Notes: Matt Kahn Retreat, Saturday PM

Here’s the fifth installment of my notes from the Matt Kahn retreat in January. And my initial impressions are written up here in case you want some context.

NOTE: He uses certain words interchangeably: the Universe, Source, Life, God, Light, the Divine. If you have any baggage with a certain word or words, just pick one that works for you! The last thing we ever want to get hung up on is a word, as I’ve done a million times before. It’s just a symbol, so always look at what the speaker is pointing to rather than what your meaning is. Because they’re often not the same. And they’re the one that said it anyway. This is such an important thing to be aware of as humans that are always in communication with one another. Okay, here we go…

This afternoon’s theme is the end of adversity. We all want to manifest the end of pain, loss, and adversity. That dimension occurs when we accept the invitation of the present moment to face the moment just as it is.

Adversity, inconvenience, etc. all happen to force us into the present moment.

If we’re present at the retreat, what’s so different when we leave? It’s different only because we say it is. It’s just a different set of hand puppets! Family, friends, co-workers, neighbors, etc.

Why not just be one way all the time? Be open to the moment as it is. Then adversity isn’t necessary.

Amazing inquiry: How do you know you’re not me? Whoa… I don’t! He went on for a little while about this, and everyone’s head was blown open. Even though we see different bodies, how do we KNOW? Not believe, but know. How do we know, at the end of the day when all is said and done and the play of different bodies in time and space is over. We don’t.

NOTE: To those to whom this sounds crazy, I hear you. But it actually has to be reality; it just doesn’t appear that way. Whether you look deeply at spirituality, religion, quantum physics, or the vast research on near death experiences and out of body experiences, there is no other possible conclusion. True separation cannot exist! Pretty crazy. Back to the notes…

So a crime only occurs when one forgets that the other is himself/herself. True forgiveness, then, is saying, “I pardon you of your mistake (of forgetting that I am you).” The one that’s in a position to forgive is always the one on a more advanced path. And the perpetrator is assisting that one on its journey.

This is a BIG step to take, but it’s the end of adversity.

This forgiveness pardons whatever it forgives and welcomes it home into the light, and it is transmuted on impact, automatically.

He did a cool social experiment some time ago and went around his hometown of Seattle silently forgiving everyone he saw and pardoning them – for whatever. And it radically changed how he related to life! We just deliberately hand out pardons to all humans. And then life starts to have a peace treaty with us.

Forgiveness has nothing to do with guilt. It’s just going around and constantly wiping the slate clean from a human energy field, all those that you forgive. Wow.

We forgive all for having related to others as being other than themselves. We do it for ourselves as well. And we do it for anyone from history, too. History is God dressing up as wilder and wilder characters to see if we’ll still recognize the light no matter how dense it looks.

Just pardon and set free and move on.

Matt invited us to think about what our biggest fear was. Then he told a story about how throughout his life, his biggest fear was that he was actually dark, like the anti-Christ, the devil, etc. So he played small to save humanity from this coming to be. Finally he faced all darkness and looked it in the eye, face to face. The worst stuff he could think of: Satan, the devil, the Anti-Christ, entities, Lucifer, demons, etc. And he forgave each one of them. He pardoned them and set them free. And in doing so, he became too big for Hell to contain. Then he could really unleash light on earth.

Then he went through lots of nasty stuff, anything that came to mind – animal abuse, murder, torture, rape, conspiracy theories, human trafficking, reptiles dressed as politicians, you name it – “I forgive you.”

Then he forgave us for for everything he could think of, and our lineage, to initiate us into having the power to forgive all humans – we receive it ourselves to be initiated into it, and it extends out from there.

When we first meet people, silently forgive them on the spot.

Forgiveness is how we purify our soul, raise our vibration, and clean the slate of others so that they can reach their highest potential.

Nothing has to be right (i.e. their actions), except our response: “I forgive you.”

NOTE: He always says to never stay in a dangerous, abusive situation. Be smart as far as your actions, and make sure you’re safe.

Judgment is the withholding of forgiveness. When we don’t forgive, it’s because of our pain. But forgiveness is what heals the pain. Forgive or fester, that’s the option. When this teaching truly hits us, there will be no option but to forgive.

With all of the injustices happening in the world, we’re being the solution and not part of the problem. This isn’t just how we step out of adversity, it’s how we’re freed from fear. Fear is what everyone else is swimming in, so let’s drain the pool!

When we’re doing this forgiveness all the time, darkness is afraid of us. So it hides. And we go around blowing up hiding spots.

Hell is the absence of forgiveness. It’s how life is when we don’t know the power of forgiveness. So if forgiveness is an option, great. And if it’s the only option, welcome to Heaven.

We forgive ourselves for holding others to expectations they’re not designed to meet. And we also forgive ourselves for lowering the bar. So we forgive both sides.

