A Belated Easter Message For All Humans

I did not intend to write these recent posts with different takes on Christian themes, but such is life; it twists and turns like a river. Unless, of course, the Army Corps of Engineers tries to straighten the river, as they did to Central Florida’s Kissimmee River in the 1960’s. This predictably turned out to be an “ecological disaster,” and it lead to a recent billion-dollar restoration project to “re-curve” it. And then nature did it’s natural thing and the ecosystem is getting back to being healthier again. And since everything is connected (scientific fact), this is good. For you and me, now. So let life twist and turn! Remember the main lesson from Michael Singer’s book The Surrender Experiment: life knows what it’s doing. Back to the story…

So I assumed I had written about a deeper meaning of Easter before, but a quick review of the archives of this blog reveals otherwise. So here we go. And as always, we try to keep it simple as well as pertinent to us, now. Also, let me invite you to take a breath and put your beliefs aside for a moment, if your body feels even the slightest bit contracted. Because they will be there for picking up again later if you so choose. They aren’t going anywhere, and you are fully in charge. All is good. And for those who have been looking into deeper matters or “spiritual” matters before, or mystical Christianity, then this might be nothing new. For others, though, just relax and see if anything resonates; for it’s a pretty awesome message. Remember, you have an inner GPS built-in, a truth-meter. It’s a feeling. But stay in the breath and ask honestly and don’t be in a rush. What you really believe will reveal itself. Get out of the way, though, and don’t have a stake in the result. Just let your body tell you. Here we go…

To me, Easter is mostly about celebrating the resurrection of the real YOU… NOW! Call it the true Self, authentic Self, real Self, soul, or whatever. Even just ‘Self’ versus ‘self’ works; these are just words. The point is that there’s a You in there that’s better than what you could ever possibly imagine. And it came with the package. It’s what you’ve been all along, and you’re on a journey now of awakening to that reality (whether you know it or not; just sayin’). And so am I; I just happen to be writing about it as I do it. When we start to live like we talk about here at A Clean Mind and in many other places, feeling our way through life more and listening to that little voice of wisdom inside more than we listen to the chatterbox, the conditioned ego voice, that negative character that seems so real, then this whole journey goes much more smoothly and much faster, too.

There’s a “wise you” in there that knows what to say and when. It knows how to say it. It knows when to wait and not say anything. We simply and gently practice letting that One be in charge more and more. Trust me, I’m doing the same thing. And life shows me where I get stuck! It did very recently, in fact… It’s all good, though; I just try to see it more and more clearly and more and more in real-time, learn the lesson, and move on. And this is totally a work in progress! It takes practice, gentle and loving practice. When we ditch all of the judgment we have around everything and around ourselves, as my last two posts are about (here and here), it’s way better, too.

So how does Easter come in? Whether you are religious or not (and I am not), Easter is a great opportunity to declare that you are doing your best to get out of the way and let that wise version of you be in charge more. And you can celebrate the progress you’ve made as well. Look back to this time last year. And the year before that. And the year before that. Chances are you will like what you see, because you will see that you are very clearly headed in the right direction. I mean, seriously. If this is the case, then pause and take a breath of that awesome feeling for a few moments……….. It is very much worth celebrating!

And if you don’t like what you see, then stop and love yourself right now anyway! Do that first. And then declare that you’re going to do your best to get the ship turned around. But you will NOT withhold love from yourself as you do this. Life can be tough, and you’ve been doing your best. Even if your best seems like is has sucked, well, that’s what you’ve been able to muster. But we are looking forward and not backwards. And I’m certainly here to help if I can.

That’s all for now, just a brief take on Easter. We could talk more about how a study of near-death experiences reveals pretty good proof that we survive death and that “the other side” is really awesome. And that the real Self is, well, absolutely, totally real! It’s who you really are right now, without having to lift a finger. I’m sure we’ll go into more detail about that in the future. That’s what we are letting “come out of the closet” more and more. And yes, lots of quotation marks today. All good… So we are all coming out of the closet as wise, awesome beings! Not these small versions of ourselves that we’ve created and believed to be who we really are. Those days are numbered. So keep getting out of the way more and more and letting the real You emerge, and that is the resurrection. Right here, right now. It is your birthright. It is YOU, NOW. Bam!