The Voice In The Head

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Everybody has one. It’s annoying and it’s persistent. It likes to talk. Ladies and gentlemen, it’s the voice in the head! Some are chattier than others, some are louder than others, and some are angrier than others. Some sound saner than others. Honestly, though, most people think they’d be locked up if other people heard […]

What Is A Clean Mind?

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So just what is A Clean Mind? I’m so glad you asked… It’s very, very simple, and it’s extremely powerful. It’s versatile as well – it applies to all areas of your life. This is Human 101, a required course. The only problem is that we aren’t really offered this course, though, unless we look […]

Feelings 101

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Let’s demystify feelings – this alone can totally change your life. Here we go… Feelings are basically the body’s reaction to what’s going on or to what you’re thinking about. They are normal. They aren’t bad, and there’s nothing wrong with them. They come, they stay a while, and then they go. It’s a lot […]

Thoughts 101

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Here’s the deal with any thought or belief (they are the same thing, pretty much)… If it’s true, keep it. If it’s not, pitch it. It’s that simple. This comes from the incredibly powerful and yet simple work of Byron Katie. Check her out. I’ll be giving a very brief and spotty overview of what […]

Did My Friend Die?

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I heard news recently that a friend had died… possibly. The news was third-hand, so it had to be verified. I received the news via voicemail from another friend asking if I could confirm. I’m writing this to illustrate how powerful feelings are, as well as how we can best deal with them. I was […]

Pain vs Suffering

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This is a big one, folks – if you want peace, anyway. And it’s not very complicated. Let me first give credit to the folks over at Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). That’s where I found these particular terms, pain and suffering, for what is described below. I think they work very well. Regardless of […]