2017: Walking In Source Love (For Real…)

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Happy New Year, folks! It’s so nice to talk to you now, because I’m really excited for 2017. Why? Because of all the ground we’ve been covering lately. 2016 was huge! Whoa. It saw the beginning of some BIG shifts for me personally, which are definitely still taking shape, and they weren’t always fun. I’m not sure exactly why, but that’s just how earth works sometimes. But we’re on it; we really are starting to figure this gig out. And I think I’m finally ready to write it all down in a clear and concise book, too. I just need to make the time for that, and I have absolutely no idea how that’s going to happen at the moment… Anyway, our journey is starting to culminate with a serious foundation of peace, a serious foundation that despite what’s going on and despite the energies that are in my body now (i.e. feelings), I’m okay. And that’s huge! It’ll take bigger and bigger things to rock us. And when we do get rocked, there’s still a knowing that it’s temporary – SO important – and that the true essence of what we are is unchanged. That’s big, too. Again, this is just how we grow sometimes. So we are going to embrace these times more and more to speed things up. That’s something we’ll be talking more about going forward.

This past year, we really started to wade into deeper waters here at A Clean Mind, especially in August (my birthday month, interesting…) with The God PostDeeper Feelings of Peace in YOU, and Plugging In. Check that stuff out. And after that, we talked about the vast near-death research by discussing the book Dying To Be Me. Definitely check that out! So what are we going to do in 2017? We’re going to put it all together by owning, until it’s KNOWN at the deepest of levels, this one thing: I am loved. Anyplace, anytime. I am loved. Right here, right now. I am loved. Regardless of who I am or what I’ve done. Yes, I am still loved.

I know it often doesn’t seem that way, and I alluded to that at the end of the recent Merry Xmas Eve (& Just Do Your Best) post. When we’re feeling really low, if we take a super close look, we might see that what’s at the root of it is that we’re actually feeling unloved. We’re wanting love from someone or something outside of us, and we’re not getting it. In truth, what we’re really thinking is that we need love from that someone or something. It’s like we’re trying to plug our plug into the wrong socket. You see, that stuff is not our Source. If you try to plug a lamp into a pair of socks, for instance, the light won’t turn on; it just doesn’t work that way. And it’s not good or bad; it’s just not how it works. You have to plug it into the right power source. And there’s only one! And it’s all around us, and it’s unconditional. But we sure try to plug into all kinds of various people, places, things, foods, drinks, hobbies, activities, etc. I sure do, and I’m recognizing it more and more. Because it just doesn’t work; not for long, anyway.

So this year, we’ll be stepping up our efforts to obliterate the feeling of being unloved. Why? Because we’re going to see more and more that it is simply not true. All the time. You are loved. The first step is to take a deep look around and learn that you are always loved. And the second step is to own it more and more, especially when you’re triggered. Remind yourself of the truth. And after a while, you’ll be feeling it more and more. So how do we learn that we’re always loved? We’ve talked plenty here about how if you look in pretty much any direction, you’ll find this to be true. The religions certainly say it, but you might have to look past some of the man-made parts (and guilt is a man-made part, by the way). The message is that you’re a being that totally transcends the body that you think you are now. So that’s good news. And that what made you loves you. Unconditionally. The spiritual traditions certainly say that what you are is totally, unconditionally loved. And quantum physics says that we aren’t separate and that we are actually all part of this ONE big sea or field of energy. And some of the folks that have had the spiritual “wake-up” or enlightenment experience have SEEN and experienced that this sea or field is actually love. I’ve mentioned John Mark Stroud before, because he’s helped me so much, and he is one of those people. His experience was in 2011. The astronaut Edgar Mitchell had a similar experience on the way back from walking on the moon on the Apollo 14 mission many decades ago. Since he was such a staunch scientist, the rest of his life was devoted to figuring out scientifically what on earth had happened to him! So he founded the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS). There are lots of these folks if you take a look around.

Finally, the near death experience (NDE) research is VERY compelling, especially if you are super logical. Take the blind person (born blind) that died in a hospital for a few minutes, was revived, and was still blind. Those eyes have never seen. And then she described the scene in the hospital room as they attempted to revive her in what can only be described as visual detail. Folks, when this happens I pay attention. Like, lots of attention. And it has happened… Watch the documentary called Afterlife on Netflix. Anyway, it’s pretty clear from these accounts, and there are tons of them with more coming out all the time, that there’s this feeling – this amazing feeling! – that’s experienced when one “crosses over.” And if this all sounds weird to you, just be logical; that’s my best advice (see: blind dead person above that saw while blind and dead). And note that simply saying “That’s crazy or impossible” is not being logical…

I even met a friend of one of my cousins, and he had had one of these experiences. I want to video him telling his story, in fact. And it was the same – that feeling, that amazing feeling! He couldn’t stop talking about that amazing feeling of unconditional love. Anita Moorjani said the exact same thing in Dying To Be Me, speaking about that amazing feeling that words cannot describe. And an old friend of mine had an NDE when giving birth to her second son, and because of that amazing feeling, she didn’t even want to come back. And she had a newborn and a two-year-old! And my cousin’s friend from above had a wife and two small children, all of whom he loved dearly. And he didn’t want to come back, either! Because the love that they experienced while out of body was so unlimited that even the strongest of earthly loves, that of parent to child, paled in comparison. WOW. Folks, this stuff is real.

