More Green Parrots at the River of Jordan!

Greetings again from Israel! My last post was about an amazing experience I had involving a green parrot and my dad (who crossed over in 2002) up at the chapel on the Mount of Beautitudes above the Sea of Galilee. A couple of days later, we headed south for the Dead Sea. They say this is like going from Heaven to Hell, because it’s much more lush up north compared to the super dry desert down south. In between is the famous baptism spot on the River of Jordan. Now remember, I’m not even religious. This is all about living spiritual energy that is coursing through your body right now at this very second. Take a breath or two and feel it. This doesn’t take any special power; it’s your birthright. And it’s right there, all the time. The flow might be restricted or not, but there’s an infinite ocean of it available to all humans all the time. I’m learning to drink it in more and more, and I’m just scratching the surface. And even that is pretty awesome. 

So I had no idea what to expect; just showing up and letting it flow. First of all, it is stunningly beautiful. Definitely check out the Facebook page for this blog to see the pics. Wow, what beautiful emerald colored water. We went to our spot, almost fifty of us, and it was explained by our leader that we were there to step into the unknown. I talk about riding instead of driving on this blog. This was symbolic of really doing it. Like, really doing it. And then see what your life looks like and how it feels. Buckle up! 

We went in groups of twos, and I was in no rush. It was pretty moving seeing the others go, so I was enjoying that. And then what did I see right across the river in a big, beautiful eucalyptus tree? You guessed it, a bunch of green parrots! Dad was with me here, too? Of course he was… That felt very, very nice. And as I was writing about this a few days ago on the Facebook page, it hit me that the eucalptus tree has pretty major significance for me. I first saw them when I was in Australia doing a semester of college. I was totally struck by the huge eucalypts there. I mean, wow! They’re just stunning. Amazing. Beautiful. Elegant. Lovely. I totally had a crush on them, as you can tell… Well, I had a pretty major awakening experience in Australia, and it lasted for a long time, like a year or two? All I know is that you couldn’t wipe the smile from my face at that time. Something was very different. What used to be problems were os small that I’d laugh at them. And I know that I wasn’t denying or suppressing, either; I was just seeing things more clearly. I’m really just now coming to see how significant that time was, and honestly I’ve been on the road back to that level of unshakable peace for the last thirteen years or so. And now it’s conscious. So that was cool. Back to the story… 

Fast forward an hour or so, and I look around and realize that everybody else has gone, aside from the facilitators. It was only me and the lovely Maria from Belgium. She was already down in front standing by the rail, waiting for the ones in the water to finish. It was my turn to take my place. As I looked around, one of the leaders of the group, John Mark Stroud (the guy with the red clown nose in the pic on the Facebook page, whose website is, gave me the nod. He has been instrumental for me in the last year and a half or so, by the way. And this definitely ain’t your grandparents’ kind of spiritual teacher. Wow. 

So I got up and stepped down to the rail by the water, standing right behind Maria. And then it started… What started? A vibration. A strong vibration, all throughout my body. A vibration like I had never felt before, not even remotely close. Like a jackhammer, and a very rapid one at that. It was especially strong in my hands, or maybe that’s just where I noticed it more since I was trying to hold onto a rail. It was like nitrous oxide at the dentist’s office. And then a ton of strong emotion came up. It was so much that all I could do was breathe deeply into it. And I was breathing like I’d played full court basketball for the first time in ten years. Seriously! Tears streaming down the face. Yowzers! This whole thing just descended upon me, and it was not subtle. And keep in mind, this is a math major talking! It was sort of hard to walk, so I took it really slow. Then a dunk in the water, a few seconds of swimming that felt so freeing, and out. The emotion was still strong, fading over the next twenty minutes or so. Wow! Not a bad Thursday, or whatever day it was. And the green parrots were watching over us the whole time. Nice hanging out with you again, Dad. I love you. And we’ll see if this new energy cleared a path for more to come. It feels like it did, because that’s what it does. That’s why I’m here with this group doing what we’re doing. And what I have, I give, so you’ll be the first to know. Peace out, love you!