The Universe Knows The Steps! This Is SO Cool…

We’ve been talking lots so far about making changes. I laid it all out in a comprehensive post about “going dry.” Then I spelled out (much more briefly…) how that post is really about subtracting anything from your life that you’re ready to ditch, not just drinking. Then we talked about how the fast way to big change is actually slowing down and allowing yourself to make just one change at a time. Do it right. And then a new you emerges, and THAT YOU is the one that’s best suited to naturally and intuitively feel out whatever is next. Does this make sense?

When we do things in this manner, what happens is that the universe gets put in charge. All of my work, in fact, is about putting the universe in charge. Because that’s a massive upgrade over your ego! And your ego is simply the beautiful and innocent child inside of you. Do you really want your inner five year-old running your life? That’s what I thought. Neither do it. Now, let’s really break it down…

There are steps from Point A to Point B, and the universe knows the best route. Point A is you now and Point B is the shiniest possible version of you, better than you can even imagine. Do really feel more qualified than the freaking universe to navigate the best route?? Come on… The best route is the fastest, smoothest, and most efficient. And the universe already knows exactly what it is. Boom! Thank you, universe.

I love the analogy of stair steps, or steps on a ladder. Better yet, picture a super chill, zenned out path of stepping stones. And let’s say these particular steps are spread so far apart that you can only go from one step to the next. Trying to jump two or more at a time literally isn’t possible in our imaginary little world; it’s just too far of a distance, it’s just math. So we go from Step 1 to Step 2 to Step 3, etc. Very natural. What many of us are doing, though, is looking at Step 5 and busting our asses to get to it, thinking that’s what has to be done. We’re innocently thinking this, trying to improve our lives, but we’re trying to get there from Step 1, or from some step other than Step 4. And it’s just not working, because we really need to be at Step 4 if we want to go to Step 5. Just sayin’.

Now that’s a lot of math, so let’s try to bring it down to the “real world.” Step 5 might be quitting smoking. And you just haven’t been able to do it, time and time again. And you judge yourself and belittle yourself and beat yourself up as a result. And that sure doesn’t help you quit smoking! Now, let’s say Step 1 is where you are now. What if Step 2 were just walking more? Not too much, just be consistent. Go for 3-5 days a week. Or use a step-counter (phones can do this) and do it that way. That’s a brilliant way to do it, because it’s so convenient – and it might not even feel like exercise (nothing against exercise). So you have a feeling, or the idea pops in your head, to do some light walking, and you do it. Note that this doesn’t have anything directly to do cigarettes, but the way.

So after you’ve settle into your new walking program for little while, you might naturally feel like it’s time to eat better. Nothing extreme, just make some better choices, most of the time. And keep it simple. Oh, that was Step 3 and you didn’t even realize it since it was so natural! Hmm, interesting…

At this point, you’re walking more and eating better, and that’s fantastic. As a result, you’re probably sleeping better and feeling better overall (and note that none of this is very time-consuming or extreme). Then all of a sudden, you realize that your job is awful, it feels soul-crushing, your boss is downright abusive (bless his heart), and you deserve better! You ask around, you look online, you do what you do, and eventually you find a new job. And wow, your whole life feels different now! Stress levels are WAY down. In fact, you didn’t even realize what a toll that job had been taking on your entire wellbeing until it changed. Then the contrast with the new job made it super obvious. Oh, that was step 4! Are you seeing what’s happening here?

Now all of a sudden you think to yourself, out of nowhere, “Whoa, I think I might be ready to quit smoking!?!” You weren’t even trying to do this, and the thought just popped in your head, along with a feeling of confidence, of excitement about the possibility. It feels much different than before, when there was a huge contraction in your body at the same thought. And there was zero confidence. What a difference! So what’s going on here??

Folks, we are now at Step 5. Can you see how it’s a totally different YOU that’s emerged from Step 1-4? And this newer, up-leveled version you is actually ready to tackle smoking; the past versions simply were not. And they weren’t supposed to be. Because there’s a timing to everything, there are steps, and the universe knows the damn timing and the steps. We use our intuitive feeling to feel out – and relax into, as best we can – the next step, of the smoothest path… that’s already laid out for us.

I’m actually doing this now, in fact! I tried to jump like 27 steps last year, and the universe was very decisive, saying, “Down, boy! That’s not how this thing works, son. Chill out and learn the lessons that are in front of you now, and you’ll grow faster than you can imagine. Then stay tuned for the next step.” Boom. And here we are. And I am so psyched, and it feels amazing. I’ll be talking a LOT about this coming up. It even involves a whole new Law of Attraction. By the way, if you’re stressing yourself out trying to manifest things, please stop. And book a session. Trust me.

Folks, something is different. I don’t know what it is, and maybe it’ll flame out. And that would be fine! But something feels very different. Many clients and friends are experiencing the same thing as well. And the woowoo’s say we’re in a big new energetic cycle, literally a new consciousness. Hey, I’ll take it, I’ll take it all. And note that the craziness in the world, the upheaval, the natural disasters, might actually be the shaking up and burning away of the old energies, the old consciousness.

And please know that I don’t use the word “burning” lightly, knowing what’s been happening in Australia with the fires, and California before that. I’ve loved Australians since my tennis teacher, Brian Sakey, moved to Pensacola when I was a kid, 10 or 11 years old. He was a HUGE influence on me, as well as on half of Pensacola and beyond! He might be the most awesome person I’ve ever known, in fact. Read that again – huge words, I know. I also went to Australia for a semester abroad during my senior year of college. It’s an amazing place, and the people are even more amazing. So my heart is with them all the way.

But I absolutely do believe that all of the old, outdated stuff is being shaken up and burned away on this planet now, preparing us for the New Earth that people have been talking about. This is how you get there; it’s the fastest way I know. And it’s all about YOU shining a brighter light FIRST. Read stuff like this blog posts from just this month, even, and you’ll be well on your way. You might read the links as well, to some older, very foundational posts. That’s what it’s all for; to help you shine a brighter light by teaching you how to do it. And the light already feels amazing. And it’s okay to feel proud of the light you’re shining, because it’s a very big deal. Your shifts benefit all those around you, and the goodness actually extends out to the entire planet. So I hope these posts are helping you. And hey, reading more might even be your next step 🙂 Peace out!