So why are talking about this? Because we are still connected to that same unconditional love right now. Read that again. We are still connected to that same unconditional love right now. Most of us have lost touch with it to some degree, though, and this is the year that we are finally owning it. Remember my client that talked about this deeper feeling of peace she was experiencing, even while at work? And I told her that I experienced the same thing sometimes, more and more often. Well, that’s what we’re talking about, that’s the feeling! It really is inside of us, built-in. So we put all of these pieces together, and it points to the fact that love is never missing. It can’t be! It just can’t be. But as I’ve said plenty of times, it sure can seem like it. So in 2017, we are owning the truth more and more. We are claiming our birthright of being loved, always. It’s tricky when we’re triggered, I know. So we try to catch it as quickly as possible and get centered in the fact that we are still just as loved in that moment as we can ever be, despite the situation that’s going on. What we are at the core has not changed, despite this. And we start to live this way more and more, owning that we are big and that we are totally loved, and this feeling becomes more and more our home base, our lived experience. So cool. But remember that we have to get really good at feeling our feelings, because those old energies that we’ve been carrying for so long cover up the unconditional love that sits beneath it all, always.

So there we go, folks! You can see why I’m so fired up. We’ll be getting more and more specific about all of this, and of course we’ll let it unfold naturally as always. And as I continue to deepen and get cleared out myself, I’ll share with you as best I can. So buckle up! Because we’re on quite a ride. But we’re starting to find ourselves more and more on solid ground, even when life gets tough. Especially when life gets tough. Because that’s how we’re learning to roll. So take care, and I’ll talk to you pretty soon, I hope. I’ve been working too hard lately, so I’m on an old school road trip for a little while. I’ll be back soon, though, and ready to go. I’m glad we’re traveling together, and I wish you a wonderful year. And as always, let me know if I can help 🙂

Merry Xmas Eve (& Just Do Your Best)

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Hi folks, just a note to send love to you and yours at this time. The holidays are so wild, in that they can be the best of times for so many people but also the worst of times for so many others. So my message is to just do your best. If they’re the best of times for you, maybe give a little extra love to someone you know that’s having a tough time. Even a little text message can be a very powerful thing, trust me on that. And if they’re the worst of times for you, try to give a little extra love to… yourself. Just try. Do your best to make it through, and talk to me in January. One more week. Try not to build it up too much; just let it be what it is. And today is Saturday. Tomorrow will be Sunday. And then it’ll be Monday after that. Also go to the Archives of this blog and scroll back to February of this year for some posts on self love, culminating with a talk at Unity church that I had the honor of giving. And scroll down to November and December of the last several years and you’ll find a bunch of posts about the holidays and other topics that might help. Some of the titles might even amuse you…

Whether you like the holidays or not, they illustrate how we’re “feeling our thinking” really, really well. So just take an innocent look and see what’s going on in your head. Take a look at the lens through which you’re viewing things. I just looked through the Archives myself, because I could’ve sworn I’d written about helping this one client with Christmas. It was all about the holiday lights. I guess I didn’t write it up, though, so we’ll talk about it now. So she hated Christmas for various reasons. Usually the overarching reason is that it sucked really, really badly in the past, and this memory gets flushed up every year at the same time. And it’s often pretty big stuff, like death, divorce, etc. But since this is a new year, a new Christmas, and nobody has ever been to the past (since it’s not a place), then I have to be feeling my thinking about Christmas through this past lens; I’m not feeling Christmas 2016 itself. The mind is a very, very powerful thing, but we’re finally starting to figure it out. I am on a mission, folks, as are many others, and it’s my honor to share it with you. And life has thrown some interesting things my way recently to make sure I can do the work and not just talk about it. So we’re all in this earth thing together, and I always have your back if I can. Back to the story…

So my client hated Christmas, and she specifically hated Christmas lights. So I asked her something like, “Can they just be lights?” And she thought about it for a second, and then she sort of lit up herself. And she said something like, “Sure, I don’t see why not. They can just be lights… And you know what? They’re quite beautiful.” Bam! And I heard back from her later, and she said Christmas that year was a WAY better experience than it had been in previous years. And it was simply because we had met and she had learned the rules of the game. She learned that when she sees Christmas lights (or even thinks about them) and gets angry or sad or whatever, her mind just superimposed the past onto the present and a feeling arose. And instead of diving into the story with the chatterbox and bitching about it, she firmly reminded herself that, “Wow, my mind is so powerful. It is NOT the past right now, it is the present. And those past times are memories now. And clearly I’m still carrying feelings relating to that time, because I sure do feel them now. But I understand feelings now: they are actually energies, and they are leaving, they want to leave, they have to leave; energy moves, it is the law. So good riddance. I’ll just let them leave. Which means I’m getting cleared out, right now in this very moment. Hallelujah! And these energies can be here while they’re here, because I know it’s just old stuff that wants to leave.”

The other piece would be to take a look at those old times that are being flushed up to see if any new, fresh thinking needs to be done. Just open up and see if anything floats up. I’ve often described that kind of thinking as using our built-in wisdom or common sense. And we do it with total self-love! Even if we’re mad at ourselves. Because withholding love from ourselves has not worked. So we look at the situation with a fresh mind, A Clean Mind (which came with the package – that’s the whole point of this work), and maybe we see that we could forgive ourselves more. Or maybe we see that we could forgive someone else more. Maybe it’s appropriate to reach out to that person and maybe not. Maybe it finally sinks in that I’m ready to release this… for good. That it’s something that happened, but it’s a memory rather than something that defines me. I’m taking my power back, and it feels really good. Christmas can just be Christmas, new each year, without my past superimposed onto it so much.

This particular client might or might not like Christmas going forward, but it can never rule her again. Because she knows the rules of the game. She knows that if she sees Christmas lights and feels a certain feeling, it’s not coming from the lights; it’s coming from how she is seeing the lights. And now she can look with love at how she’s seeing the lights. And since she knows she has a good source of thinking that’s built-in, she can use that as her rudder to navigate the whole thing. And maybe the lights will even turn out to be fresh, new, and beautiful.

