How Is My Approach Different?

I’ve often said that what I do with clients is a different way to do counseling or therapy. I don’t even really call it counseling or therapy, in fact; I call it fast growth or transformation. And is there any stigma associated with fast growth or transformation?? Thankfully, NO! Quite the opposite, in fact. And know that I definitely haven’t invented anything; I’ve just had good training and good teachers, and I always put it together in the best, most natural way for me. I hear all the time from clients that have been to other counselors, and they say this is totally different and much more effective. Why? In short, the word is “transformational.” My goal is to help you to understand that what you really are is probably way more amazing and powerful than what you thought you were. And when that shift happens, life can never be the same.

For one thing, what I do is mostly education. But it’s education that changes your life! It’s what would be taught in middle school in a more evolved society. Sure, I hold a safe space for people, I listen, and I don’t judge them and all that. But there’s lots of education. Education about what? About the fact (yes, fact) that there’s a good feeling already inside of you and that there’s an intelligence behind all things, pushing everything. I help people learn to get out of the way of something smarter that can not only handle life’s stressors but can also thrive. We get very specific about how people get in the way of this intelligence. The main way is by listening to a crappy voice in our head that, get ready for this, nobody else even hears or cares about! And they learn that there’s a better voice that’s always there, though it’s usually quieter. We call this our wisdom, or even our plain old common sense. Listening to the chatter creates feelings that layer on top of the deeper feeling of peace and contentment. So we have to learn how to feel, burning through those layers. Can you see that this isn’t even very complicated? It just takes practice. And we end up carrying a much lighter load. A client told me this today, in fact, after only one session. She’s getting out of the way to what’s already there. Awesome!

A big part of this is also major self-love and total worthiness. This gets into what we think we are, also known as our self-concept. Am I really a body that’s going to die? Well, there happens to be a mountain of evidence – yes, evidence – that says hell no! And there’s more coming out all the time. Read (or listen to) something like Dying To Be Me by Anita Moorjani, or watch the hour-long documentary Afterlife (on Netflix if you have that). Or read Soul Survivor by Bruce and Andrea Leininger. There’s a ton of this stuff out there, a freaking ton. And it says very clearly that you are not what you think you are. You are ridiculously magnificent, innocent, unlimited, infinite, loving, etc. Literally. Right now! So I help people with this “Self-concept,” and notice the capital ‘S’ this time. Pretty sneaky… And Self-love and worthiness are all built-in. Even if someone gets freaked out by the thought that they might be an eternal, amazing soul (or whatever word you choose), that’s fine; I’ll still help them with self-love. Because why not love yourself?? Have you ever really sat down and thought about it? Has the whole “being totally hard on myself” plan really worked? So we talk about that sort of thing.

Can you see how I might have a pretty cool job? I’m certainly not perfect at it, and there have been plenty of clients that I haven’t been able to reach. There have also been some that I saw once and assumed I didn’t reach, and then I ran into them or heard from them them six months later and they said that one session changed their life! That happened this weekend, in fact. So I’m always getting better at casting a wider net and being able to help more and more people; that’s how anything works, you get better with practice. But the transformations are happening at a pretty awesome rate, I’d say. This is not normal counseling, and thank heavens for that! Because if you talk to the people that go see counselors, you get the feeling that it can be really hit or miss. Much of it is lame, unfortunately, and the people say they just don’t learn anything. And I can’t even say it’s the therapists’ fault, because the training isn’t that great in general. It’s mostly a bunch of theories from the past that probably didn’t have that great a success rate to begin with. So why are we still studying that stuff?

Uh-oh, we’re teetering on the edge of a rant… Sorry! I don’t want to do that, I really don’t, so please accept my apology. It comes from a really good place, though, and that’s the desire for people to be happy if they truly want to be happy. And the desire for the “happiness experts” to be super effective at helping their clients reach this goal, and in the shortest amount of time. So I don’t want to put other counselors down personally (and a lot of them are amazing), because that’s not at all what this is about. What I am very clearly saying is that it’s time for an evolutionary leap for the entire counseling field. And I think the way I’m doing it is absolutely, clearly one such leap. The results are in, and it’s improving all the time. And there are many others out there doing phenomenal work as well. And many that are WAY better than me, too! Seriously…

So there we go, I just wanted to give you an idea of how this way is different in case you were wondering. And if you or anyone you know is looking, let’s do this! I’m ready for more!! More peace. This way tends to be faster overall (but of course not always), so there are often open slots. And we can do video or phone sessions if you’re not in Pensacola. I’m here to help if I can. And either way, I wish you the very, very best. Because the very, very best is what you ARE. Right here, right now, without having to lift a finger.