New Talk: Welcome To The New Spirituality!

I had the best time Wednesday night giving a new talk called “Welcome To The New Spirituality!” It was at a lovely place in Fairhope, AL called From The Center. And I say this a lot, but it’s just such an honor and a massive joy to share this way of living in which we learn to be our own best friend instead of a critic or enemy. It’s called loving what arises, and it’s the fastest way that I know of to heal the heart. And then we combine that with learning to flow with life, which already has a customized plan for our most efficient growth into the best version of ourselves we can possibly be. Read that again… So I’m writing here to summarize what we talked about as well as to provide links for some of the things that I mentioned. And I thought that instead of emailing it to my new friends that were there, why not post it here? So buckle up, because it’s pretty long. But it covers everything, and it’ll be a great resource or road map that’ll be there to serve you at anytime. It’s also been a great exercise for me to write this out, since I want to start getting this in compact forms like books, apps, and online products. It’s time to blast out 5D!

This is pretty much the same talk that I’m going to start giving all around Pensacola, and then I hope to branch out from there. I have two scheduled already, at Wild Lemon and at Breathe Yoga, and I’ll be giving more information on those as they draw near. Also I have contacts all over the southeast, and it’s a catchy title, and Facebook works wonders for getting people there! It’s interesting how my being so social all my life is looking like it’ll come into play to help spread a ton of light all these years later. That darn universe, so smart… Also, this talk can be de-woowoo-ified by calling it something like Peace Is Actually Here Now!, which will be more appropriate for certain venues and audiences. Hey, not everyone has to be into 5D! But the core of it all, loving what arises, is for everyone. That plus knowing that the universe is always helping us grow. That’s our one-two punch.

Now onto the talk… I started by saying let’s all just relax and breathe and be in “receiver mode.” Let what wants to sink in sink in. It’s no different than sitting and watching a movie and just taking it in, as opposed to trying to understand and “get it” and figure things out. If that happens naturally, then great. Otherwise, just breathe. Breathe and be dumb! Breathe and drool. Because the truth is that you end up so much smarter that way…

Also know that confusion is often a good thing when it comes to deep stuff like this. It means the small mind is getting blown, and that’s exactly what we want. Because a bigger and better mind is right there, ready to take its place. I’ve been calling that your “wisdom” all these years, and “plain old common sense” will do, too. It’s the quieter voice that’s always there. And let’s face it, it’s smarter… I also said that since the group had varying backgrounds and degrees of woowoo, if something doesn’t feel right or doesn’t make sense then all good, it’s simply a sign to breathe and relax. Wait for the next thing, no big deal. A big part of the talk is about how we’re all EXACTLY how we’re supposed to be, right now! Because the universe is so smart that if it wanted us to be “further along” then we already would be… So it’s literally all good.

With the stage set, we jumped right in with the question, “Who are we?” And the answer… angels in training! Okay, that sounds pretty good. Next up was, “Why are we here?” To help spruce this place up. To come down to help raise the vibration of an entire planet. That’s right, an entire freaking planet. To come and heal this place for the benefit of all. And yes, it’s a very big deal! That’s why the idea of judging ourselves and beating ourselves up is utterly ridiculous. In fact, we’re the LAST people that deserve that. It’s like we were looking down at earth and thinking, “Wow, it’s such a beautiful and lovely planet… But, umm, what the hell is up with those humans?? They fight with each other and do mean things. You know what, let’s hop into some bodies and go down there and fix it! Who’s with me?” And… I’m not sure how many answered the call, maybe just those of us that were crazy enough to do it. And I am honored to be one of those crazies! And now we’re banding together and learning what we actually are. And after a while it feels really, really good.

Then we talked about how we heal and transform a planet. The answer is really cool: we do it by hopping into a body and healing and transforming that one body, that one individual, that one person. You. You transform yourself. And by the principle of oneness or unity consciousness (which is what 5D means), any and all individual healing goes out to the collective. This path is very “divinely selfish,” and because of unity consciousness that means it’s actually very self-less. That’s oneness in action, folks, very cool. So if you’re doing anything better than your parents or those that came before you were able to do, then you’re actually healing and clearing it out of the whole lineage. You’re doing what those that came before you were not able to do, because you can! And that’s why you’re here. And yes, that’s means you’re a badass, and it’s okay to own that and be proud of it…

So you don’t have to be a yoga or meditation master or have the shiniest chakras (although that’s all perfectly good and awesome, for real). That’s not the focus of the new paradigm, though; it can be an effect, but it’s certainly not the cause (and there’s great confusion around this on the spiritual path as we transition from 4D to 5D, and this confusion causes many people to question themselves and beat themselves up). Do you know how many of my clients, for instance, were abused by a parent or parents? And while not condoning it, they can see clearly that their parents were just not able to act in any other way. They also see that their grandparents did it to their parents and so on, up the chain. And I ask them if they’ve ever abused their children. Do you know what they say? “No way, never! I told myself a long time ago that I’d NEVER do that. There’s just no way that that I could, no way. It’s not even possible.” And I point out, often with a tear in my eye, the bigness of what they’ve actually done. They’ve done their part to clear abuse out of their lineage and off the planet. And I say, “Thank you!” Because again, it’s a very big deal. So that’s how we transform a planet, by transforming ourselves.

