Allow Yourself To Make Just One Change At A Time (Ahh, Exhale…..)

Recently, I wrote a short tome about Dry January and “going dry” in general. That was followed up with a brief post pointing out that it wasn’t only about subtracting alcohol from your life, it was actually about subtracting anything that is no longer serving you. I said that in a way, this information is a blueprint for transformation in general, legit spiritual transformation. So it’s to be very respected. And on the other side of the shift, no matter how difficult (or not) it is, waits a version of you that you can’t even imagine now. And you’re not supposed to be able to imagine it, though, because it’s literally a new you. And the universe already knows every detail! So we can relax into that and let it happen, let it unfold. Just focus on the shift that’s in front of you.

Which brings us to what today’s message is about – that we only have to do one thing at a time. Many of us go all or nothing, so we try to become a totally different person starting on January 1. And we all know by now that that usually doesn’t work. If you’re going dry for a while or making any change that’s not easy for you, that’s a big deal, then give yourself permission to just do that. When the mind says you should also do other big shifts (diet, exercise, journaling, meditation, yoga, etc.) – and then you feel pressure or contraction in your body – then gently tell the mind, which is simply your beautiful and innocent little inner child, “Honey, first I’m going to do this [insert change here, like going dry for a month]. And yay, us! What an amazing thing to accomplish. And we’ll see about those other things after that, when it feels more natural. And thanks for your help, I really appreciate how much you want to help out. That shows me how much you care. Thank you so much.” And as always, we take some deep breaths to let this really sink into the body.

Doesn’t that feel awesome? As you make a big shift, a new you emerges like a snake shedding its skin. It’s literally a better version, the best yet, a 2.0 (or 37,000,000.0 or whatever). And the new version of you, shining more light than before, more healed than before, more whole and complete than before, will be able to feel with its intuition what the next shift should be. Or whether it feels best to relax for the time being and let the first shift take a deeper hold. Remember, the slow way is the fast way. Because we’re doing things right. And in the right order, which the universe already knows (that’s what your intuitive feeling is connected to, by the way – that’s why it’s best to practice tuning in and listening to it).

So give yourself permission to relax and do one thing at a time, especially when making a big change. We respect our undertaking, we respect ourself for undertaking it, and we try to really do each change right. And then it’ll feel natural to start eating better or to start exercising or whatever. Otherwise you’ll feel pressured, and that does not increase your chances of sticking with these healthy shifts. So there we go, happy shifting! And also happy “allowing yourself to relax and do just one at a time” – it really does work better this way. And as always, peace out and I’m here to help if I can 🙂