A final thing to mention, and this is important, is that the holidays can flush up old, big stuff. And, yes, I know that writing this earlier would’ve been more helpful… But better late than never. I’m doing my best, too, folks! And I’m seeing this more now than in recent years, so it has become fresh for me to write about. So the holidays have this way of flushing up old, big stuff, usually with family dynamics. The most general thing I can say is to do your best and not be hard on yourself. That is HUGE! When you’re dealing with big stuff, being a jerk to yourself will not make things better. We’ve all tried that, anyway… The other thing is to take a long term view. Sometimes something is going on that seems like it might ruin Christmas in a given year, but maybe it’s what needs to happen to make the holidays much better for years to come. So take a long term view and just do your best, in total self-love.

And this isn’t meant to be a downer post, so for those that are loving these times, excellent! And for the others, just try to keep it light and have as nice a time as you can have yourself. Okay, that’s enough. I imagine our next visit here will be at the start of the new year. And I’m guessing it’ll be a big year for us. Because we’re going to be walking in love more and more. I’ll explain more then, but it’s a big deal. Because when we’re triggered or feeling low, we’re often feeling unloved. But the evidence seems to point to that being literally impossible! Wow, that sure would be good news… So all the best finishing out 2016, and I’ll see you in a week or so. And then 2017 will begin, and we will continue our journey of understanding the earth scene more and more. And more and more peace will result, a deeper peace that’s always underneath the comings and goings of those feelings on the surface. And… enjoy all the Christmas lights! Because they are quite beautiful 🙂

If This Isn’t A Past Life Memory, I Don’t Know What Is…

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This is a really cool story… So I have a client that’s been absolutely kicking ass. In fact, and I’ve told her this, she’s really taught me a lot. And it’s just so cool to have a front row seat for a transformation, an opening, like this. So she was walking through her house recently, and she passed by the TV. There was a show on, and something caught her attention. “It was out of the blue, that TV show,” she said. “I was walking by the TV and I heard, ‘Thank you for your service.’ ‘It was my pleasure.’ And for some reason that stopped me.” Then she noticed that the setting was a general store representing “Small Town America” of the early- to mid-1800’s. And then she started to sob, right then and there, for no reason at all.

But you know what? This woman does not cry. Ever. And she’s a good bit older than me, too, so she’s been at it a while. She even said that nobody in her family cries! She stated, “We don’t have the crying gene.” So this reaction shocked her. After all, nothing like this had ever happened to her in all these years of living. So she went to bed, unsure of what had happened. And then what happened next surprised her even more.

She had a dream, and in the dream, she’s a young girl in a horse-drawn wagon. It’s the same time frame and setting as the TV show, so that must be what triggered the dream – or the memory, as you might see. The first thing she remembers is that she’s so, so dirty. With her hands, she’s feeling a layer of dirt in her hair and on her face. It’s so dusty and dirty, in fact, that it’s hard to breathe. And she hears the clanging of the horses and the wagon. She might’ve been the only child there, too. And all of a sudden, there’s an attack and everyone scatters. The next thing she knows, she’s hiding behind a big rock, trying to be safe. And then she sees a shadow of someone coming up behind her, so she turns around to look. It’s a Native American man coming at her, and he has an object in his hand, and he raises his arm, and… the dream ends. And she assumes that she dies.

That’s pretty interesting, isn’t it? But do you know why it’s extra interesting? Because she’s had this exact same dream literally hundreds of times in her life! It’s always the same dream, and it always ends in the same place. You see, this is a recurring dream that she used to have quite often. Starting as a young girl, she would have it almost weekly, or at least 2-3 times per month. This went well into her 20s or 30s, and then it would happen not as often. But she hadn’t had it in a good 10-15 years. Until that night. After walking by a “random” TV show that she wasn’t even watching and then truly sobbing out of nowhere. And she never cries. Isn’t that interesting?

Now, I’m not trying to convince you of anything, I’m really not. But I’ve studied the deep stuff for a pretty long time now, with no previous belief system or hidden agenda, and it seems pretty clear that we reincarnate. For one, there are a ton of children that have had “reincarnation memories,” and there’s a large volume of this work that you can check out. Many of them get documented because a five-year-old kid randomly tells his parents he was William McCorkle born in Country Clare, Ireland in 1802. And the parents are like, “What the???” So they take the kid to a doctor or psychiatrist. And hopefully that person knows what this is and assures the parents that the kid is fine. And in many cases, they even look up the information. So they check the birth records of County Clare, Ireland in 1802. And you know what? Yes, that’s right. Someone named William McCorkle is on the list. Seriously? Yes, seriously! And I know, that’s probably the worst made up Irish name ever. Or maybe it’s not. Hey, it just popped in my head. Maybe it was me back in the day? Who knows. But you get the point.

There are a ton of these cases out there; just look them up if you’re interested. The books Many Lives, Many Masters by Brian Weiss and Soul Survivor: The Reincarnation of a World War II Fighter Pilot by Bruce and Andrea Leininger are a great place to start. Dr. Ian Stevenson made this his life’s work during his long tenure at the University of Virginia, and I believe there’s someone there now that has continued it. And in Soul Survivor, the Leiningers mention a woman that’s written many books on the subject with lots of case studies. All of this stuff appeals to me because I’m so logical. And since I’m so logical, I say that this is clearly what’s happening! At least by a 51-49 margin… Any other explanation is probably pretty convoluted. And note that the rest of the world believes in this as well. And if you really look, the Bible doesn’t contradict it. And also note that it’s all good news! It means we are not this body but rather something WAY better, and death doesn’t phase us. Doesn’t that sound nice? It sure does to me.