So we’ve talked about how we’re angels in training that incarnated to raise the vibration of a planet, and we’re transforming the collective by healing and transforming ourselves. Next is, who’s running the show? Why, it’s the universe! Or God or Source, you get the idea. As I said above, it already knows the most efficient path for how we can become the most amazing versions of ourselves. This means lots of light or soul inhabits the body, so our energy fields have to be cleared of all the emotional debris from the past. This is huge, because it explains why we feel crappy sometimes (trust me, it doesn’t last forever). The universe triggers us intentionally as an opportunity to heal the past. Because when we’re emotionally triggered, it’s all about the past and not whatever has triggered us. The present trigger is actually just a pawn of the universe. Now, don’t stay in an abusive relationship or that type of unhealthy situation, of course; that’s just common sense. But in general, we’re triggered to give us an opportunity to clear out the old junk we’re carrying to make room for more light to move in. And after a while, there’s nothing left to be triggered. The same things happen that used to cause a visceral response, and that feeling just isn’t there in our body anymore, or it’s a lot less. And in this way, we’re shaped by the universe into an exquisite work of art, one more beautiful than we could ever imagine. The triggers are what buff you out and shine you up into a brilliant, radiant light. And that’s why we say, “Universe, have no mercy on me!” And yes, that’s pretty hardcore. I’ve been doing it, though, and so far it rules!

Another way to phrase this is that everything is here to help you. And you know what? That’s actually the title of Matt’s second book! What a coincidence… It comes out in June, and I was given an advance copy by a promo person that found my blog, so I’ll be writing a review very soon. But in short, it’s awesome! When we’re always asking, “How is this here to help me?” then we’re seeing life through the soul’s eyes and not the ego’s. Can you feel the difference as you read that, how major this is?? And as we make this shift, life starts to become really magical and exciting rather than super stressful and scary. This is what I wrote about in the post called The Essential Shift (To The Blame-Free Zone).

NOTE: This will be in my post about the new book, but I might as well go ahead and include it here since some of you may be ready. You can pre-order it from Hay House here, and if you do there are some freebbonus gifts. Back to the talk…

We also talked about “hand over your burdens,” which I learned from the retreat that I was just at. It’s in the notes from Day 3, afternoon section. It’s really cool, getting the power of the entire universe involved in helping us handle difficult things in the best possible ways. Hand them over one by one and watch what happens. You’re not ignoring them; you’re just admitting that you need some help. And the universe says, “Thank you, I’ve been waiting for you to ask. Let’s take care of this in an efficient way that benefits all.” Note that you’re also asking, “How is this here to help me?” So you’re making sure to learn whatever it is that the universe wants you to learn; that’s part of the deal.

We also talked about some of the differences between the old spiritual paradigm and this new one (which arrived in full at the big eclipse last August, I believe). The old way, and I’ve written about this before, is very masculine. We’re trying to enlighten ourselves by trying hard and working and doing it right and being in charge and seeking and all of that sort of thing. We’re constantly trying to fix a problem. We’re always working on ourselves, and we’re putting ourselves under a spiritual microscope while we’re doing it. We’re micromanaging our every feeling, thought, action, and intention. Sound familiar? The new paradigm is much more feminine, as we embrace the awakened consciousness that we already are, and we let the universe guide us into embodying it. The universe is in charge, not our ego. Which brings me to the next point of differentiation… if you really look at the old paradigm, the ego is totally in charge! And it’s literally impossible for it to awaken itself. That’s like a caterpillar trying to change into a butterfly while still being a caterpillar. Not. Gonna. Happen. So the new paradigm puts the soul fully in charge, and we do this by always asking, “How is this here to help me?” Gone is the blame and judgment that’s SO rampant in the old way (even though it can be subtle). I sure experienced my fair share of that… Who, me? Yep, a freaking ton. I have so much gratitude because this feels SO much better.

We talked somewhere along the line about being empathic or energetically sensitive, which Matt does the best job of anyone I know. He’s as empathic as it gets, and he’s mastered it. Much of the stuff on sensitives that I’ve seen really treats us like energetic wimps, even though it can be subtle. This stuff helps you see that you’re actually the strong one; you’re a badass! Afraid of nothing. In fact, darkness is afraid of you. Read that again! The big picture is this – you are the light that’s always clearing stuff; that’s just what the energy field of an empath does, and there’s no turning it off. So you’re this badass ball of light that’s clearing lower vibrational stuff all the time, wherever you go. So here’s the big question… Do you identify with the light that’s clearing stuff, or do you identify with the stuff that’s being cleared? Since nobody ever told you this (because we’re in a transitional time and it’s so new), you’ve probably been identifying with the sludge. No more. And we talked about how when you feel yourself shrinking or cowering, you can actually breathe IN that stuff and breathe out light and blessings for the planet. You’re naturally an energetic converter or transmuter, raising low stuff to step it up in vibration. What?? That’s right… Because you are the one that sends it home. I know this is different… Also send me your email (anyone) and I’ll put you on the huge Dropbox folder I made with lots of extra mind-blowing talks by Matt. Several of them explain exactly this. Just read the text file I put in there called READ THIS! and it explains the tracks. These are the ones I was listening to and my head exploded, usually within the first ten minutes. And I was thinking, “I have to share this with people!!” So I created this Dropbox folder.

