean Mind 4.0 will be, but I’m still deepening it in my own life, which of course has to happen first. So stay tuned. Very exciting!)

So what are we going to focus on for 2018? That’s right, more of this crazy, radical, bite-sized self-love stuff! A full year of healing our heart whenever it needs it, anytime, anyplace. Listen – there’s a reason why I’m such a broken record about this. It’s because it’s the answer. Period. And doesn’t that only make sense? I mean, what’s the most powerful force in the universe? According to the religions, it is love. According to the spiritual traditions, it is love. According to the ones that have had spiritual openings and awakenings, (i.e. direct experience), it is love. According to the people that have had out of body and near death experiences (TONS of them going all the way back to BC time, which Plato wrote about), it is love. So why on earth wouldn’t we learn how to wield this massive power on a moment to moment basis as needed?? Exactly. Now we are. And it feels so right. How could anything else be the answer? And the other thing, which I’ll talk about below, is that the universe responds. That’s right, life gets better and smoother and more amazing. So be selfish! If you really want that awesome life, learn to love your heart first. Bam.

This is the first thing that any human can do to begin a profound shift, allowing more of the real Self that you already are to shine through. And that Self already knows what’s up. So you’re off the hook. It knows where to go, what to do, what to say, etc. The more you make it a habit to you love any part of you that’s hurting, the rest happens naturally. Being more wise, compassionate, patient – all of that just happens naturally, unfolding over time. Isn’t that cool?? I sure think so. Because the old way is to work super hard at cultivating those things that you want, with lots of pressure and often a bunch of self-loathing and criticism thrown in just for good measure. It’s like taking a nice long walk. In a pool of molasses… Not very cool.

People always ask how to DO this. Let me say up front that this isn’t easy for me to put into words, so I’m doing my best. I’m sure that a really effective way to talk about it will emerge, but we ain’t there yet. I often say it’s like breathing in a blast of love into your heart, where the pained inner child is. The inner child that’s sad, scared, confused, mad, or whatever. But it’s even more fundamental than that. It’s like you notice that part of you that’s not at peace and you simply give it some loving attention. Okay, that doesn’t sound any better… I’m really trying! It’s this inner embrace, this inner opening in your body, in your energy field. You recognize a part of you that’s hurting in any way, and you open up to it and embrace it, enveloping it in love and acceptance. You notice a part of you that’s closed off, and you open, right there in your body where you feel it. So it’s more of a feeling, an opening that you feel, than a thought, and it feels really nice.

Anyway, enough of that. Just read the Introducing A Clean Mind 3.0! post that I mentioned above, and also read the ones immediately before and after it. And Matt Kahn wrote a whole book about this called Whatever Arises, Love That. There’s also an audio companion course for it that he did through his publisher, Sounds True. And there’s that YouTube video of his about being nice to yourself that I always mention. This stuff works, folks, period. It really does.

So give it some time and let it deepen, because it does take time. Not that long, though. And of course I’ll always be here to remind you 🙂 Also remember that the subconscious mind is divided into foreign and familiar. So when something is foreign, it’s not supposed to feel familiar. That doesn’t mean it’s not working, though. Keep practicing, very gently, and this will start to feel more familiar. And then it’ll become second nature and you’ll be amazed at the idea of being mean to yourself. Even when you’re mad at yourself. Can you imagine how different your life would be if that were the case? So cool. And until then, read the recent post about that foreign feeling if you need to, because it’s really no big deal. It’s just energy that’s awaiting your loving attention. And then it’ll move after a while, if not right away.

So there we go, folks, setting up a whole new way of being. And here’s that universe piece that I mentioned above – as you love yourself more, the universe doesn’t need to remind you so much. How does it remind you? By letting you down. Hey, I’m just the messenger. But I’ve seen it a ton in my own life as well as in the lives of so many friends and clients. The universe definitely seems to shift the more loving we become with ourselves. Better life circumstances await. It’s pretty freaky, to be honest. This is TRUE REALITY, though – it’s just that nobody ever told us this when we were like five years old, so we haven’t believed it. That’s changing, though. Just devote this year to loving your heart whenever it needs it, and let’s see if your external world shifts. Keep me posted, in fact. And even if it doesn’t, you’re going to feel so much better that it won’t even matter. Alright folks, peace out, Happy New Year, Happy 2018, and let the games begin. And as always, let me know I can help, for it is my true joy, pleasure, and honor. You rock.