Is Death Really Real?

This is part 2 of a post in response to a good friend’s email to me with concerns about the inevitable… death. Her grandmother is 93 and is finally showing signs of aging. She has a dog that’s pretty old, too, and her younger dog recently had a leg amputated due to cancer. So she knows what’s coming. The first part of my response is called No Body Lives Forever. We talk about going through the grief process in as fast, natural, and smooth a way as possible, coming as quickly as possible to healing and acceptance. When you learn and practice what we talk about here at A Clean Mind, that’s what happens. You just handle it better than you would have before.

Any conversation of this nature, though, eventually comes around to what we think happens when the body dies. Well, I’ve studied the hell out of this (No pun intended. And I definitely don’t believe in Hell, either. That’ll be a future post). And as a super logical math guy, I’ve come to believe that death is absolutely, positively, definitely, no ands ifs or buts, not real. The body dies. And we are not the body. The body is literally like a piece of clothing. And yes, I know it doesn’t seem that way. So here’s the continuation of that post…

The final piece involves what you think happens when a body dies. Notice that the title of the first part of this post is No Body Lives Forever rather than Nobody Lives Forever. I’ve been tip-toeing around some of the “deeper topics” on this blog, and that’ll change at the right time, but let me give you a taste. Based on the extensive study that I’ve done on the subject, and based on the fact that I’m super logical, I absolutely, positively do not believe in death. This is because I absolutely, positively do not believe that we are a really body. We find ourselves in a body, but all the the people who die and are revived come back with the absolute knowing that the body is no more them than a shirt or a pair of pants. And there have been blind people, born totally blind and still totally blind when they were revived, who have described the scene in detail – visual detail. Like the frantic scene in the hospital to revive them. And the common explanation of “it was a hallucination of the brain due to lack of oxygen” is lame, if you ask me. They see too much. They see things at angles that the eyes weren’t looking at, anyway. And it was all accurate. And the amount of stories similar to this, that appeal to a math guy like me, are just too much to still think we are a body. Way too much.

So I think we just change vibration. We go into a different room. And when the other person does the same, they are reunited. Everyone is at the party. And until then, you can still talk to them. You don’t have to pray or do ritual. Just talk. I know because I’ve been doing it for a while now, like with my awesome dad, and some wild synchronicities have happened over the years. Finally, this math major had to change his mind about life after death of the body. So I’ve felt even closer with people after they’ve died, because now only one of us is in a body. So we have one less barrier. And all of the above includes pets, too.

Wow, that’s more than a taste. I didn’t plan on going there when I started writing this, but I guess I’m tired of not talking about what to me is the elephant in the room. I’ve been done with the concept of death for years now, and it makes the pain go by much faster, as I come to healing and acceptance. But it’s a real belief of mine, based on what I see as clear evidence. There’s just too much of it. And even though I’m sharing this here, I’m not trying to convince anyone of anything. I’m just putting it out there. Please understand that – you are free to believe whatever you like. There’s a whole lot of stuff out there, though, if you take a look around. So there you go.

I’m always here to help if I can, and thanks for the email. You’re the one who said if I were inspired to answer with a blog post, do that. That felt right, and it just flowed. So you are now responsible for helping whoever is helped by this. The chain goes on and on, and we will never know who finds comfort or healing, or whose life is changed altogether. Thank you. And this post finds me finally addressing some things that it’s high-time we talk about. Like who or what we really are. And what happens when we die. There are lots of great clues out there if we open up and look without preconceived ideas. I needed a push, so big thanks to you for that as well. Big thanks.

So we’ve put to bed the idea of death… not bad for a Monday night! I’m not sure when we’ll get around to putting to bed the idea of Hell – it’ll probably be a while. Feel free to toy with it in the meantime, though, along with the immense freedom that it brings. And if Hell or death is an issue for you, please contact me and let’s see if we can’t take care of that! Life is way cooler when you do. And I’m telling you – they’re totally not real. Peace out!