So as my client was telling me what happened, this explanation popped in my head immediately. My whole body was tingling, too! I love that. So let’s zoom out and put the pieces together. One thing of note is the immediate and seemingly inexplicable emotional release, the sobbing. As she said, “I don’t cry, ever.” So this could not be more out of the ordinary for her. Another thing of note is that the dream happened that night, for the first time in 10-15 years. Coincidence? Not to this math major. VERY low probability of that. Also the dream was a recurring one; that’s definitely of interest. She’s had it literally hundreds of times throughout her life, the same dream. And one more thing of note is that she’s been described by those that know her as the cleanest person in the world. She takes a shower every morning and night without fail, and has for many decades. And if she finds one grain of sand in her bed, she’ll take all the sheets off and start over.

So when we put all of these pieces together, there’s one very simple explanation that sure jumps to the top of my list, at least by a 51-49 margin: the TV show, which stopped her in her tracks “out of the blue” as she was simply walking by, triggered this memory that she’s been holding for a very long time. And the pain and tears from that time were released. So now we’ll see if the dream returns. We closed our eyes and sent love to the Native American man, by the way, so maybe this whole thing has been released. Either way, this is pretty cool, and I really love sharing this stuff.

P.S. If the holidays aren’t a good time for you, feel free to visit the Archives page of this blog. Scroll down to this time every year and maybe you’ll find some writings that help. One gold nugget can make all the difference. All the best, and I’ll see you very soon.


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Hello folks. A nice way of describing how we’re learning to live is Attach-Deal-Detach. Hearing things in different ways has always helped me to understand more deeply, so I share things as they come in case it might help you. So… we have a situation or something we’re worried about. Or not even worried, necessarily. Just something we have to deal with. So we call it up in our mind (attach), think about it with our wisdom/common sense as much as is necessary (deal with it), and then we let go of it (detach). Sometimes there’s action to take and sometimes there’s not. But we’re not doing that frantic, chatterbox, voice in the head, low-quality thinking anymore. And when we can’t stop our mind, like when it’s a really big situation and there’s a ton of emotion, we don’t even take our thoughts very seriously. We don’t really participate. We know there’s no stopping it, and now we know that that’s okay. It’ll settle after a while and then we’ll see things more clearly.

So what’s the big deal with all of this? Why is this way of saying things helpful to some people? It’s all about the “detach” part. Because most people stay attached to everything on their plate all the time! Whatever is going on in their entire life, every situation or whatever it is that is unresolved or bugging them, is swirling around 24/7. So we’re simply practicing – and always getting better at – dealing with one thing at a time all the way to its resolution (in that moment) and then we’re telling our mind and body to let it go. And the mind starts to chill more, and the body starts to feel more spacious. That’s that deeper peace that’s underneath it all, all the time. And again, the resolution at that time might be that there’s nothing I can do now. Or it might be that I’m unsure of what to do, so I’m going to continue to let it unfold. And then we let it go for the time being. We detach.

So I invite you to pay attention and see what you’re constantly attached to. Your body will tell you with a contracted feeling, so just open up, get curious, and ask. And something will eventually pop up. And as I alluded to above, when it’s something big, you might find it impossible to detach! The mind will be on it all day long. And this is fine! But now you know what’s going on and you’re bringing innocence to the whole thing. And you’re not really trusting your thinking or even making a big deal about it. This happened with me not long ago, and that’s just where I was; that was my best at the time. And our best is our best, at the time. But we’re shifting, folks, we really are. And you’ll notice that next time something similar happens your experience will be much different. So maybe this phrasing of Attach-Deal-Detach resonates with you, maybe not. Things are always popping in my head, so I share them with you. All good. Peace out 🙂

P.S. If the holidays aren’t a good time for you, feel free to visit the Archives page of this blog. Scroll down to this time every year and maybe you’ll find some writings that help. One gold nugget can make all the difference. All the best, and I’ll see you very soon.

Thoughts On An Updated Christianity

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Okay folks, since it’s Sunday, let’s talk about the current state of Christianity. And please know ahead of time that I’m no religious expert and that this is just an open, honest sharing. And I’m cool with whatever anyone chooses to believe. This is not meant to “stir the pot” or offend anyone. It might, though, because many of the nature of the conversation. You see, many of us take our religious and spiritual views very seriously. I know I sure have before! Whoa… But here’s the thing, the truth is already true, whatever it is. Nobody has to defend it. Another thing is that when something really triggers me, I might want to check to see if my perceived identity feels threatened. Many people identify as a this or a that, so if another person or group has a different take, they feel personally threatened. So let’s see through this identity stuff and know that this is just a relaxed sharing. Plus, my current take on identity is simply “I AM.” I am, I exist, period. It’s a mystery, and living more and more in “I don’t know” has been allowing whatever I really am (soul?) to reveal itself to me as being way more badass than I ever could have imagined. I am, end of story. Anything you put after “I am” is a limitation. And what you truly are is NOT limited. Even a good “I am [blank]” isn’t as good as plain old “I am.” Think about that. This way, it’s open to all possibilities. And after consuming myself with this stuff for so many year now, if not lifetimes, I’m pretty sure that it’s actually true. So at least we have that going for us…

I’ve written before that I was raised Episcopalian, which is really a pretty chill flavor of Christianity. As a kid, my brothers and I would be wide awake every Saturday morning at six for Saturday morning cartoons, with no alarm clock whatsoever. No caffeine needed. On Sunday morning, though, we’d basically play dead when we heard the death march of our mom’s footsteps coming down the hallway to get us up for church. But this was at 9, three hours later than the morning before. What on earth had changed? I believe Jesus said something like, “Be like a child to enter the Kingdom (or Queendom).” This is because children are so innocent and pure. They see things more clearly, without all the baggage and conditioning, like a very clear lens. They don’t understand things in their heads, but they knowand feel – if something is good or bad. And the modern church service just felt dead, at least for me. Again, this is just my sharing. But I talk about this stuff with lots and lots of people all the time, and SO many of them feel the same way, trust me on that. Especially people my age and younger.

