More On That Pain I Mentioned… Pretty Cool

Okay, so that didn’t take long… I just published a sharing a few days ago about the extreme highs and lows of this past year, and it feels important to explain a bit more. Not the details of any of the situations (not yet, anyway), but the details about pain and feeling in general. Because when we learn about these energies, where they come from, and how to allow them to move and be released, we end up being really cleared out, leaving us feeling much better, better than ever before. Here we go…

So in one very important sense, we are these vessels with LOTS of old energies we’re carrying around, and they gunk everything up. But it’s energy, so it wants to come out. In fact, it has to come out! Because energy has to move; it’s the law. So we get triggered all the time, which is the intelligent connected universe poking at our egos and pain and false beliefs to wake us up to the truth of what we actually are (which is not small). Remember when I wrote back in June about how it’s mandatory to learn how to feel and thus release these energies? If you want to experience peace, that is… Well, that’s when I finally started to actually DO the work. But get this, because this is important, and many of you are in your head a lot like I’ve always been… this was over ten years after first learning about it and thinking I had it down. And you know what? I totally had it down! In my head, though, which means that… I didn’t have it down at all. Ten years. One full decade. That was back in 2006, and it took me a whole freaking decade to finally sit down and do it. Because I was not ready. And deep down I was scared and only wanted to feel happy all the time (and thought that was actually possible, ha). So I want to save you some time and unnecessary pain. That’s what this whole blog is about, really.

What I wrote this summer was that every human should read chapter eleven of The Untethered Soul by Michael Singer. I mention this all the time, and it’s literally the first thing on the Resources email that I send to clients after our first session (which reminds me to make a page on this website that has those books. Note to self…). This chapter is called Pain, the Price of Freedom, and the second I read the name of the title, I intuitively knew it was very important, that it had the answer. It was an instant recognition. But here’s the funny thing, I didn’t feel to actually read it at the time. And since I’m not really judging myself much anymore, that was totally fine! I let life run its course and naturally unfold. I had read most of that book over a year before, but I skipped around and didn’t get to some of the chapters. And then this summer, I was triggered by a certain situation. I instantly had this terrible, awful feeling in my body – feeling like a piece of raw meat! – and I knew it was time. That chapter popped in my head right away, and I knew. So I said my goodbyes where I was, drove home, and read it immediately. One short chapter of one book. And it explained and simplified everything in a way that at least has worked for me and many others to whom I’ve recommended it. So that night, I finally began the journey of learning how to truly feel, and thus release, these old energies. Finally. Life = Changed.

So where do these feelings, these energies, these frequencies come from? We know from our many talks here at A Clean Mind that we’re living in the feeling of our thinking. So our thoughts, beliefs, and perceptions create them. Do you know what this means? And this is central to our work here – our body is now our best friend, our barometer. It tells us what’s going on in our mind, conscious or not. And because most of it is actually not conscious, we can see the genius of this feedback system called feelings. So we notice a feeling, we breathe into it and put some space around it, and we gently ask, “Where is this coming from?” And then we see what arises in our mind (and it’s perfectly fine for nothing to arise, because the energy will still move – and maybe something pops up later).

As an example, one very general way to explain a good chunk of our pain is that when I’m feeling super triggered about something, I’m often believing that what I truly am at the core is small and incomplete. But whether you look deeply at any religion, any spiritual path, the vast near death experience (NDE) research, or even quantum physics, you see that you cannot possibly be small! No way, not even close. You just can’t be. Believing that you’re ultimately small is like believing that 1+1=27. You are perfectly free to believe this, though, and for as long as you like, but it’s still not true and never can be, never will be. So when you’re triggered, you have an opportunity right then and there to correct the false belief of smallness and to remind yourself of the truth. Your body is telling you very clearly that you’re believing you’re small and incomplete, so you have a choice now to be very firm in reminding yourself that despite the energy that you don’t like that’s currently in your system, you are anything but small and incomplete; it’s just not true. You didn’t make yourself, and what made you knows exactly how to make things. And it did not screw up when it made YOU. Period. Read that again, literally as many times as you need to let it really, truly, finally sink in: What made you knows exactly how to make things. And it did NOT screw up when it made you. PERIOD. This is what I’ve been sharing with my clients for a while now, and it’s been changing their lives, and pretty fast in many cases. And it’s been changing mine, too. Pretty fast. Whoa.

As we do this more and more, these energies are finally able to be released from our system. This leaves more space inside, and you know what? A deeper peace is right there to fill that space. It’s actually been there the whole time; in fact, it’s not possible for it to ever NOT be there. We might not experience it in a given moment, though, because it gets covered up by all of these other energies, and that’s why we’re talking about this, that’s why the willingness and ability to feel is SO fundamental. If you want to experience peace, that is…

So what’s been happening with me recently? Well, the intelligent connected universe has seen how much better I’ve gotten at feeling. And you know what? It wants me to be totally cleared out (actually the real Me wants me to be totally cleared out), so it’s given me some major opportunities to feel and release even more! Like, more than I knew that any human was capable of. Not even a month ago. Wow. And listen, I’ve had it pretty easy in life compared to many people, at least in an earthly or worldly sense; I know that. Spiritual pain SUCKS, though, and I’ve had a freaking ton of that… Not fun. So for those of you that have experienced major trauma, I’m not comparing our experiences, and I have great respect for your experience. But I am saying that law is law, and what I’m attempting to describe here is law, as best I know it now. Facts are facts, and what I’m attempting to describe here are facts, as best I know them now. And I’ve helped people heal from major trauma by teaching them exactly this, and often they’ve gotten pretty quick results, too (but not always, of course, and I’m working on getting better at that). Folks, this stuff works.

So there we go, just some elaboration of my last post. I hope this makes some sense to you and maybe explains things a little bit better. This journey has been really rocking lately, and I’ve noticed that I’ve even ended up having major gratitude for some of the things that have been really rocking me. Because that’s how we shed our smallness and grow, owning what we truly are. And it’s WAY better on the other side. Also it’s my understanding that we aren’t really growing in a literal sense, but rather remembering and owning what we already are. Wow. It’s sounds like a subtle difference, but it’s big. And again, I do not understand this earth scene at all, and most others don’t either (and that includes most of those that think they do, because I’ve been one of them SO many times! And living more in I Don’t Know feels way better). So do your best to relax the body, hang in there, and stick with it. When you learn how to feel and release these old energies, though, and without analyzing them to death (which only makes it worse), they move a lot faster. It literally takes no thinking; just open and feel, and any insight about what’s going on has the space to just pop in your head when the time is right. And the intelligent connected universe will give you all the practice you need, always at the right time. And a deeper foundation of peace will come in to fill the space more and more. And that’s exactly what we want… peace. Peace out, my friend. And as always, let me know I can help.