Her Busy, Hectic Life Is… Effortless and Peaceful??

Hi folks. I’m going to brag on another client who is really living it and reaping the peace that’s her birthright. And yours and mine, too! She recently said it’s pretty effortless now. What, exactly, is effortless? Living! Let that sink in for a moment… And her life is quite busy, too. She’s been in limbo with her husband for well over a year now, separated but still living together for mostly financial reasons. They’re still in business together as well, and it hasn’t been exactly smooth figuring that out. But it’s gotten smoother and smoother, and honestly their relationship is probably better and more authentic than it’s ever been. I’ll bet she’d say that it’s not even close. The nature of their work can be up and down, too, so there can be stress with that. So she’s not sitting around eating bonbons and drinking mint juleps all day. She’s busy and working and navigating through unknown territory with her primary relationship and their business and income. And all the while, because she’s been practicing what we’ve been talking about, it’s becoming more and more effortless. And her level of peace is at an all-time high. Wow.

Is that really possible? Yes! It’s actually natural, but we’ve just covered it up. She still has her “moments,” she says, but they come and go pretty quickly. And I have mine as well! They just aren’t as big a deal now. They don’t get stuck like in the past; instead, they flow on through. She knows her moods are coming from how she sees things as opposed to coming directly from the things, so she doesn’t feed them. She honestly doesn’t pay them as much attention that she used to. And know that this is the attention that the rest of the world, which is totally stressed out, pays them. There’s another way to live, people! And it’s so simple. It just takes gentle practice, and I’m practicing all the time. We are on the same journey.

She said that people around her are noticing that she’s just more relaxed now. They’ve noticed that to her, things are okay. She responds to issues that arise, but it’s still all okay; it’s just a part of life. She also said something really cool, which is, “I don’t feel like I’m driving anymore. I feel like I’m riding.” Wow! That’s what it’s all about. She can relax into things and live from her own wisdom, which is also her common sense. They’re the same thing. And it’s the same as your wisdom and common sense, too. I’m pretty sure there’s just one source of this, and it’s available to all of us all the time when we just ask and listen. And gently practice doing that.

Speaking of riding as opposed to driving, when people ask her for help or just vent, she gets out of the way and opens. She actually says to herself, “I open” and then she just gets out of the way and receives. And she’s noticed that what comes out of her mouth is so “clean.” She’s consciously aware that it’s not even her that’s answering. In fact, she doesn’t want it to be her! And she said they don’t, either. She’s letting that same wisdom that’s in you right now at this very moment, whoever you are and wherever you are, come through. And this process is so ordinary, too! She’s not meditating or having a vision of a wizard and a unicorn or anything like that (I love that image, by the way. I think I saw it once airbrushed on an RV). And it’s instant. She also said that sometimes there’s just silence. And when she trusts that silence, it’s always the perfect response in that moment. Again, wow! Lots of wows today…

Another thing she said is that when there’s a bump in the road, it’s just a bump. You respond to it and move on. Notice that this is a very big picture, impersonal way of looking at things. That’s how our wisdom/common sense is. Our personal mind, intellect, ego mind, computer mind, analyzer, processor – whatever you call it – is much different. It’s very personal and small picture, analyzing every detail. These are two distinct uses of the mind, and one feels much, much better. I’ll let you guess which one.

I’m going to be spelling out these two ways of thinking in the very near future, but for now, you get the idea. Live in your wisdom/common sense moment to moment and your peace rises over time. Done. It really is that simple. We’ve made it so complicated for so long, though, that we have an old habit to undo. And it’ll get undone and replaced with gentle practice. Over time, the water wears down the rock. So there you go, another person whose life has completely changed in not too long by applying a very simple practice of living in her own wisdom or common sense. I freaking love this job!! And if I can help you or a friend, please let me know. Life is too short not to. I love talking to groups as well. Let’s do this, people – you got this!