I’m Going To See Matt Kahn…

I’m psyched, folks! As you know, I can’t stop talking about my spiritual man-crash guy, Matt Kahn. This dude has rewired my whole existence in pretty short time. It really ramped up in July when the radical self-love stuff finally clicked for me. That happened after I purchased the audio from a retreat of his and listened to it. It was called the Feel Good Now retreat, and it was hours and hours of mind blowing talks. I wrote about it here, and had the promo code info for the steep discount, for anyone that felt to buy it. And I just checked and the promo code is still good, by the way. Your life might change, though, so watch out… One client started listening to it and actually stopped midway through because her life started shifting so much. But it was the universe saying she was ready to move beyond some serious old sludge. And we got her past it no problem. It was pretty crazy, though. And really cool. She handled like a champ, actually. Very powerful stuff.

He announced another five-day retreat back in October, and I decided to go. So I entered all of my registration information, and then when I clicked Buy on PayPal, it didn’t go through. I instantly thought, “The universe might be saying no.” I tried again, knowing that it should work, and again it did not go through. Basically, it was an unlikely reason – a technical error that was simple to fix – that caused the problem. So by now I was thinking this felt like pretty clear no. And I didn’t have to like it or understand it. Because the universe really, really wants me to start “getting it” that it knows best, and everything is happening for my highest growth. But me being me, I thought I’d have some fun. I pretty much knew it was a no, but I grabbed a quarter anyway. Feel free to laugh… And I flipped it. And it was a no. Okay, clearly this was a no. But again, being me, I had to give it one more chance. So I grabbed a pendulum, asked the question, and it started swinging from left to right instead of front to back. For me, that’s a… no. So finally, I capitulated. By the way, I doubt I would’ve gone had the pendulum said yes. I was pretty convinced already about the “no,” but why not have some fun? I didn’t know why this one wasn’t for me, but I’m learning surrender to the universe, which is smarter. And as it turned out, a client went to the retreat. So it was her time, and not mine. And she came back totally rewired, too. So amazing to witness!

After that, they announced this one that’s next weekend, Thursday through Sunday. It’s at a new retreat center called 1440 Multiversity up in the redwoods of Northern California. Near San Jose, to be exact. And I knew it was time. So I signed up, and PayPal worked like a charm. Here we go!

I can’t tell you how much different I am since October, for one thing. It might not always show on the outside, and often it doesn’t, but a lot has been going down since July. And for the last fifteen years, really… But it’s sped WAY up recently. So I’m much more ready now. What I did in July was go back through all of Matt’s old emails from his email list, and I wrote down every promo code for every “featured product of the month.” And I bought them all. I mean, there are more gold nuggets in this stuff than anything I’ve ever encountered, by far. It’s not even close. And most were discounted from $299 to $111. That’s a laughable amount for the transformational powers of this stuff, and I’m grateful to be able to afford it. And also to share the good news here for those that resonate. We’re in a new era now, and his teachings reflect that. They just feel different. I know because I’ve been through there spiritual rat race pretty hardcore. I’m not here to master the old stuff; I’ve already done that, and so have many of you. The stuff about relaxing, healing our hearts, and letting the universe guide is so much more powerful and less judgy. Like judging ourselves for not meditating enough or reading enough or whatever. Bye-bye to all of that. So I’ve been listening to this stuff non-stop for like six months. When I feel full, I take a break. When I feel hungry again, I resume listening. Done. Because when we feel full, our energy field is telling us that it’s still integrating what we’ve received. When it’s been integrated, we feel ready for more. So it comes back to the body telling us what’s up.

So I just wanted to share this with you, since I’ve been talking about him so much. I’ll take you there with me in spirit, for sure. And who knows what will go down! Things get pretty crazy at these events. I’m ready to get my heart and mind blown open, though, so bring it on. And to be able to walk and chill amongst the redwoods, those mighty trees that they are, will make it all even better, the perfect space for this. So all the best to you, much love, and as always, peace out 🙂 I might have some things to say here before I go, but if not, I’ll see on the other side. And when I return, the guy that left Pensacola and travelled there, along with the guy that’s writing this right now, will be someone that I used to know. Which happens in every moment actually. So cool, and so freeing… Okay for real this time, peace out!