Everything Is Relationship

We’ve done great so far this month, folks. First, we took a very zoomed out view of intimate relationships in The Relationship Post. Then we talked about about how to know when a relationship has expired (according to the universe) in The Eviction. Those are both full of stuff that’s really important to understand, because the more you see relationships – and everything else – through the eyes of the universe, the smoother and more amazing your life will be. You might even find yourself naturally manifesting better versions of other people, too, when they’re around you. It’s really amazing how that can work. Anyway, another reason why these ideas are really important for us to understand is that… drumroll, please… everything you experience is relationship!

You’re in relationship with your home and everything that’s in it. You’re in relationship with your job and all the people there, as well as the office furniture, the printer (PC Load Letter Error, anyone?), the computer, the stapler, etc. Note: If you don;’t get those references, then you should see the movie Office Space. It’s amazing. Back to the story…

You’re in relationship with your car (if you have one) and all of the stuff in it. You’re in relationship with your plants (if you have any… I currently have two and I might get one or two more). You’re in relationship with your clothes. You’re in relationship with anything that you own or use. You’re in relationship with any person in your life. You’re in relationship with your SELF – that’s a central thing that we deal with here, because it’s like the hub of the wheel, from which the spokes emerge. And note that this includes any part or parts of yourself that you don’t like or that you’re ashamed of (often referred to collectively as The Shadow, and we love them, too).

You’re in relationship with your city or your geographical location. You’re in relationship with the foods you eat and the drinks you drink. You’re in relationship with your breath… That one is huge, and I’m sure we’ll have more to say on that later. You’re in relationship with your habits, your patterns, your addictions, and your dependencies (we wrote a lot about this last month in the Dry January post, the super general follow-up, and then the Dry Anything post after that). And not only are you in relationship with all of those things, but you’re also in relationship with your perceptions of them. And you’re in relationship with your perceptions of yourself regarding them, which is big because that’s where so much of our self-judgment comes in. And we’re clearing that stuff off the planet, people, we really are!

You’re in relationship with your emotions. You’re in relationship with your body. You’re in relationship with your mind. You’re in relationship with the universe, and the plan that is has for you. You’re in relationship with your desires. You’re in relationship with your hopes and dreams. You’re in relationship with your past, that one is big. Can you see how everything is relationship?

So what’s the point of all this? I have no idea… just kidding… So let’s apply what we talked about in The Relationship Post, which was primarily about intimate relationships. And let’s also apply what we talked about in The Eviction. Because just as with intimate relationships, you can look at these other kinds of relationships in terms of your growth and how much they’re helping you to thrive as a person. Are they in the “helping you thrive” category, or are they more stagnant or even soul-crushing?

And this doesn’t mean that you’ll always love everything in your life. You might not feel like your job is super amazing, for example, but it might be the best way that you know of – at this time – to support yourself and to pay the bills. If that’s the case, then don’t just get up and quit without a plan. But you might start to ponder other options, too. And ask the universe! Say, “Universe, thank you for letting me know if there’s a better job for me now. And thanks for helping me hear you.” Then you might surf the web or ask around about job options. But you know that the universe is in charge of the whole thing, so it doesn’t have to energy of, “I have to make this happen by myself.” That’s not what we want…

So we can look at everything in our lives, and we can gently assess how healthy the relationship seems to be. Does it seem to be vibrant? Stagnant? Somewhere in between? And one by one, we can ask ourselves if that relationship feels like it’s still good or if it’s time for a change. We can treat everything in this manner. And we can certainly feel into whether or not any evictions are underway! Those are the relationships that are just miserable. It could be your job, your car, your roommate, your house, your morning routine, you name it. And if it seems like an eviction is in progress, that the universe is saying it’s time to move on because there’s something better up ahead, then we can gently ask ourselves, “Then what’s the next step, what’s the next move?” And we see what comes up for us.

So there you go, folks, we’re taking our new, zoomed out view of relationships and applying it to everything in our lives. Because we’re in relationship with everything in our lives. When you see it this way, maybe it can simplify things for you. We gently ask ourselves – and feel int… How healthy is this relationship? Should it continue? Is it close to expiration? And we know we can’t do it wrong, because the universe will make it more and more obvious if we aren’t getting the picture. And the universe will never judge! We do plenty of that ourselves, and we’re getting out of that habit as well. So I wish you all the best with all of your relationships, and I’m always here to help if I can!