2017: Walking In Source Love (For Real…)

Happy New Year, folks! It’s so nice to talk to you now, because I’m really excited for 2017. Why? Because of all the ground we’ve been covering lately. 2016 was huge! Whoa. It saw the beginning of some BIG shifts for me personally, which are definitely still taking shape, and they weren’t always fun. I’m not sure exactly why, but that’s just how earth works sometimes. But we’re on it; we really are starting to figure this gig out. And I think I’m finally ready to write it all down in a clear and concise book, too. I just need to make the time for that, and I have absolutely no idea how that’s going to happen at the moment… Anyway, our journey is starting to culminate with a serious foundation of peace, a serious foundation that despite what’s going on and despite the energies that are in my body now (i.e. feelings), I’m okay. And that’s huge! It’ll take bigger and bigger things to rock us. And when we do get rocked, there’s still a knowing that it’s temporary – SO important – and that the true essence of what we are is unchanged. That’s big, too. Again, this is just how we grow sometimes. So we are going to embrace these times more and more to speed things up. That’s something we’ll be talking more about going forward.

This past year, we really started to wade into deeper waters here at A Clean Mind, especially in August (my birthday month, interesting…) with The God PostDeeper Feelings of Peace in YOU, and Plugging In. Check that stuff out. And after that, we talked about the vast near-death research by discussing the book Dying To Be Me. Definitely check that out! So what are we going to do in 2017? We’re going to put it all together by owning, until it’s KNOWN at the deepest of levels, this one thing: I am loved. Anyplace, anytime. I am loved. Right here, right now. I am loved. Regardless of who I am or what I’ve done. Yes, I am still loved.

I know it often doesn’t seem that way, and I alluded to that at the end of the recent Merry Xmas Eve (& Just Do Your Best) post. When we’re feeling really low, if we take a super close look, we might see that what’s at the root of it is that we’re actually feeling unloved. We’re wanting love from someone or something outside of us, and we’re not getting it. In truth, what we’re really thinking is that we need love from that someone or something. It’s like we’re trying to plug our plug into the wrong socket. You see, that stuff is not our Source. If you try to plug a lamp into a pair of socks, for instance, the light won’t turn on; it just doesn’t work that way. And it’s not good or bad; it’s just not how it works. You have to plug it into the right power source. And there’s only one! And it’s all around us, and it’s unconditional. But we sure try to plug into all kinds of various people, places, things, foods, drinks, hobbies, activities, etc. I sure do, and I’m recognizing it more and more. Because it just doesn’t work; not for long, anyway.

So this year, we’ll be stepping up our efforts to obliterate the feeling of being unloved. Why? Because we’re going to see more and more that it is simply not true. All the time. You are loved. The first step is to take a deep look around and learn that you are always loved. And the second step is to own it more and more, especially when you’re triggered. Remind yourself of the truth. And after a while, you’ll be feeling it more and more. So how do we learn that we’re always loved? We’ve talked plenty here about how if you look in pretty much any direction, you’ll find this to be true. The religions certainly say it, but you might have to look past some of the man-made parts (and guilt is a man-made part, by the way). The message is that you’re a being that totally transcends the body that you think you are now. So that’s good news. And that what made you loves you. Unconditionally. The spiritual traditions certainly say that what you are is totally, unconditionally loved. And quantum physics says that we aren’t separate and that we are actually all part of this ONE big sea or field of energy. And some of the folks that have had the spiritual “wake-up” or enlightenment experience have SEEN and experienced that this sea or field is actually love. I’ve mentioned John Mark Stroud before, because he’s helped me so much, and he is one of those people. His experience was in 2011. The astronaut Edgar Mitchell had a similar experience on the way back from walking on the moon on the Apollo 14 mission many decades ago. Since he was such a staunch scientist, the rest of his life was devoted to figuring out scientifically what on earth had happened to him! So he founded the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS). There are lots of these folks if you take a look around.

Finally, the near death experience (NDE) research is VERY compelling, especially if you are super logical. Take the blind person (born blind) that died in a hospital for a few minutes, was revived, and was still blind. Those eyes have never seen. And then she described the scene in the hospital room as they attempted to revive her in what can only be described as visual detail. Folks, when this happens I pay attention. Like, lots of attention. And it has happened… Watch the documentary called Afterlife on Netflix. Anyway, it’s pretty clear from these accounts, and there are tons of them with more coming out all the time, that there’s this feeling – this amazing feeling! – that’s experienced when one “crosses over.” And if this all sounds weird to you, just be logical; that’s my best advice (see: blind dead person above that saw while blind and dead). And note that simply saying “That’s crazy or impossible” is not being logical…

I even met a friend of one of my cousins, and he had had one of these experiences. I want to video him telling his story, in fact. And it was the same – that feeling, that amazing feeling! He couldn’t stop talking about that amazing feeling of unconditional love. Anita Moorjani said the exact same thing in Dying To Be Me, speaking about that amazing feeling that words cannot describe. And an old friend of mine had an NDE when giving birth to her second son, and because of that amazing feeling, she didn’t even want to come back. And she had a newborn and a two-year-old! And my cousin’s friend from above had a wife and two small children, all of whom he loved dearly. And he didn’t want to come back, either! Because the love that they experienced while out of body was so unlimited that even the strongest of earthly loves, that of parent to child, paled in comparison. WOW. Folks, this stuff is real.

So why are talking about this? Because we are still connected to that same unconditional love right now. Read that again. We are still connected to that same unconditional love right now. Most of us have lost touch with it to some degree, though, and this is the year that we are finally owning it. Remember my client that talked about this deeper feeling of peace she was experiencing, even while at work? And I told her that I experienced the same thing sometimes, more and more often. Well, that’s what we’re talking about, that’s the feeling! It really is inside of us, built-in. So we put all of these pieces together, and it points to the fact that love is never missing. It can’t be! It just can’t be. But as I’ve said plenty of times, it sure can seem like it. So in 2017, we are owning the truth more and more. We are claiming our birthright of being loved, always. It’s tricky when we’re triggered, I know. So we try to catch it as quickly as possible and get centered in the fact that we are still just as loved in that moment as we can ever be, despite the situation that’s going on. What we are at the core has not changed, despite this. And we start to live this way more and more, owning that we are big and that we are totally loved, and this feeling becomes more and more our home base, our lived experience. So cool. But remember that we have to get really good at feeling our feelings, because those old energies that we’ve been carrying for so long cover up the unconditional love that sits beneath it all, always.

So there we go, folks! You can see why I’m so fired up. We’ll be getting more and more specific about all of this, and of course we’ll let it unfold naturally as always. And as I continue to deepen and get cleared out myself, I’ll share with you as best I can. So buckle up! Because we’re on quite a ride. But we’re starting to find ourselves more and more on solid ground, even when life gets tough. Especially when life gets tough. Because that’s how we’re learning to roll. So take care, and I’ll talk to you pretty soon, I hope. I’ve been working too hard lately, so I’m on an old school road trip for a little while. I’ll be back soon, though, and ready to go. I’m glad we’re traveling together, and I wish you a wonderful year. And as always, let me know if I can help 🙂