Let’s end this all now! And stop holding back our light and perfection.

And if we make choices we don’t think are good, own it and don’t blame. Let it be because we chose to instead of to cover up pain from someone or something else.

Choose everything in our lives. Own it, embrace it, and live at full capacity. And if we make changes and others are in pain as a result (like changing who you hang out with), then forgive us and them. But make sure we’re choosing those that choose us. Commit to life!

When wondering what life wants you to do, first commit fully to life exactly as it is and then wait for further instructions. So it comes back to the present moment from earlier.

There’s religion, which is man’s attempt at understanding the way of spirit, and then there’s the way of spirit, which is forgiveness in action. Just pardon and set free.

After all this talk about forgiveness, something really cool happened. A woman was super honest and said her body was literally burning. She was super triggered and felt like running. It was because the teaching was going on so long, like “I get it already!” And by the way, when he speaks, it’s a very strong energetic transmission, so it’s not just the words. And you can totally feel it. So the Light in her that was being awakened was pushing up against her ego/conditioning. What she was feeling was kundalini energy or God pushing against the ego, which is the part that’s not meant to survive. He asked what would happen if she didn’t run but let the fire burn instead? And just breathe. What burns is only what we don’t need, making room for more light or soul to come through.

Then a guy stood up after her to say he was experiencing the same thing (several others said they were), and he was also feeling like falling sleep and even passing out. Matt explained each. Falling asleep happens when we’re not used to our nervous system being so relaxed. Our mind only associates a level of deep relaxation with sleep, so the body thinks, “Yay, bedtime!” The feeling of passing out is different, though. That’s when the conscious mind is being challenged too much, with old beliefs crumbling. It freaks out, so the intelligent body just bypasses it altogether by passing out. Then the subconscious mind can take over and receive the teachings just fine (the conscious mind will catch up later). So interesting. Then the teachings continued…

When an empath feels what’s in another’s body, just forgive it. For example, “I forgive this anger.” You’re the one that’s in a position to forgive it because you’re the one that’s more aware of it. And the gold that comes from your act of forgiveness goes into their energy field for when they’re ready to receive it.

Then he talked some about money and abundance. Money is often a reflection of self-worth. The opposite of self-worth is self-doubt, and doubt = debt. Note that this is true for us as energetically sensitive ones or empaths, but different rules apply to others. Others on a different path often start out with abundance, only to feel an emptiness inside that forces them to look within. Or they start out with abundance only to lose it, thus forcing them to look within.

Abundance is about reclaiming your power, living with conviction, and being unapologetically you. There’s often an exchange of money for something of value. If someone doesn’t want to pay for your services, then maybe they’re not ready to receive what you have to offer.

Then he talked a bit about death, saying that after we take our last breath in this body, we take our next breath in a soul body or light body. So the breath never stops. When you’re with a dying person, say, “I/We love you, we’ll always be connected, and it’s safe to go now.” Say it over and over like a lullaby. This helps to usher them into the light.

Cool Q&A from a woman that’s a nurse in a “high acuity” area (i.e. there are extremely sick people there). She’s empathic and has long shifts with verbal abuse from the patients. She said she knows it’s the worst day of their lives, and she wants to be able to stay at a high vibration to serve them as best she can. He said to strive for a “pure” vibration, meaning it’s the highest that she can ground and embody rather than something unrealistic, leading to the roller coaster that she’s been experiencing. He said to open and meet whatever comes, such as the energy of the verbal abuse (this is the powerful feminine). Don’t be afraid. You’re the doorway to Heaven to transform it and pardon it for all. Also take short breaks if you can and change your breathing and constantly empty out. Say, “I allow the energy I’ve taken on from others to be taken out of my field and returned to the light now.” This “empties the recycling bin.”

Then she asked about being so triggered by rude patients when she’s working her ass off for them. He asked, “Who are they reminding you of?” She said it came down to her parents who were never around. She wanted their attention and worked hard for it. He said to forgive them and then see if the universe responds. See if different caharacters show up (i.e. less rude patients) or if she has less of a reaction when they’re rude.

NOTE: This is why the Q&A’s are so fascinating, because he’s like this intuitive laser. He’ll always ask something like “who are they reminding you of” to take it way deeper. It was really cool to watch. That example might not sound like anything special, but he did it over and over, and sometimes it seemed like it came out of left field. But it was always spot on. Back to the notes…

He talked about the difference between children and adults regarding wanting. Children just want what they want, while adults will think of if it’s good for them or if they need it.

The difference between a soul mate and a twin flame is conduct. A soul mate always has high conduct, because intimacy is a great responsibility. A twin flame, on the other hand, might come into your life and wreck things with lower conduct and respect. It always leads to growth, though – that’s always the bigger purpose.