Death, Doorway Into The Eternal Relationship Of Love

Let’s finish up our impromptu series of February relationship posts with a talk about death. Death?? Yes, death. And let me say right away that I know there’s lots and lots of pain around death, and I’m not being dismissive of that with what I’m about to say. I know that pain well. Because this understanding comes from the passing of my own dad in 2002, which was extremely painful. But some really freaky stuff happened starting about a year later that gave me a whole new understanding of what’s really going on. And I learned – for real – that death is of the body. And… we are literally not the body. We are the aliveness of that body. And that aliveness could be called the soul. And the soul is real, and it is here.

Note: My understanding is that it’s not like there’s a “here” and a “there.” It’s more like it’s all here, but it’s vibrational. Think about looking through a camera and putting it in and out of focus. When you do this, what you see changes. But it’s pointed at the same place the whole time. Same thing with a telescope. An X-Ray telescope will give you a completely different image than a regular telescope that’s pointed at the exact same place. It’s all vibrational. So it’s all here. So interesting.

Also note: I wrote about death five years ago this month in a post called Is Death Really Real? This is an important conversation, and very healing in the long run.

So the invitation of death is to learn how to get to know the soul. Then when the body dies, the relationship doesn’t end, it changes form. This is because the body changes form, from a dense physical body to the light body of the soul. I’m telling you, this stuff is real! That new body is of a higher vibration, beyond what our eyes can see. Plenty of people can see, though, and they’re known as “clairvoyant” (which means “clear seeing”). By the way, there are lots of people with “extrasensory perception” out there. Those that hear are called “clairaudient,” those that feel are “clairsentient,” and those that just know things are called “claircognizant.” I’m in the latter two categories to some degree. And I’ve been told that my hearing is open, but I haven’t really explored it yet. I’ve only heard a couple of times when I was in that hypnogogic state, in between sleep and wakefulness. It was super brief and vague, but it was really cool. And it was definitely not my voice. Back to the story…

So what’s up with this soul thing? It’s a living presence of love, and it’s actually them! Think of their best qualities, their best essence, but without the baggage. And it was them the whole time they were on earth, but they were in a body and a character with a name and a past and what not, and they were probably lost in that like pretty much everyone else is. Innocently, of course. But they were actually this ridiculously radiant soul the whole time (and so are you, right now – amazing but true!). Think of the soul as the aliveness that animates the body. Think of the soul as a sun that shines light (love) everywhere, in all directions, without discrimination. Ahh, feels so nice… And I’ve been able to feel this love as a beautiful and not so subtle vibration in my body ever since that crazy night in 2003. Back to the story…

I remember when my dad was in the hospital for the last time and wasn’t leaving, his body finally succumbing to lung cancer. We were all there, and they have those machines with the vitals like heart rate, blood pressure, etc. And you could see them all declining. And then they’d rise a bit, and then decline some more. They were very clearly trending down. And at some point, you could tell the aliveness with just not there anymore; the soul had left. The soul is not the body; it is that which brings the body to life.

I was living in Palm Springs, CA at the time, so I was the last to arrive. My brothers were there, as well as other close family members. He was already toast at that time, actively dying, vegetable state, but when I walked in he started kicking his legs. It was so amazing. And damn, I’m writing this at a coffee shop with tears in my eyes now… That always happens when I think about this time. Anyway it was really amazing. And then that was it, the last one had arrived, and it was time to go. And off he went.

I can honestly say I feel even closer to him now, though – and we were always fine anyway! But he’s not in that body anymore, so there aren’t any bodily limitations. I talk and he hears me – anytime, anyplace. And I can feel him and his love anytime I want. I’ve gotten tons of signs. And dreams, too – the craziest one was just a few days ago, in fact. And I’m not even a big dreamer. I’ll talk more another time about what happened that night a year after he died, but suffice it to say that it got my attention, and it changed everything. My brothers have had really cool experiences as well.

So just consider that death is not the end of the relationship, but rather the beginning of a new relationship, a relationship with the living, loving soul. And it’s actually a very real thing. It’s actually right here with us and available to us. It’s just not in that physical body anymore. Talk to them, and ask them to help you get to know who they are now. Be honest with them, and tell them anything you need to tell them. I think talking to them is very healthy. If you’d like to study the research on near-death experiences (NDEs) or out-of-body experiences (OBEs), there’s a VAST amount of material out there. Like, a ton. Dying To Be Me by Anita Moorjani is an excellent place to start, and it has the miracle cancer comeback as well. The link is to the blog I wrote about it a while back. Highly recommended.

Since I’m known as a safe person to talk with about this kind of thing, people tell me their stories, stories they don’t tell just anyone. I guarantee that at least one person you know has had an experience like an NDE or an OBE. I’m here to help get this information out there more, as well as to normalize it. And to talk about it. Like we talk about sports or the weather. Why not? That’s how I roll, anyway. I just love this stuff. And not only is it super interesting to talk about, but the implication is that death does not exist. Freaking yay!! Again, the body dies, and that can be very, very painful. Understatement of the year. But praise the lord that we are not the body. And the relationship changes form, since their body changes form. And we ask them to help us get to know what they are now, that which is beyond any death. And thus death becomes the doorway to true LIFE. So amazing. So I send you love and healing and respect, especially if you are grieving at this time. And as always, I’m here to help if I can. And Dying To Be Me really is amazing, by the way 🙂