What Is A Clean Mind?

So just what is A Clean Mind? I’m so glad you asked… It’s very, very simple, and it’s extremely powerful. It’s versatile as well – it applies to all areas of your life. This is Human 101, a required course. The only problem is that we aren’t really offered this course, though, unless we look for it. This usually happens when things go south and we are forced to grow.

A Clean Mind is very basic, but you’ll see that it’s so different than the way that most of us have been living that it can take some practice. Also, it’s nothing new and it’s definitely not original to me. People have been living this way for thousands of years, and plenty do today, but it’s few and far between. Just take a look around. Back to our topic…

A Clean Mind is totally internal. It’s all about two major things – feeling and thinking. In terms of feelings, you’ll know crystal clear that feelings come and go as we live life. They are nothing more than the body’s reaction to whatever you’re thinking about or experiencing at a given moment. When you understand this, you’re able to let go of what you’re carrying from the past as well. In terms of thinking, it’s all about how you see things as opposed to the things themselves. That’s huge. It’s also about understanding that the annoying voice in the head is not you and it’s not to be believed. Over time, you can take the power from it so that it’s just not a big deal.

What I just described is A Clean Mind in a nutshell. This is in stark contrast to how most people live. Most people react all the time. A Clean Mind acts. Huge, huge difference. Most people don’t understand that unpleasant feelings like anger, sadness, stress, and anxiety are totally normal under certain situations. These people make a problem out of these feelings (as if the situation itself weren’t unpleasant enough), and this makes the situation worse. That’s self-inflicted pain. Not a good plan. Now we can learn that there’s another way.

This blog has lots of posts that describe A Clean Mind in action. This is designed to show you real life examples so that you can learn it for yourself. That’s really my main point, by the way – that all of this is stuff that you can learn. You don’t have to be born that way. And then you practice. And life will bring you exactly what you need to learn at any given moment. After a while, it takes more and more to rattle you. You’re well on your way to inner peace.

Before I go, let me be a broken record real quick. I can’t stress the importance of understanding how feelings work in the body. I don’t see how anyone can be at peace without knowing about this. And it’s so ridiculously simple – they flow in, they stay for a bit, and then they flow out. Then the other thing is taking control of what you’re telling yourself and what you’re believing. Most people don’t even question the voice in the head. That’s the way of pain, and there’s a way out. When you notice it, just let it go. Stop. Take a breath. It’s just the voice in the head. No big deal.

My goal is simply to help people live at peace, regardless of the circumstances. We’ve all tried to control the circumstances, and that doesn’t work for long. That’s called external peace. The spiritual teachers all talk about inner peace, and that’s what we’re going for here. These concepts are simple, but they take practice – it’s all about doing it in the moment. It becomes more natural as you break those old habits, and it doesn’t have to take long before you’re well on your way to having A Clean Mind. You’ll know that you’re a different person than before. If I can be of help, just let me know. Either way, I wish you all the best. This stuff is so cool…