Hi folks! Yes, I’ve been a slacker blogger lately… Actually I’ve been as busy as ever. The counseling practice is really taking off, and I’m doing some interesting work on the side, too. And I’ve had lots of gigs on mandolin recently.¬†We still have a big year coming up, though. We’ll be covering all kinds of topics, including psychics, reincarnation, near-death experiences, out of body experiences, and cutting edge science. And they all say pretty much the same thing: that who you fundamentally are is not the small, separate being you might think you are. Isn’t that really awesome news, if true?

That list of topics might look pretty intense to some folks, so that means we’ll have to start off by talking very generally about beliefs. This is an important conversation that’ll set the stage for everything else. In a nutshell, here’s the deal with beliefs. The truth is still true whether you or I believe it or not. If that weren’t the case, then it wouldn’t be the truth. And there’s only one truth. If there were more than one truth, then it wouldn’t be the truth. So we can relax about the truth. It’s already true, and it doesn’t need you or me to defend it.

Now we come to beliefs. Either they’re true or they aren’t true, right? If they’re true, great. And if not, then I’d like to know ASAP so I can ditch them! I have absolutely no loyalty to beliefs. The reason for this is that I’ve learned the hard way. I’ve believed something and held onto to it, only to find out later that it was not true. And I could’ve learned that sooner had I not been so tight and rigid about it. But I was holding on and defending it. And then I felt like an idiot when the evidence was finally too much and I had to admit that I had it wrong the whole time.

So we can really be relaxed about the whole thing and not be so white-knuckled about it. Many people these days are holding onto their beliefs with such a firm grip that it can be painful just watching. The reason is that their identity is tied up in those beliefs. I would offer that your true identity is way beyond any belief. Way beyond. And we’ll be getting into that more as the year goes on. Here’s a hint, though. The scientists are slowly coming to the same conclusion as the mystics throughout time: that you are infinite and connected to everything at this very moment. Does that sound small? Does that sound broken? Where does baggage fit into that?? It doesn’t. So we’re going to be taking a good look at who or what we think we really, really are. And we have to chill out on our beliefs in order to take that good look.

So don’t worry about defending your beliefs. The truth is true anyway and does not need your help. Also notice if anything in the belief realm has an immediate reaction in you. Like when you see the words “reincarnation” or “psychic.” Some people get a really awesome feeling right away, while others immediately shut down or start to react with a sort of, “Oh hell no!” What’s the big deal, though? Those are just words on a page (or a screen). What’s the harm in talking about it? Humans used to think the earth was flat, and we’ve consistently been wrong about lots of other things ever since. You are perfectly safe to read anything you want or hear anything you want. You are in charge of your beliefs. And once again, if mine are not true then I want to know now so I can ditch them! And I didn’t always have that attitude. Life is much, much easier that way, though. Because let’s face it, does Ashley really know that much?? Hell no. So being open is much easier. Show me the money.

If you’ve been reading A Clean Mind some then you know that we treat everything pretty logically, even topics like feelings¬†that don’t seem logical or scientific. We’re about to start doing the same with some topics that many consider to be “woo-woo” or “out there.” Remember, though, that I have two math degrees and no dog in the hunt. I’m not trying to convince you of anything; you are perfectly free to be as you wish. You are in charge of you. I’m just a very logical dude who has had a deep yearning for knowing what’s really going on and has searched far and wide for about ten years. And my beliefs now are nothing like they were ten years ago. So this post is really for those who feel uneasy with these “deeper end” topics. I said once before that the shallow end of the pool got uncomfortable for me many years ago, so I ventured into deeper waters and have not looked back. Because I found answers. We’re going to start talking about some of those things here, and you are perfectly safe to take part. You are still in charge of your beliefs. I’d recommend, though, that if you start to feel a belief is not true, then drop it! You can always pick it back up. No big deal. Alright, I have to go now – I have a gig… Peace out and we will hopefully talk sooner than last time.