Recent MAJOR Shifts – A Preview

Life is getting to be so damn cool and exciting! Some major shifts have been happening in me these last few weeks, and it’s really blowing me away. Plus, the sessions with clients have been extra amazing. That’s always cool. The work has taken took a major turn in just this short time, and I’ll be writing about it soon. I might’ve lost track of the “versions,” but I think we might be at A Clean Mind 3.0 with this new stuff. It’s all about self-love, but in a way that makes it way more tangible, natural, doable, simple, bite-sized, and… powerful. Life brings us what it brings us, and all we do is love, love, love – on the spot – the hurt part of ourselves that shows up in any moment. The wounded or scared one inside. The angry one. The confused one. You get the picture. I’ve been doing it by breathing loving energy into my heart on the spot, the second I notice a part of me that’s triggered in any way. It’s been crazy awesome! And it’s been rocking my clients’ worlds, too. So there’s a little preview.

It’s all from that amazing dude Matt Kahn that I’ve mentioned before. I’m telling you, this guy is bringing down the new stuff, the new way, for these new times. And he’s obliterating the old stuff that we no longer need. Spirituality is changing, the healing process is changing, and I highly recommend dipping your toes into these waters to see how it feels. Because if it feels right, you’ll be saving yourself SO much time and energy and… pain. You really might want to consider purchasing that retreat he did that I recently wrote about. I mean, seriously. Its hours of this dude dropping bombs, and it feels like it’s a huge energetic clearing as well, just listening to the words. There sure is something going on. You can also check out his Youtube channel, which of course is free. Like the video I’ve written about before about raising your vibration a ridiculous amount really quickly, by talking nicely to yourself. Or this newer video that sort of gives an overview of this earth journey that we’re on, called The Karmic Return. If the term “energetically sensitive being” resonates with you in even a small way, then I’d check it out. This guy rules! And he’s super funny, which I always love.

So this hardcore constant self-love that we’re doing now is our new way. And it’s not even like doing “work” when you get the hang of it. That’s how it seems, anyway. Okay, that’s enough for now – we’ll get very specific about what this looks like very soon. Peace out, you rock, and… peace out some more. One more thing… as you love all of these old parts back into your heart, healing those wounds on the spot with your breath, the experience of “peace out” will happen automatically. This is the fastest way on the planet, as far as I know! So that’s what we’re doing here. This is big, and it is important. It is healing, and it is happening. Right here, right now. So amazing! Okay, that’s enough. I’m just really, really excited right now, in case you can’t tell… Peace out 🙂