Plugging In

Yesterday, we talked about how a client has been experiencing deeper feelings of peace lately, underneath the comings and goings of various emotions and stresses. She started by meditating a lot, and it really didn’t take very long before she could just sort of “drop in” to a more peaceful state pretty much at will. It’s pretty cool, so I’d definitely check it out and give it some thought. Because at the end of the day, her true essence is exactly the same as yours! That’s a fact, and what a nice fact. I started experiencing the same thing years ago, and the feeling is really nice. I’m starting to understand it more now, too (with plenty of room to grow…). Most of us are just not used to living this way, so it can take a while for this to become our more normal state, our HOME. Remembering is the key, since our mind can be so active. Plus, the world is so fast paced and busy these days. All good, though – this is why we practice. Gently practice. No pressure 🙂

So let’s turn this into a really specific practice that you can do pretty much anywhere, anytime. Call it a meditation if you like, but it can be more “on the go” than what most people think of as formal meditation. And I love “on the go.” But first, we’ll start with a more structured meditation sort of thing. So just sit down, close your eyes, and let the world go for a little while. Then just sink into the thought of, “I’m plugged into my Source right now.” And feel that, feel what that means, breathe it into every cell of your body. And know that there’s only one Source that powers everything up. It’s been called God, Mind, Source, the Power of the Universe, Oneness, etc. There’s an unseen energy, though, that makes everything happen in this world. Then we look at quantum physics from almost one hundred years ago, and it was discovered that everything is connected. Sounds familiar… Then we study the near death experiences (NDEs), and the many, many accounts that are out there describe the most amazing feeling, connected to everything all the time, totally loved and loving and worthy. Sounds familiar… It’s literally all good. And they say that this is actually our reality right NOW, and we’ve simply forgotten. So let’s practice remembering! And this practice or meditation is a great – and fast – way to do just that.

So you sit down, close your eyes, let the world go for now, and then feel into the thought, “I’m plugged in right now to THE unlimited source of power and love.” And breathe with that, feel that. Let it sink in. “I’m plugged into the power of the entire universe right now. Wow. Right now, without having to lift a finger. I’m connected to the Source of all things right now. I didn’t get left out – that just wouldn’t make sense. Wow.” And you might find that the feeling in your body starts to shift. You’re thinking these thoughts very slowly and letting them sink into your body, using the breath. And when you think about it, the real YOU is already in there! So it know exactly what to do. So just play with it. This would be so much better in video form, too, so that you can see what I mean about feeling these words, these thoughts. I’ve always wanted to have more videos, so I’ll have to get on that. I doubt it’ll happen anytime soon, though… And that’s okay, I still love myself fully!

After practicing this and relaxing into this kind if thinking – which in my vast research is 100% true! – your body will start to fall into that awesome deeper feeling faster and faster. And you might start to drop into it at a red light or in the parking lot before you drive somewhere or after you arrive. And you might drop into it at your desk while at work. And then you might drop into this feeling with your eyes open, while you’re listening to someone talk. And then you might drop into it while you’re the one that’s talking! Or while you’re walking. Walking out in nature, or… in the grocery store. Because at the end of the day, you’re equally plugged in regardless. It’s just that you might be aware of it (and thus feel it) in some places more easily than others. So cool… Just play it with and see what happens. Give it some time, though. But once you’ve tasted what we’re talking about, you’ll be hooked. And it’ll get easier and easier. And then it’ll be the really big stuff that rocks you; the smaller stuff just won’t have the same effect (unless you let it build up).

Also note as you play with this that we’re really moving away from words, away from being so verbal all the time. Words are really a layer or two removed from the feeling, so we first use them to help “get us there,” and then we rely on them less and less. Just go there non-verbally sometime, and practice that. Or you might find that it takes fewer and fewer words to “drop in.” And don’t effort on any of this! I guess I’m mentioning this because sometimes the words have less of an effect over time. It might be kind of like how you can get used to a certain food or song, or you might build a tolerance to a certain substance. Again, just play with it.

So that’s our practice. “I’m plugged in, right now… Wow…” And it’ll hit you more and more that you can never not be plugged in. It’s simply not possible. This is a scientific fact, just sayin’. You can quite easily be unaware of the fact that you’re plugged into an infinite source of power, though. We’re such powerful beings, in fact, that we can believe we’re actually small and separate! When nothing could be further from the truth… And hey, I feel that way all the time – it’s a really good illusion here on earth. But we’re starting to see through the veils to what’s really going on. So all we’re doing here is reminding ourselves of the truth, which is that we couldn’t be disconnected from our Source if we tried. That means that you are an infinite and unlimited being, right now. You are not a “meat suit.” This post is entitled Plugging In, but I almost called it Plugged In because it’s really about remembering that we are always plugged in, permanently. And we have no choice in that. And when you drop into that recognition, that remembrance, more and more, it feels really, really, really good. It’s a deeper feeling of peace. And it’s inside of you and me right now. So happy practicing, and as always, let me know if I can help!