More Honesty: Don’t Let It Go!

We recently wrote about honesty, and we talked about being honest with how our heart truly feels. Whether we want it to feel that way or not. As an example, we talked about how affirmations actually don’t work for many people, and it’s because there’s an issue with honesty. Nobody is trying to be dishonest; it’s just that they’re not fully acknowledging how their heart feels. And when they don’t actually believe what they’re affirming, the inner child calls BS, and that ends up not feeling good. And then we wonder why we suck at affirmations. Hilarious! When you know what’s happening, anyway…

The good news is that we can simply switch to an honest version of the same affirmation. So if “I have perfect health” feels good, then that’s fantastic. But if not, then just change it to whatever is honest and true for you in that moment: “I want perfect health,” “May I be blessed with perfect health,” or “May all beings have (or be blessed with) perfect health.” In each case, the vibration of ‘perfect health’ is being anchored more and more deeply in your mind. And since it’s honest, it feels good.

Another example came to mind, and it’s the old teaching of “let it go.” So let’s take a deeper look. What if you can’t let it go? What if there’s a part of you that just can’t seem to let it go? No matter how much you want to let it go, there’s a part of you that cannot do it! What do you do then? What most of us do is ignore that part. Or maybe we try harder to let it go, and we end up judging ourselves because it’s not working very well. Whether consciously or not, we’re denying the part of ourselves that’s having trouble. We’re ignoring it and insisting that we have to let it go. And when we do this, our heart gets pissed… And the inner child actually has the power to turn up the heat in our lives in an effort to get our attention – exactly like a child might do by acting out to get its parents’ attention. (We’ll be talking about this more in future posts, by the way, how the inner child is actually the whole universe dressed in a baby costume trying to get your attention; amazing, but true – and very, very powerful). So honesty is a very important part of our path, and again, I mean honesty with how we truly feel. We don’t have to like it, but we have to be an open space for it if we want it to heal and shift.

So once again it comes back to your heart, your inner child, and its deep need and longing for your acknowledgment and attention. Acknowledgment that you see how it feels and that whether you agree or not, you’re always going to be there for it with loving support. Acknowledgment that how it feels is legitimate. Notice how we’re loving what arises here? We’re seeing that a part of us just can’t seem to let it go – even if it seems trivial and we really want to be able to let it go! – and we’re being an open space for that part of ourselves. We’re saying, “I see that you can’t let it go. That’s okay, and I’m here for you regardless. I’m sorry that you can’t let this go, and I love you no matter what.” Can you feel how different that is? It sure beats Judgement City, in which we’re wondering, “What the hell is wrong with me; why can’t I let this go!!”

So there’s another example in case it can help. The new paradigm that we’re in is one of extreme honesty, honesty with our heart and how it feels. It’s like an innocent little baby, and it needs our loving attention and support… always. Whether we want it to be different or not. This feels better, and I’ll bet the external circumstances of your life will shift more as well when you think and act this way. And even if this feels difficult or strange or even impossible, you can absolutely learn how to do this. How do I know? Because I have! And I am. It just takes your willingness to gently practice, with no concept of success or failure and no time frame.

Before we go, let me make sure we’re clear that this has nothing to do with the outer world, nothing to do with the external. It’s all about the internal, your inner child and how it feels. It’s all about noticing how your heart feels and giving it some loving attention. So do what you feel is best regarding the other person involved or whatever the situation is that you’re having trouble letting go of. And often times what’s best is to take a timeout to love your heart. Postpone dealing with the situation if you can and tend to your own emotional needs. And then the “you” that will revisit the situation later will be a totally different “you.” An upgrade! And many times, the situation will change or shift on its own. It’s really cool how that works.

So give it a try, and as always, let me know if I can help. And now I will let this laptop go and go to the beach! I got some early season tanning work done a few weeks ago, but it’s faded. You know what they say, tone it or tan it! And I’m definitely not going to the gym anytime soon. I’m actually walking a bunch now; hey, baby steps. And honestly, even that is pretty awesome. Peace out 🙂