I started to see things more deeply in 11th grade when I spent a year away at boarding school. That wasn’t a very fun year, but it served the purpose of shifting me in a very important way. I came back home for my 12th grade year, and I asked my mom and step-dad if I could stop going to church. I reasoned that there was just too much man-made stuff there for me. I knew there was a divine part, but the man-made part overwhelmed it for me in a big way. It just didn’t do it for me, it didn’t feel right. And again, this is just my own experience. Can you see how sensitive I am about trying to talk gently about this? Whoever you are, I love you so much and I’m not trying to start anything. But this needs to be talked about more openly; it’s important. Anyway, I can’t tell you how many clients I’ve had that feel the exact same way and are so relieved to find another (me) that’s had the same experience. I’ll ask them if they have any religious or spiritual beliefs, and so many of them say the same thing, something like, “I grew up going to church but I stopped going a while ago because it just didn’t do it for me. But I’m pretty sure I believe in God or a higher power.” And they’re so relieved to find that how they feel is totally fine and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with them. We’re eradicating this deep sense of guilt, folks! And this “not guilty” stuff is consistent with the vast near death experience (NDE) research, too. A true gem is the book Dying to be Me by Anita Moorjani, which I’ve written about and always recommend. And in the out of body state while in a coma, just prior to returning and making a true miracle cancer comeback in record time, which doctors still cannot explain, Anita found that there’s absolutely no guilt or judgment on the other side. She says judgment is a here thing; it’s not a there thing. It does not exist. Literally. Read that again… and let it sink in. Amen to that!

So what I’m all about is sorting out the man-made stuff from the divine, and ditching it. Permanently. Some of these things might be obvious to you, and others might not. But again, it’s perfectly okay to share. And you are free to read anything you like! You are in charge of what goes in and what doesn’t. But know this – if you do find your body reacting a certain way, just get curious about why that is. Ask, listen, and see what floats up. Because your feeling is not coming from me, it’s coming from you – how you’re viewing things, specifically these words. And at the end of the day, it’s all good. Because we’re seeing things more clearly and without judgment. And then we can really examine our beliefs and see what WE feel to be true. Not what we think should be true or what others think we should believe.

Where to begin… Let’s start with the Old Testament. Umm, okay, I think it has to go. Break it off and call it The Old Testament if you want, but to have it be part of a “holy” book along with the New Testament makes no sense whatsoever. And why is this? Because “holy” comes from the word “whole.”Any book that contradicts itself so much can’t possibly be called holy because it’s just not whole. Whole doesn’t mean contradicting itself. It seems like back in the day they tried to take that old fear-based, sacrificial religion and then superimpose Jesus, the Prince of Peace, on top of it. But you can’t do that, because the messages aren’t consistent! So why has this been going on for 2000 years? Jesus’ message was more a message of love. So I’d stick primarily with what Jesus said and ditch a lot of the rest. Which leads to…

It’s time to totally embrace the gospels and writings that were found later, like the Nag Hammadi library and the Dead Sea Scrolls. This is very rich stuff, folks! Rather than doubling down on trying to be right and keeping the existing power structures in place, the churches should have the attitude of, “If we’ve gotten some things wrong, then we’d like to know! ASAP!” And while we’re at it, let’s open up the Vatican library and see what’s really in there. Open up and share, because it’s the way of the future. Just look at the huge impact social media has had on the world, and it’s really not even fifteen years old. This is a huge movement, folks, an unstoppable force, and it’s not going anywhere. Religion can evolve or die, period. Just saying. It’s time to own our BS, open up, and share. Together. The world will be a much better place that way. And it’s actually happening right now, even though things are so chaotic. That’s just part of the process.

I’d also embrace the mystics, and this is actually true of any religion. The mystics are the ones that are experiencing the truth rather than just thinking and talking about it. They’re going straight to the source rather than reading about it. It’s an experience in the heart rather than a debate in the head. Totally different. There have been lots of Christian mystics throughout time, and there are plenty living today. There’s even a ton of channeled material said to be from Jeshua or Jesus. Just check it out for yourself! What have you got to lose? You might even like it; you might even resonate with some of these powerful messages of love. Look up Way of Mastery (website being redesigned) or Paul Tuttle/Raj or Judith Coates of Oakbridge University. Check out John Mark Stroud, who has assembled a lot of this stuff in one place. He’s become a great teacher and friend of mine, too, and he’s very accessible. Just tell him Ashley in Pensacola sent you. He loves it. His story is pretty cool, too.

And a note regarding “channeled” stuff… Wayne Dyer, who was not considered to be a “channeler,” put it very well in his book Wishes Fulfilled. He said something like, “How do you or I truly know where the words we say come from??” They sure seem to just float up out of nowhere. Folks, we really have no clue! You might say “from my mind,” but do you even truly know what your mind is?? Nope. And do you truly know that it’s your mind and not One big mind without walls? Nope. But here’s the good news – who cares. Because we’re all built with an inner GPS that can discern what works for us and what doesn’t. As you go with your intuitive feeling more and more, you’ll become more and more in tune with this inner GPS. It’s the real You starting to guide the ship. Very cool.