We closed with two cool little experiences, some folks with eyes open and some with eyes closed. First, we relaxed into our breath and asked what this moment would be like if we weren’t anticipating anything? Just this moment, not forever. What if it were fine to want stuff, but that all takes time to unfold. Is peace actually already here now? What if we didn’t tie our peace to having whatever it is that we want to be different? Maybe those changes are on their way, but it takes time for things to unfold; that’s reality. So maybe we can have peace in the meantime. Maybe peace is actually here all along, sitting in the background as the space in which all other states come and go. Hmmm… And it felt really awesome. We might’ve also slipped in a super powerful one here, and that’s asking what if how I am now is exactly how I’m supposed to be, right now in this moment? That includes all perceived faults, imperfections, etc. What if this is EXACTLY how I’m supposed to be now?? How do you know it’s not? After all, that’s a really big assumption. So cool…

Then the final thing got a bit weirder. But it’s so cool. It’s the coolest thing to me now, in fact, and it comes from the track in the Dropbox called Unobjectified Feeling. And it’s hilarious, too – you really have to listen to how he does it. The audience can only laugh because he’s totally moved their minds out of the way. Gone. Again, we had some with eyes open and some with eyes closed. And we pondered what life would be like if we didn’t consider ourselves to be a person with a name, a past, tendencies, etc. What if we were just the breath, sitting in a chair and breathing now? Our name is breath, our occupation is breath, our age is breath. We simply go through life breathing. And as experiences come, we handle them. And we keep breathing and we move on. The experiences are what they are without being some big thing with a story and a bunch of meaning. We handle it as best we can, and we move on. And the consensus was pretty much that this would be a huge upgrade! Life would be so much simpler. We’d feel way better, and we’d handle situations way better, too. Anyway, we might talk about this more in future posts. Matt says “me” is M.E. = My Experience. So we breathe and we have experiences. And we handle them. No judgment about what they mean. Whoa. Listen to that track and then tell me how you feel. It’s so crazy that the audience can only laugh. Because their minds are all blown. In fact, he has them look for their mind. Can’t find one! He has them look for their past. Can’t find it! So funny… If you want to try right now, close your eyes and try to find your mind or your past. In fact, find who or where you are while you’re at it. There’s just space. Awesome.

I also mentioned some things I’ve written about before, like the Energetic Vacuum Cleaner, How To Spill A Smoothie, Women Rising Up!, and The Slow Way Is The Fast Way. You can always click Archives to see all the posts, since there are so many of them. Know, though, that my big shift with the “loving what arises” stuff was last summer (July 2017). So as things get earlier than that, there’s lots of great stuff but I’ve definitely shifted a ton. So keep that in mind. But still, there should be lots that can be helpful. It’s been a wild journey! And fast, too, all things considered…

Finally, here are some resources about Matt Kahn. Send me your email (again, anyone) if you want the tracks in the Dropbox folder. Highly recommended… His YouTube channel is amazing, and they’ve already posted a video from the last day of the retreat that I was at two weeks ago. That video is called The Power Of Self Responsibility. His first book is Whatever Arises, Love That, and that’s the foundation for everything, an entire book about it. And the second book, Everything Is Here To Help You, comes out in June. As I said above, I was given an advance copy to review and it’s pretty awesome. These two concepts are literally how I work with my clients everyday. And of course myself! That’s always where it all starts, it has to be. An overview of how he works comes from my initial impressions from the first retreat of his that I went to back in January, here. I’d definitely check that out for some background. And all my notes are posted after that, very interesting. Then my impressions from this second retreat are here, and the notes follow. Finally, he’s doing a book tour with Hay House over the next six months, and you can live stream it for super cheap. It’s done on his website, right at the top. If you want a taste, go here and watch the little two minute intro video and you’ll see why I love this guy! It’s very, very potent stuff.

So enjoy! And never hesitate to reach out if I can help in any way. Again, it’s an honor and a pleasure to connect with you, and it’s time to let the world know that there’s a new way. There’s nothing wrong with the old way except that it’s outdated now. It’s old and long and slow and more painful. We can heal and grow faster now than ever before, allowing life to do what it wants to us to allow our highest potential to emerge. And the whole thing is honestly pretty ridiculous (that’s a really good word to me, by the way). We have to allow life to trigger us to clear out our emotional bodies, though, but when you get the hang of it it gets better and better. And you’ll even start to say, “No mercy, bring it on.” Then you’ll know you really are one of the crazies that came down here to raise the vibration of a planet. And it’s high time we get the band back together. Until the next time, I wish you all the best. And as always, let me know if I can help.