16 Hours of Matt Kahn For $99!

You might remember me shouting from the rooftops last summer about Matt Kahn’s Feel Good Now retreat, on sale for $111 (I think that’s still good, by the way… do it!). This was a 5-day retreat in Portland, OR back in April 2017, and it’s hours and hours of talks that are designed to blow your mind and totally change your life, as this new stuff integrates. Well, here’s another one, and it’s even less expensive, by twelve bucks. Hey, it all adds up… The next 5-day retreat he did was in Portland as well, in October 2017. It’s called Becoming The Beloved, and it’s on sale for $99. Do it.

It’s sixteen hours of talks, all about relationship. Relationship with yourself, relationship with the universe, relationship with your soul mate, etc. If you want to attract your soul mate, then you first have to become the one with whom they’d actually want to be! That’s what he did, for nine years actually. It’s amazing stuff, and all of his stuff is super general in case “relationship” doesn’t resonate with you at first. Because when we take a deeper look, everything is relationship. Of course it all starts with your relationship with yourself, which is what we talk so much about here. And then there’s your relationship with the universe, which is also something we’ve been talking about here for a long time. Then there are your relationships with other people, both close and distant, healthy and unhealthy. And it all extends out from there to every area of your life. You’re in relationship with your body, your possessions, your job, your free time, your hobbies and interests, your ethnicity, your beliefs, food and drink, sex, where you live, etc. Everything is relationship. Isn’t that interesting?

Anyone that’s into spiritual stuff or growth, or that resonates with anything that’s “deep” in any way, do it if you can! $99 is an extremely low price for a long-term investment in yourself. If there’s one life changing piece of gold, then it’s worth it. And let’s face it, in sixteen hours of this guy talking, one nugget is a layup. I feel so pushy… But, it’s out of love! I went through the spiritual rat race for years, and I’m just trying to save you some time and pain. But all good, your intuition is your guide. Nothing is for everyone, and you know you the best. This post is meant for those that have been resonating even a little bit with what I’ve been sharing about my experience with Matt and his teachings.

If you’re interested, click here. Then click Add To Cart, enter promo code BTB2017, and take it from there. And I really will try to be less pushy and “sales-y” in the future, but I can’t make any promises… Peace out!