Another shift is that we aren’t assuming that anyone else is closer to the source (or “God“) than we are. That includes priests, spiritual teachers, etc. You and I are their equal at the core. You totally might not know it, though. But what else can “made in God’s image” mean? Seriously. It cannot mean there are different levels; it means there’s One level, and it’s already maxed out, so we’re already infinite and unlimited. Right here, right now, without having to lift a finger. There can be no other meaning. But again, most of us are not experiencing this. As for myself, I’m working on it as best I can. And with absolutely no judgment or comparison (which I’ve done a ton of – most of us automatically do). And I’m sharing it with you and the rest of the world here. So is the Pope special? Absolutely not. And I just love the current Pope, by the way; he’s definitely on the right track. But this concept of him being special totally contradicts “made in God’s image.” Which leads us to the biggie… And please remember that we’re simply thinking about some things out loud, all good, no big deal…

Is Jesus more special than you and I? (Take a breath) Well, let’s see. YOU are made in God’s image. Hmm… And “these works and greater YOU shall do.” Hmm… So that can only mean… hell no! We are all equal at the core. So whenever he said “I am,” he was referring to the I AM that you and I are, right now. He wasn’t referring to the individual dude named Jeshua or Jesus. So “I am the way, the truth and the light?” Absolutely. And that’s what you and I are, right now, without having to lift a finger. I AM refers to the real us that simply is, simply exists, without all the baggage and filters and beliefs that it’s something else, something smaller. What we truly are is always underneath all of that temporary stuff. We might not be aware of this, and we might not be experiencing it, and really this blog is about awakening to this fact. Awakening to the truth of what we already are right here and now. Which is very, very good. And powerful. You’re seeing how I’m awakening in real time, especially after reading my last two posts here and then the follow-up here. You might think of ones like Jesus, Buddha, or whoever as being ones that just figured it out earlier. And now they’re saying, “Wake up! You are not small! Own what you are as an infinite creator and let’s have some fun!”

So there we go folks, that was really cool. I totally don’t know anything, but this is all what I believe now. And I feel it’s time to finally start sharing. There are some churches that are totally in line with what’s written here, like Unity of Pensacola (and they have cool events all the time for the Pensacola locals). I spoke there last February about true love, and it was awesome. I don’t go, though, because I’m just ruined from childhood on the whole idea of a Sunday morning church service. I’m pretty much allergic to it. And again, my family was very chill about it. So don’t think my mom was some evil person; she’s truly amazing, as amazing as a mom can be, really. We went maybe half the time, and Episcopalians are pretty relaxed. But it was just so dead to me. I’m not a big ritual guy, anyway; I’m more of a 24/7 guy. Feel connected at Wal-Mart, literally. Because I think it’s a fact that we can be no more or less connected at any given time. The plug can’t be unplugged. It can sure feel like it, though, and again, this blog is about seeing how and why that happens, and what to do about it. And if I shift and like ritual and ceremony more in the future, that’s fine. But my message now seems to be to show that we don’t need that. And when we really know this, it makes all that stuff even more powerful. So cool.

So have a great Sunday! Or whatever day it is now that you’re reading this. And finally, remember that this is all very good news. I mean, being equal with Jesus ain’t so bad at all. And most of the people I talk to, by the way, think that he rocked. They just don’t like the religious structures that unenlightened men have created since his passing. So let’s not throw the baby out with the bathwater! Jesus is our homeboy, as those hats and t-shirts back in the day said. And to you I send all the love that there is, right here and right now. Whoever you are, wherever you are, and whatever you currently believe. It’s all okay. And it’s okay to not know, too. I sure don’t know a damn thing. In fact, I’m finding more and more that not knowing is the best place to be. Peace and love to you, my friend.

P.S. If the holidays aren’t a good time for you, feel free to visit the Archives page of this blog. Scroll down to this time every year and maybe you’ll find some writings that help. One gold nugget can make all the difference. All the best, and I’ll see you very soon.

More On That Pain I Mentioned… Pretty Cool

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Okay, so that didn’t take long… I just published a sharing a few days ago about the extreme highs and lows of this past year, and it feels important to explain a bit more. Not the details of any of the situations (not yet, anyway), but the details about pain and feeling in general. Because when we learn about these energies, where they come from, and how to allow them to move and be released, we end up being really cleared out, leaving us feeling much better, better than ever before. Here we go…

So in one very important sense, we are these vessels with LOTS of old energies we’re carrying around, and they gunk everything up. But it’s energy, so it wants to come out. In fact, it has to come out! Because energy has to move; it’s the law. So we get triggered all the time, which is the intelligent connected universe poking at our egos and pain and false beliefs to wake us up to the truth of what we actually are (which is not small). Remember when I wrote back in June about how it’s mandatory to learn how to feel and thus release these energies? If you want to experience peace, that is… Well, that’s when I finally started to actually DO the work. But get this, because this is important, and many of you are in your head a lot like I’ve always been… this was over ten years after first learning about it and thinking I had it down. And you know what? I totally had it down! In my head, though, which means that… I didn’t have it down at all. Ten years. One full decade. That was back in 2006, and it took me a whole freaking decade to finally sit down and do it. Because I was not ready. And deep down I was scared and only wanted to feel happy all the time (and thought that was actually possible, ha). So I want to save you some time and unnecessary pain. That’s what this whole blog is about, really.

