Plugging In

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Yesterday, we talked about how a client has been experiencing deeper feelings of peace lately, underneath the comings and goings of various emotions and stresses. She started by meditating a lot, and it really didn’t take very long before she could just sort of “drop in” to a more peaceful state pretty much at will. It’s pretty cool, […]

Tool: The Wise Old You

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I’ve said many times here that I’m always looking for tools and techniques, specific things that help us snap out of the stress of the moment and see things with more clarity. A great one is to picture a wise, old you in the future, long past whatever situation is currently happening. As I tell […]

Tool: Connected Breathing

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I’d like to introduce you to your new best friend, connected breathing. This is how you chill out on the over-thinking and get out of your head, at least for a moment. You reset. You get centered. You get clear. It’s very simple. All you do is connect the inhale with the next exhale. And […]

Tool: “Pass The Test”

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A great way to look at life’s challenges is as if they’re tests. Literally. Do you want to pass it? It’s okay either way, because if you don’t pass it, then you’ll just take it again later. It’s not personal, and it’s not good or bad. It’s just how life works, that’s all. It’s the […]

Tool: “I Forgive You. I Release You. I Send You Love.”

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This is a very powerful tool that can be downright mind-blowing. I’ve seen some very synchronistic things happen after doing this, which I’ll mention below. I got this from the wonderful book Spirit Junkie by Gabby Bernstein, which I’ve mentioned a couple of times before. All you do when you’re having a conflict with someone is […]

Tool: Using Third Person

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A nice and effective tool for keeping the big picture in mind and seeing the forest and not just the trees is using the third person. And who would you describe with the third person? Yourself! For instance, let’s say I find myself getting angry about something that happens, like the internet isn’t working properly […]

“All I Have To Do Now Is _____”

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So many of us live in our heads for the vast majority of our lives. This can be pretty miserable and tormenting – just ask them. Or ask yourself. Or ask me! It’s very common, especially in our fast-paced, ADD society. If this helped us to be at peace, there would be no problem. It […]