The Pause, A Deeper Dive

So we just talked about The Pause, the simple communication tool in which you pause before you speak. I actually wrote about it in 2013 as well. And we talked about how this allows a deeper and wiser YOU to respond, rather than your triggered emotions, your wounding. So it was mainly about the emotional aspect of The Pause. What I’d like to do today is get into the YOU that’s able to respond when you pause. You know, the wiser and calmer you. The more thoughtful you. The more resilient you. The more badass and amazing you.

Before we do that though, let’s really highlight that anytime you’re feeling emotion, it’s being cleared from your energy field. It’s saying goodbye on the way out. It’s a good thing. Always remember the post called How To Heal & Clear The Past, because it’s so foundational to our journey here as humans on earth. It’s literally part of your evolution and the job you came here to do. It’s big. So there.

And now, onto that part about what’s being accessed through the doorway of The Pause. Let’s just get right to the good stuff. The more you pause, the more you’re you’re getting into blank space. And what lives in blank space? The intelligence of the universe. Your soul. Your higher self. Pure consciousness. The Light. God. You could use any number of names, which are symbols, but they are all pointing to the same thing. And that thing is amazing. And that thing is what you really are, right here and right now. We have to get our wounding healed and cleared first, though – that’s the game. And the more that’s done, the more light and soul will radiate through your body. You will shine a brighter light, for the benefit of all. And it begins to feel really, really good. Isn’t this amazing??

So say you’re in a conversation, and it could be with anyone. There’s this amazing YOU that’s always there, but something happens and you feel some amount of triggered emotion rise up. In that moment, it’s come up to be cleared. The real YOU is still there, but it sure can be tough to access. The better you get at pausing and recognizing what’s going on in the moment, though, the easier that access becomes. In a split second, you are aware of a part of you that is angry, sad, scared, confused, or whatever. In a split second, you shine the light of your own awareness on that part of yourself (like it’s a child inside). “I see you,” says your awareness. “I’m here with you, I got you. It’s okay that you feel this way. We’re being healed and cleared right now, hang in there. I love you.” That’s what your awareness says to the triggered part of you in that split second. This is how healing and clearing happens. And you get better at doing this in the moment, in The Pause, which then gives you more access to that deeper part of you that can respond in the best possible way. It’s pretty amazing if you really think about it.

And how does that deeper part of you respond? Usually in a better way, with better word choices and a better tone. Not in a doormat kind of way, though, always agreeing and caving in to the other person. The words can still be very, very strong and direct, in fact. But they’ll be intentional and not reckless. And they’ll be more effective. People will tend to hear you better. Conversations will be less combative. You’ll actually get somewhere rather than spinning in the same old circles, over and over again. Wisdom will speak through you more. And is it YOUR wisdom? No, it’s THE wisdom. Literally the intelligence of the whole universe that you are connected to.

NOTE: Let’s pause – ha – to remind ourselves of something that’s very important, something that we tend to forget. A statement like, “the intelligence of the whole universe that you are connected to” might sound super woowoo or far-fetched. But it’s actually science from the early 1900’s. Yes, folks, over a century ago they discovered oneness, even at the physical level. We’re all living in a big ass sea of connected energy. What? This stuff is legit.

So in the blank space of The Pause, something can come through you that’s not personal, it’s universal. It knows you and it knows the person you’re talking to. It knows the details of the situation. It knows the details of all involved. And it knows what’s best for their growth – and yours. And it knows exactly what to say. But it needs space through which it can emerge. And that is why we learn to pause. Are getting why I said earlier that there’s more to this than meets the eye? So much more. And the beauty is that the doorway in could not be more simple. You pause before you speak. That’s all.

So there you go! I hope you enjoyed that. And read it again as needed, so that it can really sink in. Also look at times when you feel like this wisdom has come through you, as words out of your mouth. After all, it’s your birthright. And now as you practice The Pause, it might feel downright exciting. I mean, you’re healing and clearing your past so that the light of the universe and your soul can shine through you more. And the words that the universe wants to say in that moment are able to come through. This is big, folks!! And I hope it gets more and more fun. Because it IS fun. And we all deserve more fun, not less. So happy pausing! And as always, I’m here to help if I can 🙂