What Just Happened??

Howdy folks! I think I’m just now emerging from the “WTF just happened??” phase after returning from a pilgrimage to Israel and France. It feels nice to be back. It felt natural to relax and let things sink in before jumping back in.

I’ve had lots of counseling sessions and lots of new clients, though, and that’s been awesome. Those have pretty much always been awesome for a while now, and I can’t even imagine what it’ll be like down the road with more and more experience. Because this is definitely just the beginning. This month is my four-year anniversary in private practice, and while that’s great, it’s really just a blip in the big picture. This work can get so much deeper, and I got a taste of that on my trip as I mixed and mingled with some others who have been doing it for much longer than I have. So that’s cool. And you know what? I’m simply relaxing into it, as I always tell my clients. Relax into it. The slow way tends to be the faster way.

Anyway, I just wanted to say hi and let you know that the blog is about to get cranked back up. So let’s have an awesome summer. And then an awesome fall after that. And then an awesome winter after that. And then an awesome, well, you get the point. We’re learning how to just make it awesome, regardless of what’s going on in the outer world. As awesome as we can, anyway. It’s an inner state. It’s a choice. And we just have to gently practice. It’s nice journeying with you, and we’ll be talking soon!