Notes: Matt Kahn Retreat, Day 1

Hello, Beautiful. These are my notes from Matt Kahn’s 5-day Standing For Love retreat. It was at the World Forestry Center in lovely Portland, OR on April 25-29, 2018. You can read my general, mind-blown impressions here. Because it was freaking insane!!! Okay, I had to get that out of my system… But seriously, it was craaaazy!!! I guess there was a bit more…

His retreats (and talks and everything he does) always unfold intuitively, based on what the universe deems necessary for that situation at that time. It’s so cool to watch because it just happens, it just comes through. He said that this retreat ended up having a theme for each day. Day one was Wednesday, and the theme was expansion. So let’s expand…

Wednesday 4/25/18 am (Expansion Day)

He talked this morning all about blame, and it was amazing. Consider that whatever the problem is, the problem is not you and the problem is not anybody else. Presence is when there’s no blame. Discontent arises from blame. Unconsciousness is a dream of blame. 

Object consciousness is needed order to have blame. Object consciousness is when everything is precisely defined as this or that, rather than being more open, like, “this is just how I’m seeing things.” 

Give everything to the moment. And another person is just the moment in a costume. If they don’t give back, then they’re still integrating or digesting what you’ve given them. So give all of yourself to another and don’t wait for it to come back. There’s no separation, so you’re giving to yourself. If you give all of yourself, you don’t get exhausted. So go for it! To withhold takes you into object consciousness and not the infinite that you are. 

Consciousness is power. Unconsciousness is lack of power, so it can’t actually touch consciousness. Unless there’s blame. 

You don’t have to protect yourself (i.e. an empath or energetically sensitive being) unless you think you’re an object. 

How do you give yourself fully to the moment? Put aside any idea of where you end and another begins. How do you know another isn’t just an outer layer of you? 

Wednesday 4/25/18 afternoon (Expansion Day)

How do we get out of blame? It’s just an innocent tendency, that’s all. So how do we get out? First, see that we need a problem to have blame. But a problem is actually just a process, a spiritual growth opportunity, that we don’t understand yet. It’s all a gift. “It’s not a problem, it’s a process.” If you have trouble with something, just say to it, “You’re a gift that I haven’t been trained to recognize, so please teach me how to receive you.” 

Only objects have problems, and he doesn’t see himself as an object. 

Co-creation is really about cooperation. If you don’t remember creating it in Heaven, then you didn’t create it. Surrender and cooperate with what you were chosen to play out and life will get way better than your ego could ever imagine. This is the new Law of Attraction.  

Cooperation is the bridge from where you are to beyond your wildest dreams. 

The ego say, “I never get what I want.” The soul says, “I always get what I need.” 

Rejection is redirection (for the soul’s growth). 

Instead of wanting a bunch and having lots of desires, just say “thanks” or “thank you for choosing me” (for life’s path). The line to get in to Heaven of people that are wanting all the time is miles long. But the line of people that just say “thanks” only has like three people! So you’ll get in a lot faster. 

Take one moment to not want a single thing to be different. Just one moment. We did this, and WOW! A major shift. 

Getting what we want doesn’t change how we feel, because that comes from how we see ourself (ego vs. soul, object vs. expression of Source energy or consciousness). 

Cooperation with life is the key to fast evolution. This is HUGE! 

To speed things up, say, “No mercy. No mercy for me. No mercy for this one. Bring it on! Please would something devour me so I can be re-created in a greater image.” Be passionate about the process (remember that nothing is a problem, it’s a process). Darkness gets afraid when we say things like this. 

All that arises (i.e. fear, anger, jealousy) is for the purpose of deepening our relationship with it to be more intimate. And remember that these feelings come from the one that feels that way… the inner child. So you’re deepening your relationship with your self. 

Being totally willing to listen to our thoughts clears it because we’re finally treating thought like God would. And we’re God! 

“Oh well” is a mantra of cooperation, like when we don’t get what we want. “Oh” is the recognition that what we didn’t want to happen happened. And “well” refers to the fact that the one that witnessed the experience is eternal wellness in form.  

Take your growth seriously but don’t take yourself seriously; that’ll really help. And the more successful you are, the more flexible you have to be. 

QnA about cancer. Cancer isn’t something to be conquered but to be be-friended. It pushes against our boundaries of mortality and fairness. It’s a very deep opportunity to bring wellness into your life. And over time, you’ll see what’s in the Akashic records (what’s planned to unfold over time). 

Nothing says “bring me more” than being content with what you already have. 

Huge insights are only needed when you’re off course. So maybe you’re already just fine and on course. Also more intense spiritual experiences take longer integrate and are tougher to integrate. 

Life’s too perfect to be imagined (i.e. the ego trying to manifest versus “thanks fort what I have” or just “thanks”). 

Life’s also too perfect to be fair. And may we be freed from the character that thinks it’s not fair. 

Receive all that life gives, and it’s always giving, from a place of wholeness, contentment, and freedom. And that always brings more wholeness, contentment, and freedom. 

Wednesday 4/25/18 pm (Expansion Day)

The night session was a total deconstruction that blew our minds to help integrate all that happened and shifted on this big first day. And to help us sleep well and start Day 2 reborn and ready to fly!