What I wrote this summer was that every human should read chapter eleven of The Untethered Soul by Michael Singer. I mention this all the time, and it’s literally the first thing on the Resources email that I send to clients after our first session (which reminds me to make a page on this website that has those books. Note to self…). This chapter is called Pain, the Price of Freedom, and the second I read the name of the title, I intuitively knew it was very important, that it had the answer. It was an instant recognition. But here’s the funny thing, I didn’t feel to actually read it at the time. And since I’m not really judging myself much anymore, that was totally fine! I let life run its course and naturally unfold. I had read most of that book over a year before, but I skipped around and didn’t get to some of the chapters. And then this summer, I was triggered by a certain situation. I instantly had this terrible, awful feeling in my body – feeling like a piece of raw meat! – and I knew it was time. That chapter popped in my head right away, and I knew. So I said my goodbyes where I was, drove home, and read it immediately. One short chapter of one book. And it explained and simplified everything in a way that at least has worked for me and many others to whom I’ve recommended it. So that night, I finally began the journey of learning how to truly feel, and thus release, these old energies. Finally. Life = Changed.

So where do these feelings, these energies, these frequencies come from? We know from our many talks here at A Clean Mind that we’re living in the feeling of our thinking. So our thoughts, beliefs, and perceptions create them. Do you know what this means? And this is central to our work here – our body is now our best friend, our barometer. It tells us what’s going on in our mind, conscious or not. And because most of it is actually not conscious, we can see the genius of this feedback system called feelings. So we notice a feeling, we breathe into it and put some space around it, and we gently ask, “Where is this coming from?” And then we see what arises in our mind (and it’s perfectly fine for nothing to arise, because the energy will still move – and maybe something pops up later).

As an example, one very general way to explain a good chunk of our pain is that when I’m feeling super triggered about something, I’m often believing that what I truly am at the core is small and incomplete. But whether you look deeply at any religion, any spiritual path, the vast near death experience (NDE) research, or even quantum physics, you see that you cannot possibly be small! No way, not even close. You just can’t be. Believing that you’re ultimately small is like believing that 1+1=27. You are perfectly free to believe this, though, and for as long as you like, but it’s still not true and never can be, never will be. So when you’re triggered, you have an opportunity right then and there to correct the false belief of smallness and to remind yourself of the truth. Your body is telling you very clearly that you’re believing you’re small and incomplete, so you have a choice now to be very firm in reminding yourself that despite the energy that you don’t like that’s currently in your system, you are anything but small and incomplete; it’s just not true. You didn’t make yourself, and what made you knows exactly how to make things. And it did not screw up when it made YOU. Period. Read that again, literally as many times as you need to let it really, truly, finally sink in: What made you knows exactly how to make things. And it did NOT screw up when it made you. PERIOD. This is what I’ve been sharing with my clients for a while now, and it’s been changing their lives, and pretty fast in many cases. And it’s been changing mine, too. Pretty fast. Whoa.

As we do this more and more, these energies are finally able to be released from our system. This leaves more space inside, and you know what? A deeper peace is right there to fill that space. It’s actually been there the whole time; in fact, it’s not possible for it to ever NOT be there. We might not experience it in a given moment, though, because it gets covered up by all of these other energies, and that’s why we’re talking about this, that’s why the willingness and ability to feel is SO fundamental. If you want to experience peace, that is…

So what’s been happening with me recently? Well, the intelligent connected universe has seen how much better I’ve gotten at feeling. And you know what? It wants me to be totally cleared out (actually the real Me wants me to be totally cleared out), so it’s given me some major opportunities to feel and release even more! Like, more than I knew that any human was capable of. Not even a month ago. Wow. And listen, I’ve had it pretty easy in life compared to many people, at least in an earthly or worldly sense; I know that. Spiritual pain SUCKS, though, and I’ve had a freaking ton of that… Not fun. So for those of you that have experienced major trauma, I’m not comparing our experiences, and I have great respect for your experience. But I am saying that law is law, and what I’m attempting to describe here is law, as best I know it now. Facts are facts, and what I’m attempting to describe here are facts, as best I know them now. And I’ve helped people heal from major trauma by teaching them exactly this, and often they’ve gotten pretty quick results, too (but not always, of course, and I’m working on getting better at that). Folks, this stuff works.

So there we go, just some elaboration of my last post. I hope this makes some sense to you and maybe explains things a little bit better. This journey has been really rocking lately, and I’ve noticed that I’ve even ended up having major gratitude for some of the things that have been really rocking me. Because that’s how we shed our smallness and grow, owning what we truly are. And it’s WAY better on the other side. Also it’s my understanding that we aren’t really growing in a literal sense, but rather remembering and owning what we already are. Wow. It’s sounds like a subtle difference, but it’s big. And again, I do not understand this earth scene at all, and most others don’t either (and that includes most of those that think they do, because I’ve been one of them SO many times! And living more in I Don’t Know feels way better). So do your best to relax the body, hang in there, and stick with it. When you learn how to feel and release these old energies, though, and without analyzing them to death (which only makes it worse), they move a lot faster. It literally takes no thinking; just open and feel, and any insight about what’s going on has the space to just pop in your head when the time is right. And the intelligent connected universe will give you all the practice you need, always at the right time. And a deeper foundation of peace will come in to fill the space more and more. And that’s exactly what we want… peace. Peace out, my friend. And as always, let me know I can help.

