Let’s Try This Again…

Hi folks, I’ve been on blog vacation! And it has felt right. I just crossed the four-year mark in private practice coaching/counseling, and things really picked up a couple of months ago. And when I’ve been off work I’ve just wanted to chill. It’s getting close to double the weekly sessions from before, so I’ve been seeing lots more clients and loving it. The sessions are going really well, and it feels so good to share with more and more people these two simple facts: your feelings come from how you see the world (as opposed to from the world directly, which is how most people live – HUGE difference); and you are connected to a source of intelligence that can guide you through life, if you just ask it what to do now. You can call it wisdom, common sense, intuition, etc. Psychology has always been a bunch of theories, and it’s time for some facts. Science has facts, so why not psychology? Well, now we have two facts. And the results have been speaking for themselves.

When I’ve been off work, I’ve just wanted to be off work. I’m even slacking on a website redesign. My web guy has made it clear that he’s simply waiting for me on what he needs. That’ll get going soon, all good. I did want to check in, though. And it’s hot here! I feel like it got super hot and humid earlier than usual. Like you’re walking around in a huge, hot blow dryer when you’re outside. Ouch.

Of course there’s still lots of great stuff to share, and it’ll really reinforce what we’ve been learning. Clients are kicking ass. Many of my friends are, too, and I’ll be writing about more of them. So peace out, and enjoy your summer. I’ll be writing a post for the Breathe Yoga newsletter in a week or so, so you’ll be hearing from me soon. It might be called Fantasy Land, and if so it’ll turn the tables on a common misperception. In the meantime, all the best to you and yours!