2016 Review, 2017 Preview, & A Personal Sharing

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Hi folks. There’s always SO much to share with you here, what with the magic going on in the office as well in my life and the lives of my friends and family. And I’m so busy! Which is awesome… After five and a half years, I feel like the practice is finally on pretty solid footing. The transformations have been off the charts lately, too, and it’s been absolutely blowing my mind. So humbling, too – just trying to get out of the way. My clients really are teaching me some things, teaching me what is possible, even just in the last couple of weeks. Wow. So I’m super busy and not the most organized person much of the time, and we all need rest, so thankfully I don’t beat myself up anymore! A thought like “I should write more blog posts” isn’t even true, but most of us don’t really look at those “shoulds.” And since we’re always feeling our thinking, well, you know how that kind of thinking feels. So now that we have that out of the way, let’s get down to business…

Wow, what a year! Holy sh*t. This year has had some crazy high highs as well as some incredibly low lows and LOTS of pain, which I know would surprise many of you. I’m sure I’ll be sharing it all at some point, but it’s not the time yet. And I’m still clearing out and learning and understanding it all. Our old BS is simply on the way out – our bis ass egos, fears, insecurities, and false beliefs of being small. And the universe is really good at bringing us the exact situations at the exact times to shake that stuff up so that it can be seen and released. It’s a pretty brutal way of doing things in my opinion, and honestly I do not understand what’s up with this earth scene – I’m still working on that. And trust me, most others don’t know as well. I’ve thought I’ve known a hundred times, and there’s a ton of spiritual beliefs that are taken as law, but I’m seeing that most of that stuff is just mass belief and not necessarily true. After all, it really wasn’t that long ago when the smarties thought the earth was flat and they would burn you at the stake if you believed otherwise. Think about that one for a second… So I’m living in “I don’t know,” or “show me the money,” more and more. And there’s way more peace there. And I am NOT naturally oriented that way at all. I was a pretty serious know-it-all when I was younger, and I’m still undoing that pattern. One of my college roommates pointed it out junior year, and I was so thankful that he did. Because that’s not fun to be around. And again, thankfully I don’t judge it anymore! Just see it and choose with lots of self-love and innocence what to do in that moment. Bam.

So this year has had quite a shake-out, with the universe rounding off those rougher edges. I’ve learned how to truly feel the energies in my body WAY more this year, starting with what I wrote about this this summer on this topic. Then recent events brought about a TON of pain and anger, and it was like burning lava in my body! It was truly crazy! Since feelings are generally an inside job, this means that the cause must’ve been some deep, old, core stuff coming up. I was trying to sleep and I was just so mad. But I was feeling it as best I could, just allowing it to be there and move when it wanted to. And my mind was going off about the situation, but as best I could I didn’t participate. I watched it and let it do its thing, but it was tough. This feeling was SO intense. And I could not sleep at all. But you know what happened? By 4 am, after about six hours of lying in bed and not sleeping, I noticed something. It was gone. The feeling was gone. The burning lava of energy in my body that I described to someone as “the anger and rage of the whole country” had cleared out and was gone. I was me again; I was back. I still didn’t like the situation, and I had to deal with it, but that energy had left my system. And when it leaves, it’s gone forever. Now, there might be more, and in this case there totally was! And is. But I had no idea I could feel to that level. It was literally one of the most profound experiences of my life. So now I’m actually grateful for what had happened to cause it! And you know something cool? My sessions, starting the very next day, were on a different level. I mean, it was freaking crazy! And this is all just in the last several weeks, so I’m SO excited about that. This work is finally beginning to take form. Which leads to…

What about the future? In October of last year, I was convinced that I was ready to write a book laying all this stuff out in a really clear way. I joined something called Self-Publishing School, which is pretty cool. They try to make it as easy as possible to self-publish and even become an Amazon bestseller. In three months. Yes, you read that correctly. They lay it all out and you do exactly what they say, for just one hour a day. One hour a day. And I didn’t do exactly what they said for one hour a day. Total resistance, it wasn’t flowing, it wasn’t happening. I tried my best, but it just wasn’t happening. And I’ve noticed for years with me that when there’s resistance, it usually means the timing isn’t right. And I had a strong sense that I just wasn’t ready. Then this year happened, with all of the intense ups and downs, and I finally think I’m about ready. I’m WAY better at my job now because I “get it” much more deeply. My understanding of the truth has moved even more from the head down to the heart, and to being a lived experience. And I’m not saying that I’m there or that there’s a destination; you just keep deepening in the truth that what you are is NOT the body and the small identity that you see in the mirror. And what we really are is such an upgrade! And love is actually not missing, ever. And wow, I know that it sure can seem that way sometimes… We’ll be walking in a deeper feeling of love more and more in the coming year. I’m still feeling out how this will will look and sound on this blog, though, but that’s all good. Timing.

I think that the future of this work is not in individual sessions but rather in writing books. And maybe online programs after that, but no rush. On any of this. I’ve learned to get out of the way and to not force things. I’m not a forcer; it just hasn’t worked (see the “should” stuff above). I’ve tried before and then beaten myself up – is “beaten” really a word?? – so thankfully that’s pretty much a thing of the past. It feels so much better and everything works better in the end. A win win. The slow way really is the fast way… So that’s the vision I have, and it feels very natural. I want to reach more people, like exponentially more people. Way freaking more. And get this information in the schools, in businesses, etc. And get it to other therapists! That’s huge. And to psychiatrists and doctors. Please don’t give a stressed or depressed or anxious person a pill as the first step, as the answer. Instead, teach the person about how things work first – the stuff we talk about here. And see what happens. And then re-evaluate the situation. Because that alone might fix it.

So that’s enough for now, good folks. It feels so good to share more deeply with you here, and I’m sure there will be more of that going forward. We’re all in this earth thing together, so let’s share and help each other wake up and learn what we really are and what’s really going on. Remember all the stuff out there like the book Dying to be Me that’s so helpful in zooming out and seeing the big picture. And here at A Clean Mind, we’re doing our best to put it into action in our daily lives, the good, the bad, and the ugly. And let’s not forget about the beautiful, because despite how hectic and chaotic things can seem to be, there’s still plenty of that. And that’s a beautiful thing. Take care, and I’ll see you next time. Which will probably be soon because I don’t want my mom to worry about me based on what was written above. I’m actually incredibly awesome right now, Mom, and better than ever. We will discuss over the holidays 🙂